Netflix horror movies: Top 15 best movies on Netflix 2019

Netflix horror movies
Netflix horror movies: Top 15 best movies on Netflix 2018

Netflix horror movies 2019: you can still find a good horror movie Netflix. Here are 15 ideal for Halloween or a night out with friends.

The 15 horror movies that Netflix users do not dare to watch until the end . here is best Netflix horror movies 2019

Netflix horror movies 2019

Is it because they are terrifying or just bad? Here are 15 horror movies that are unsavory to Netflix users.

Netflix has delivered to Forbes magazine the list of 15 top horror movies that viewers are too scared to finish.

Netflix specifies that this list only takes into account horror movies that have been

viewed at least 70%, which would certify that they are good and many scary / uncomfortable movies and not turnips, because if it was the case, the spectators would have stopped watching well before.

Top 15 best movies on the Netflix 2019

1) Not a sound

Netflix horror movies
Netflix horror movies

best horror movies on netflix: Synopsis: A young deaf writer who has retired to the depths of the woods to live in solitude must defend her life in silence when a masked killer appears at her window.

(Source: Senscritical) good movie in list Netflix horror movies 2019

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2) Sinister

Netflix horror movies
Netflix horror movies

Synopsis: best horror movies on netflix , Ellison is an author of crime novels inspired by real events. Hoping to write a new successful book, he moved with his family to a house where the former owners were found inexplicably hanged.

Ellison discovers in the attic 8mm reels containing images of other families’ murders.

Who filmed these killings and why? Ellison will try to answer these questions while the alleged killer, a supernatural entity present on the movies, threatens more and more his family. (Source: Allocine) good movie in list Netflix horror movies 2019

3) Creep

Netflix horror movies
Netflix horror movies

Synopsis: A cameraman agrees to go to an isolated mountain for a well paid job.

But his employer is a little stranger than he expected … (Source: Allocine) good movie in list Netflix horror movies 2018

4) The invitation

Netflix horror movies
Netflix horror movies

Synopsis: On a dark night, Will is invited to a dinner with his ex-wife and his new husband.

During the evening, he realizes that his hosts have disturbing intentions towards their guests. (Source: Allocine)

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5) Under the Shadow

Netflix horror movies
Netflix horror movies

Synopsis: best horror movies ever, Tehran, 1988. Shideh, married and mother of a little girl, is going to start a medical school.

Her husband is called to the front during the war between Iran and Iraq.

Shideh is left alone with her daughter. But soon it begins to have a troubling behavior and seems sick.

The mother then wonders if her daughter is not possessed by a spirit … (Source: Allocine) good movie in list Netflix horror movies 2018

6) Starry Eyes

Netflix horror movies
Netflix horror movies

Synopsis: netflix horror movies, Sarah Walker has a small job with no future under the yoke of a boss who

takes it high, she undergoes superficial friendships with competitors and participates in castings that lead to nothing.

After several humiliating auditions against a duet for the weirdest, she won the main role in their new film.

Despite the fact that they ask her to do things more and more strange, she will do

anything to succeed, blinded by his fantasy of celebrity. good movie in list Netflix horror movies

7) The Blair Witch project

Netflix horror movies
Netflix horror movies

In October 1994, three cineastes, Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard and

Michael Williams, disappeared on a trek through the Black Hill Forest during a report on witchcraft.

A year later, we found the film of their investigation. The Blair Witch Project follows

the thrilling trek of the three cineastes through the Black Hills Forest and reports on

the terrifying events that have taken place there. To date, the three cineastes are still missing. (Source: Allocine)

A classic genre film, the Blair Witch project is an example of creativity.

Without the money, the teams used a staging idea to make it an excellent netflix horror movie. Retrieved from the catalog Netflix France, this film found footage is to see.

8) Honeymoon

Netflix horror movies
Netflix horror movies

Party on honeymoon, a couple will see his life swing during one of the

moments that was to be the most beautiful of their lives. (Source: Senscritical)

This is the first time I see Jon Snow’s love affair with the movies. She performs a

good performance in this horror film, although it is not always obvious to dissociate Ygrid.

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9) Insidious

Netflix horror movies

Synopsis: netflix horror movies 2019, Josh, his wife and their children have recently been living in their new

home when the elder falls into an unexplained coma. strangely, a succession of paranormal phenomen begins right after.

A medium reveals to them then that the soul of their son is, in another dimension, and

that the manifestations are the work of evil forces. To save him, Josh will also have

to leave his body and venture into the hereafter … (Source: Allocine)

Insidious is one of the most popular horror movies in the Netflix France catalog.

James Wan, the new master of horror genre did a good job with this movie.

For a small budget he knew how to make a big success.

The red devil and the grandmother had to traumatize more than one. good movie in list best Netflix horror movies

10) The Collector

Netflix horror movies
Netflix horror movies

Synopsis: Arkin, a day laborer and burglar at night, breaks into the country house of

a jewelery broker who is thinking about traveling with his family. He hopes to steal

enough money to repay the debts of his ex-wife who raises their daughter alone.

Unfortunately, the house is riddled with vicious traps set by a masked individual

who retains the homeowner’s prisoners to better torture them.

Then commit a deadly crossover where Arkin will try to free the entire family while

trying to escape himself from a serial killer nicknamed the collector. good movie in list best Netflix horror movies 

11) World War Z

Synopsis: A day like any other, Gerry Lane and his family find themselves stuck in

a monster traffic jam on their daily commute. Lane immediately understands that the situation is unusual.

While the police helicopters crisscross the sky and the bikers crisscross the streets, the city falls into chaos …

People are violently attacking each other and a deadly virus seems to be spreading.

The most peaceful beings become formidable enemies. However, the origins of the

plague remains unknown and the number of infected people is growing every day exponentially:

we are now talking about a pandemic. When hordes of contaminated humans crush

the armies of the planet and overthrow governments one after the other, Lane has

no choice but to return to the service to protect his family: he then embarks on a

frantic quest around the world to identify the origin of this threat and find a way to

stop its spread … good movie in list best Netflix horror movies

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12) Panic room

Synopsis: Meg Altman, in her thirties, has a very bad experience of separation from

her husband and anxiety about having to raise her daughter Sarah alone.

In order to start a new life away from her fears, Meg buys a huge and splendid house located in a posh district in the west of New York.

Its former owner has built on the top floor a security room in which one can take refuge

in case of external threat and stay locked up for many days thanks to the provisions it contains.

However, Meg would never have thought of using it the first night.

Indeed, three burglars, Burnham, Raoul, and Junior, entered the house with the firm intention to steal a sum of fourteen million dollars hidden by the former master of the place.

All indications are that this booty is hidden in the security room, where Meg and Sarah have taken refuge. (Source: Allocine)

13) Mr Babadook

Synopsis: Since the death of her husband, Amelia has been struggling to bring her

six-year-old son Samuel to life, who has become completely out of control and can not seem to love.

When a book titled ‘Mister Babadook’ is found mysteriously in their home, Samuel is convinced that the ‘Babadook’ is the creature that haunts his nightmares.

His visions then take an excessive turn, he becomes more and more unpredictable and violent.

Amelia slowly begins to feel a presence around her and realizes that Samuel’s warnings may not be just hallucinations … (Source: Allocine)

14) 28 weeks later

Synopsis: Six months ago, a terrible virus decimated England and turned almost the entire population into bloodthirsty monsters.

As US occupation forces have declared that the infection has been definitively defeated, reconstruction of the country can now begin.

Don survived these atrocious events, but he failed to save his wife and guilt gnaws at him.

When he finds his children, Andy and Tammy, whom he has not seen since the disaster

and comes back to London with the first wave of refugees, he tells them the death of their mother.

Shared between the joy of reunion and grief, all three are trying to rebuild and resume a normal life in the city led by the US military.

Yet somewhere, a terrible secret awaits them. All is not finished … (Source: Allocine)

15) Hostel

Synopsis: Two American students, Paxton and Josh, decided to discover Europe with a maximum of adventures and thrills.

With Oli, an Icelandic they met on the way, they find themselves in a small town

in Slovakia in what they have been described as the nirvana of debauchery holidays:

a very special property, full of girls as beautiful as easy … Natalya and Svetlana are actually very cool …

a little too much, even. Paxton and Josh will quickly realize that they have fallen into

a trap. This trip will lead them to the end of the horror … (Source: Allocine)

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