Netflix: New Movies and Series of the Month February 2019

Netflix new movies series January

Netflix: new movies and series of the month February 2019: Want to get ahead and already schedule your schedule for the month of February 2019?

Do not move any more and discover in the list below all the new programs that will enrich Netflix in February 2019.

Top of the list? The original series The Umbrella Academy, adapted from an American comic and worn by Ellen Page and Mary J. Blige.

what’s new on netflix usa: Here new movies and series of the month February 2019

Original films:

+Dear Ex

+Ruptures and company [The Breaker Upperers]

+River’s Edge



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Netflix new movies series February 2019

Netflix: new movies and series of the month February 2019
Netflix: new movies and series of the month February 2019

Movies added to Netflix

here new netflix movies 2019

One-sided love (February 1): a complex and secret passion shakes the life of an erased student and his smart classmate.

Nightflyers (February 1): Inspired by a short story by George R.R. Martin, this series follows the expedition of eight scientists and a telepath who are trying to make contact with the extraterrestrials.

Romance is a bonus book (February 5): a talented author, the youngest editor of

his publishing house, finds himself involved in the life of a former copywriter ready to do anything to find a job.

Permit to live (February 8): An influential Galician leader is looking for a successor while trying to hide the fact that he has a degenerative disease.

Dirty John (February 14): The first season of this anthology of real crimes traces the connection between Debra Newell and John Meehan … from dream to nightmare.

Inspired by the podcast

Workin ‘Moms (February 15): Whether it’s using grandparents or dealing with postpartum depression, these moms and dads rediscover life after the birth of their baby.

Black Summer (February 15): In the world of “Z Nation”, this series follows a special forces team fighting for hope during the darkest period of the zombie apocalypse.

Best list in Netflix: new movies series February 2019

Series added to Netflix

here new netflix series

Zumbo’s Just Desserts – Season 2 (February 1st): In this intense competition of food

lovers with $ 100,000 to the key, Adriano Zumbo, a true magician of desserts, is looking for who will be the next Willy Wonka.

Rebellion – Season 2 (February 4): As the First World War rages, three Dubliners and their families take a stand during the bloody Easter uprising.

One Day at a Time – Season 3 (February 8th): fiction revisited from a series of the 1970s, Over the days will be entitled to his season 3 and it will happen this February 8th.

The characters of Lydia and Schneider will be at the heart of these new episodes.

The Big Family Cooking Showdown – Season 2 (February 22): In this series, families passionate about fine food serve their most exquisite dishes in the hope of winning the trophy for the best home-cooked food.

Van Helsing – Season 3 (February 25): After three years in a coma, Vanessa wakes up in

a world ravaged by vampires. She will have to fight with some companions of misfortune to survive.

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments – Season 3 (February 26): The saga of Clary Fray and his adventures with angels, demons, vampires and werewolves end in a surprising and exhilarating finale.

best list in Netflix: new movies series February 2019

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Why Netflix relies more and more on its own series and movies

Netflix: new movies series February
Netflix: new movies series February

Netflix: new movies series February: Netflix pleasantly surprised investors Monday night with a growth in its subscriber base, especially internationally, higher than expected.

His stock has jumped more than 10% and he is worth $ 70 billion on Wall Street.

Nevertheless, most analysts worry more and more about the paradox that characterizes

his accounts: the more successful he is, the more he burns cash and is forced to return to the markets to raise money to make ends meet.

To this, Reed Hastings, the boss of Netflix, replies that it is useless to worry.

On the contrary, even: “in a certain sense, negative free cash flows will be an indicator

of a huge success,” he said Monday night following the publication of the second quarter accounts.

Why? Well because “when we produce a series like” Stranger Things “, we must first spend a lot of capital, but the revenues flow for many years (…), he continued.

This result gives us confidence on the merits of financing and integrating even

more franchises, at least in the limit where Ted Sarandos [the director of programs, Ed] can find that correspond to our expectations “.

In other words, producing in-house is much more profitable in the long run than buying the catalog from others. Netflix: new movies series January

For Tom Harrington, an industry specialist at Enders Analysis, “that’s when the service,

which targets 30% to 40% of internal production in 2019, against 25% today, will

have muscled this segment that he will see the end the tunnel from the financial point of view.

“Even if this strategy entails its risks:” the consumer must appreciate, “says the analyst.

Netflix: new movies series January 2019: Not HBO who wants.

The difficulty for investors is that Netflix does not communicate the The only

reference available is criticism, good in the case of an “Okja”, less in the case of Adam Sandler’s films, and comments on social networks.

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