Work online – 7 effective methods

Work online

Work online? Maybe today, you’re tired of your boss, not having enough freedom or just not enough time to spend with your loved ones.

You are considering other solutions to overcome this problem.

I can tell you that you are absolutely right. I myself was in this kind of situation. blogtechland offers you best jobs online

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Work online – 7 effective methods

Work online
Work online

Benefits of working online.

For me, the first benefit of homework I see is being free and managing your time totally. After, everything will of course depend on your work and possible deadlines to be respected (if you tried that you have).

The second benefit is simply not being dependent on a boss. This is one of the main reasons why I decided to leave my job.

Sorry to say it like that at the risk of shocking some people, but it did not suit me to have someone on my back almost all day.

The third advantage is this: The more you go to work for you, the more money you will enter.

This is rarely the case in a traditional business (at least to my knowledge).

So what is the first method to work online

Work online by creating a blog

Work online
Work online

Creating a blog can be a very good alternative if you like content creation.

If you’re passionate about a particular subject, you can pass on that passion directly through blog posts and video training.

Know it, blogs are far from dead. I personally think they still have long days ahead of them.

Of course, competition is more important in many areas. Nevertheless, you can largely create a place in a market that fascinates you.

So be careful, the passion is good, but it’s not enough to run a business. We need a buoyant market.

For example, if you want to start a business that simply does not have a market, you’re very likely to never make money on the web.

Unless you find the idea of ​​the century as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook.

It can work well, but the chances are much less important than taking a share of a market that already exists. Better to take one percent of a big market than to try to create one.

After free you to take what you want, but here, I advise you anyway to direct you to an existing market.

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Part of a deep need.

The greater the need, the more likely you are to sell a video program.

If you decide to create a training on bow ties, you will certainly be less likely to sell it than a balanced nutrition training to be healthier.

The impact on people’s lives is much greater in the second situation.

The creation of video training is by far the most interesting method (in terms of return on investment).

In fact, in general, the cost of production is relatively lower (except in preparation time) and you will have the opportunity to sell your product to infinity.

Work online by creating an e-commerce site.

Work online
Work online

So, yes, this method is more or less similar to the previous one which consisted of selling products through a blog.

However, here you will directly promote products via an online store. What are the main ways to make money online with an e-commerce site.

First Drop shipping. What is it fast?

You will create an e-commerce shop via a platform of your choice.

Here the most used is shopify, but you can also do it with prestashop, woocommerce, etc.

The advantage of shopify is the ease of execution. You can, with basic knowledge create your shop in less than two hours and put online your first products.

On top of that the themes provided are really aesthetic and offers many features. According to several dropshipping experts, I can only advise you this platform.

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How it works?

To summarize, I’ll give you the essential steps of dropshipping:

1- The creation of your e-commerce site via shopify, prestashop, woocommerce, etc.

2- The putting on line of the products of a supplier. So of course, it’s very simple, there is an application on shopify that allows you to do it in a few clicks.

You will be able to directly import products from Aliexpress in general or from another platform that offers dropshipping.

3-Customers will come to your site thanks to SEO, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google etc. They will buy your products.

4- You will then order these products from the suppliers present on Ali Express after having cashed the money.

5- The supplier will send the product directly to the customer.

These are the few important steps in dropshipping.

Work online: Yes, it is quickly summarized but if there is one thing that you must remember of this method, it is the following one:

You will not have to invest in stock since the customer will initially pay you and then you will place the order.

You can judge for yourself, it’s great if you start from zero.

You will have almost nothing to invest, except the shopify subscription which will cost you about thirty euros per month.

Work online by becoming spell checker

Yes, correctors, it exists. It is even a task that can be relatively well paid depending on your experience and productivity.

In this case, the possibilities are numerous.

  • For example, you can correct blog posts
  • Correct ebooks by reformulating sentences and removing spelling mistakes.

For this business, there is a huge audience because the world entrepreneurship is changing, the number of blogs also.

How many entrepreneurs today are ready to delegate the correction or realization of their advertising, their articles etc. I do not have exact numbers but it’s just huge. best method in list Work online 2019

Work online by becoming a translator.

If you are good at a particular language, be it English, Spanish etc. well you can simply sell your services by offering translation services.

On average an online translator is paid 28,500 euros a year. Everything will depend once more on your experience, your speed etc.

What you will have to accomplish:

+Translate blog articles.
+The translation of ebook.
+Translate videos.
+The press article translation.

This is very interesting because as the first option, web trades evolve and grow in power. So yes, there is an important market that is far from diminishing and there is work to do. best method in list Work online

Work online by becoming a web editor.

You are a good copyrighter, you have SEO skills, well you can also monetize this kind of services.

You will need a certain notion of writing, turn of phrase and culture in the subject concerned.

You are not going to write an article on mechanics if you have not opened a book on this subject in your life and you do not even know what a car is.

No, I’m kidding, everyone knows cars. What I mean is that to speak on a subject, you have to know a minimum.

So be careful I do not believe in mastering a subject completely to give myself the right to talk about it. best method in list Work online

If you read a book on SEO, you will probably know more than the 80 percent of the population on this subject.

Work online by becoming an SEO consultant

Business future ? Rather yes, no. As you can see, sites proliferate on the web today in 2019. best method in list Work online

This state of affairs is constantly growing. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a place in the first results of Google.

What are you going to do!

Offer your SEO and coding skills to improve the location of your clients (companies) sites. So, yes, you still need strong knowledge of SEO and preferably coding as well.

As I like to say, I do not believe the necessary degrees to succeed.

Work online: It’s cool to have a piece of paper in hand, but coming to offer services with some experience, it will be much better. That’s why it is absolutely important to practice the job you are going to offer the services.

Work online by becoming freelance.

Work online: Then, all the activities mentioned above you will be able to realize them as freelance.

You will simply become self-employed by selling your various services to companies.

It is often a professional state between wage earners and financial freedom.

The big advantage is the ability to choose your own schedule and salary in a way. The more clients you have, the more you will make a figure.

Disadvantages of working online.

Yes, there are not only advantages, and it’s useless for me to hide it from you.

I’ll just tell you the one that I think is the greatest (especially when you start your activity).

You will not necessarily have a fixed income every month. Your salary will not fall on the 5th of every month as you can receive it as an employee.

You will have months or you will earn a lot and months or you will earn much less. Everything will depend on the contracts that you have signed with the companies as a freelancer or the method that you will use to sell your own products.

The good news is that if you have products to sell, you can simply set up a subscription. It will allow you to have a stable source of income that falls every month.

Work online: Take a look, for example, at the great leaders of video photo software, etc. What characterizes them all is that they have a subscription system. Of course, these are big companies that generate a lot of numbers.

However you will be able without problem to do it on your scale. For example, if you sell video courses, give them full access for a monthly fee. It may not be an idea?


jobs online: So much for this article and these few tips that I wanted to share so that you can work online.

As I like to say, you do not need any degree to work on the web today. A few skills are enough. These skills can be acquired in books, YouTube videos or video training.

Work online: Then you have to define what you really want. Continue to work hard at a boss who in the end will give you very little recognition? Or do you take courage with both hands and start your entrepreneurial activity?


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