YOWhatsApp Apk Download the latest version 9.80 (updated) 2020

YOWhatsapp Apk Download

YOWhatsapp Apk Download: Are you looking for YO Whatsapp latest apk version for Android? Do you want unique features that WhatsApp lacks? To download the latest version of YOWhatsapp and enjoy the best features.

Today, almost every guy on the planet is on the Internet. In terms of instant messaging and media sharing, WhatsApp is the most used app worldwide. There are more than a billion people who use WhatsApp daily. YOWhatsapp Apk

In addition to free messaging services and media sharing services, the features it offers are pretty good but still lack something. This is what developers provide with their free modified apks for WhatsApp.


YOWhatsApp Apk
YOWhatsApp Apk Download

It is searched all over the web, “How to use two WhatsApp accounts on a single phone?” However, most of the publications you will see are third-party cloning applications such as Parallel Space.

I recently shared GBWhatsapp it is similar to YO Whatsapp. Many people prefer the GBWhatsapp app to YOWA.

Using the modified version, you can use two applications without using much space and RAM, unlike these dual-space applications.

The YOWhatsApp App is a modified version of WhatsApp made by a third party developer. Checkout logo maker apps free. YOWhatsapp Apk

This mod apk has exclusive features that the official app does not have. This is a hardware version of WhatsApp with some additional features:

masking blue ticks, hiding the second checkmark, changing discussion topics, built-in application lock, and so on.

YOWhatsapp Apk
YOWhatsapp Apk

There are too many mods available on the market, YOWhatsApp apk is among the best.

In this article we will look at its features and how to download YOWhatsApp apk. You may also like Spotify Premium Apk for Android.

It is also known as YOWA apk, YOWhatsapp is composed of the first 2 words of the developer’s name (Yousef Al Bhasha). YOWhatsapp Apk

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Application nameYOWhatsapp apk
Last update June 06- 2020
App Version9.80
App Version57 MB
Android version required4.0+
developerYousef Al Bhasha



These are the features you can get after the full download of YOWhatsapp on your Android device. You should read these features carefully and get details about them in this section.

Must try the freedom apk for free coins in games. All features are premium, and the normal Whatsapps miss them. YOWhatsapp Apk

YOWhatsapp Apk
YOWhatsapp Apk
  • Themes: This is one of the best features of YOWA mod APK on the updated version of 2017. You can change the layout at any time for unlimited times. The developer had already added a lot of layouts; more will be added permanently in future updates.
  • Privacy Options: If you are concerned about your privacy or if you want to hide your online status, the option is available in the settings allowing you to hide/show online status, hide/show blue ticks and hide/hide display double ticks. status, registration status, etc.
  • App Lock: Well, not only will privacy features help you protect your conversations, but whoever uses your phone is still able to read all your private messages. For this and an integrated feature is added with which you can lock the application using Pattern or PIN or Password or Fingerprint according to your choice. You do not need any third-party applications for this specific purpose. You can even show or hide a pattern / PIN code by entering it to unlock the application.
  • Send messages to anyone: One of the best features is that you can send a text message to anyone who is not in your contact list. The only thing is that the person must be registered on WhatsApp.


  • Sharing Media Content: WhatsApp allows you to share documents, files, images, videos, and GIF files, etc., but only within those limits. This is where these mods prove very useful; you can enjoy YoWhatsApp and send videos up to 700 MB in size.
  • Share images at full resolution: WhatsApp compresses image files to save data and use less space on the phone. But nobody likes these low-quality images, especially when they want to download them on other social media. So, this mod gives you a simple way to share image files in full size, without being compressed.
    Pin Cats: You can pin up to 1,000 cats, unlike the official WhatsApp that allows you to pin just three conversations to pin up.
  • Call Privacy: You can select who can call you and who can not do it separately. In this, the guys who bother you at the time of work will not bother you anymore. YOWhatsapp Apk


YOWhatsapp Apk
YOWhatsapp Apk

Change: Basic Updated at 2.18.203
Exclusive: Hide now the cat as a hiking messenger.
Exclusive: Mark as reading any notification message.
Correction: Nickname of group participants who are not colored.
New: Facebook Emojis are also added.
Super Exclusive: After choosing a wallpaper, you can lock the preview.
Added: 7 new icons are added now.
New: background color of the widget.
Exclusive: translation into the Indonesian language
Exclusive: fingerprint lock for each chat and application lock
Useful: Emoji-change MOD APK Size reduced to 44 MB
Adding background color of the background/recent bar
Deleted: WhatsApp annoying update message
Adding the text color of the recent/viewed bar
Cool: Now, delete messages longer than a year. Unlimited period of old conversations
Cool: Increase the 30-second limit for GIF videos
Fixed: Other bug fixes and improvements.

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From here you can complete the download and installation of YOWhatsApp on your Android device.

Well, YOWhatsApp apk is not available on Google Play Store, so you have to download it separately and install it manually. Here are some links on WhatsApp.

I have also provided links to older versions. But if you want to download an extremely old version that does not appear in the list, just comment below. Recently, YOWhatsapp Apk

YOWhatsapp Download the latest version apk

YOWhatsapp 9.80


Remember that your device should run on Android v4.4.2 Jellybean or higher to run this application.

Before continuing, follow the steps below to avoid pop-ups during installation. These steps are essential so follow them carefully.

Otherwise, they might not let you install YOWhatsApp mod apk.

YOWhatsapp Apk:  This is a privacy setting that must be enabled before you install an application from a third-party developer. You can use the search bar in the settings to find this option.

Step 1:

First, open the settings of your Android device. Scroll down and open the Security Settings option. Under security options, you will find an option from unknown sources.

2nd step:

Enable the option “Allow installation of applications from unknown sources. By default, it is disabled, so you must enable it.

A confirmation will appear, confirm and click “Yes” and that’s it. The option is located in the security settings of your phone, but some phones have this option in privacy or additional settings.

Step 3:

Now, when you have enabled the security option to install the latest version of YOWhatsApp apk, let’s move on. Download the latest version of YO WhatsApp 7.60 in the section above.

YOWhatsapp Apk
YOWhatsapp Apk

Step 4:

As soon as the YOWhatsapp download is complete, click on the apk file. Press “Next” until the “Install” button appears. If warnings appear on your screen, ignore it and continue. These warnings are useless, the application is safe.

Step 5:

Tap install and wait for the application to install successfully. Here is! This is the end of installing YoWhatsApp on your Android device. I hope you will not encounter any problems, if any, I will help you in the comments section. YOWhatsapp Apk

Step 6:

Now the last thing is that you have to register with the number you want to use your WhatsApp YO secondary account. The process is the same as the official WhatsApp app. After sending the information, you will get OTP via a message.

Step 7:

Just enter the OTP in the dialog box. After that, check your name and profile picture, and you’re ready to go. Once the name check in YOWhatsapp apk is complete, you can customize it as you wish. You can enjoy its interesting features.

Note: This is how you can install YO APK on your Android device. All steps are necessary to follow, so be sure to follow the entire guide. The application is an open-source application. It is completely free to download and install.

At the moment, the supported operating system is only Android. But do not worry, the developers are working on this application for other operating systems. YOWhatsapp Apk


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about YO WhatsApp mod. You can read the entire section of questions and answers to clarify your doubts. If your doubts are not resolved, leave it in the comment box. I will help you.

Q. Do I have to uninstall the official WhatsApp to use the YoWhatsApp?
A- No! You can use both applications simultaneously on your phone. Even you can use other mods like GBWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, OGWhatsapp, etc.

Q. Is it safe to install and use YO WhatsApp?
A- Yes, of course. The mod YO WhatsApp is completely secure because it uses the same server that WhatsApp users to send and receive messages and multimedia files. Your privacy and your data are safe. it will not hurt you.

Q. Can I use WhatsApp with the same phone number in both apps at the same time?
A- No! You can not do this because, as you will try to register / login with the same number, it will automatically ask you to log out of one of these devices. Another thing is that you can use different numbers to take advantage of Whatsapp accounts. YOWhatsapp Apk

Q. Can we use YOWhatsApp to create two accounts with Parallel Space?
A- Yes, of course. You can effectively use Parallel Space and take advantage of YoWhatsApp features on both WhatsApp accounts on your device. In this process, you may need more phone numbers.

Q. Is it available for iOS devices?
A- No, not yet! And there is no developer update if it will be available for iOS in the future. However, you can use it on the iPhone with the help of an ios emulator for Android.

Q. What makes YOWhatsapp apk better than other mods like GBWhatsapp, Whatsapp anymore?

Well, according to my experience, the material design is what makes it unique compared to other WhatsApp mods. It’s great and simple. There are many themes available to make it more impressive.

Q. Can I edit themes on the YO WhatsApp app?

Yes, you can edit the themes of this WhatsApp mod by opening YO Settings> Download> Themes. He has a large number of topics like GBWA. The developer continues to add new themes. You do not need to update the version for new themes, they will also be in older versions.

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers used globally by the majority of Internet users. Mods available on the market are becoming more popular. YOWhatsapp Apk

People now prefer these mods to the official WhatsApp app to take advantage of YOWhatsApp’s features. You can also be one of them. So what are you waiting for to install the YOWhatsApp APK now! Let us know your thoughts on this in the comment section below and share your experience with us.


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