How to watch F1 online for free 2022: Top websites F1 Streaming

watch F1 online for free
watch F1 online for free

Watch F1 online for free 2022: F1 Streaming – Hello everyone, Today I am showing you the possibility of watching Formula 1 online for free.

First of all, it should be noted that if TF1 broadcasts the qualifications live on its channel “Eurosport”, it is because of the lack of viewers. Thus, on TF1, they are live at 01:45. TF1 does not plan to renew the contract for the next years with the FOM.

Viewers are also very unhappy with the way they broadcast GPs. They are often not pleased with commercials, ads and commentaries are not always relevant… watch F1 online for free at blogtechland, stream f1 free, enjoy.

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Watch F1 online for free 2022

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The offer in France is the following:
The warm-ups 1, 2 and 3, as well as the qualifications (and Sunday F1, the talk after the GP), are broadcasted live on Eurosport, which you should pay for a subscription.

The problem is that for a payable channel, there are as many ads on TF1 that are not paying …

After GP qualifications on Eurosport, there is now a small debrief and a reemission of the press conference.

With Eurosport Player, it is possible to review the sessions until 24H after the live broadcast.

TF1 does offer, however, no catch-up for qualifications or the race.

The race is broadcasted on TF1 live, usually cut by 4 ads with a significant duration.

Just before, there is the F1 magazine, which lasts 45 minutes for the European GPs.

The team is present on the starting grid only at European GPs.

The Eurosport channel is viewable online by subscribing to Eurosport Player (

TF1 channel is viewable for free (but it is censored during the race …) on the channel’s website. watch F1 online for free, There are multiple channels you can choose from to watch, sky sports f1 free.

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Many are looking for f1 free stream and f1 live stream free, But they do not find suitable links, while we offer you the best viewing links.

In Canada, the qualifications and the race are broadcasted live and also live on the RDS channel.

The live race is cut by many ads, but with split-screen. No catch-up is available.

But now, what about other European countries?

The BBC in England is famous for its offer. The best TV channel I have encountered so far.

All sessions are broadcasted without any advertising!
The BBC offers several channels, both on the satellite (via the Red Button), but also via the Internet.

Warm-ups 1, 2 and 3 are broadcasted live for free on these channels and are therefore accessible via their website :(

Free warm-ups 1 and 2, qualifying sessions and the race are available free of charge for 7 days (

The qualifying sessions are broadcasted live on BBC One or BBC Two, as well as the races.

These 2 channels broadcast continuously the GP sessions on their website ( but also on Zattoo.

The antenna is taken in the case of the qualifications just like the one of the race, 1H BEFORE THE START OF THE SESSION, with many interesting reports, which are going to enter the world of F1.

Press conferences are also broadcasted. In short, there’s everything. It feels like watching another sport, if you just watch the GP on TF1.

After the qualifications AND the race, there are also the interviews of the pilots, a debrief.

After the race, once the antenna is returned, the channels take over:

there is the Forum, during which other drivers are still interviewed, it is possible to send questions to commentators via Twitter. The team leaders are also interviewed.

In Germany, the warm-up race is broadcasted free of charge on the Sport 1 channel (visible on the Internet from Zattoo).

f1 live streaming free: The qualifications and the race are broadcasted on the RTL channel for free, whose video stream is available on the channel’s website (

It seems to me that there is no catch-up. The race is cut by split-screen ads. There is a GP post on the live channel.

In Spain, all sessions are broadcasted free of charge on Sexta, whose video stream is available on the Internet ( so watch f1 online free.

Race rebroadcast

All sessions can be re-viewed in catch-up here (
The ads are split-screen during the race. also good link for f1 streaming free.

In Italy, RAI owns the rights. Channels are viewable on the channel’s website ( and also from Zattoo.

Advertisements during the race are less than 40 seconds. It broadcasts the qualifying practice and the live race.

It seems that they are re-viewable in catch-up.

In the United States, SpeedTV is responsible for broadcasting various sessions, live, but not always. F1 live Streaming it easy.
The advertisements are numerous and appear very frequently during all sessions (even during the qualifications). now watch F1 online for free.


Bahrain Grand Prix (Sakhir) March 20
Saudi Arabian Grand Prix (Jeddah) March 27
Australian Grand Prix (Melbourne) April 10
Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix (Imola) April 24
Miami Grand Prix (Miami) May 8
Spanish Grand Prix (Barcelona) May 22
Monaco Grand Prix (Monte-Carlo) May 29
Azerbaijan Grand Prix (Baku) June 12
Canadian Grand Prix (Montreal) June 19
British Grand Prix (Silverstone) July 3
Austrian Grand Prix (Spielberg) July 10
French Grand Prix (Paul-Ricard) July 24
Hungarian Grand Prix (Budapest) July 31
Belgian Grand Prix (Spa-Francorchamps) August 28
Dutch Grand Prix (Zandvoort) September 4
Italian Grand Prix (Monza) September 11
Russian Grand Prix (Sochi) September 25
Singapore Grand Prix (Marina Bay) October 2
Japanese Grand Prix (Suzuka) October 9
United States Grand Prix (Austin) October 23
Mexican Grand Prix (Mexico City) October 30
Brazilian Grand Prix (Sao Paulo) November 13
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (Yas Marina) November 20


watch F1 online for free: As you will have understood, each country has acquired different rights with the FOM.

Everyone has their own policies: they broadcast the sessions in their own way.

I find it a little stupid to make different offers for the same program and limit them to the borders of the country.

So the viewer does not really have a choice. The FOM business model works  through this system. But at the time of internet, it is now possible to have a choice! thanks for reading “watch F1 online for free”, share this article “watch F1 online for free”.


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