Is this Valentino Rossi’s end in MotoGP?


Rossi, the Doctor, has shown real rivalry for the last 5 years with Marquez struggling to maintain the title of the motogp champion but during the recent race in Germany, in Sachsenring, he showed the opposite. He came disappointingly eighth in the German Grand Prix, while  his factory Yamaha teammate Maverick Vinales finished second behind Marc Marquez.

Rossi motogp

This disappointing performance comes with a firm statement where he affirmed that the problem has started five years ago. The 40 year-old Valentino related to his age where he said that he was old and that it may have persisted as a drawback to his effective performance:

“It’s true that I’m old for sure, but the problem is that last year I was already old.Also five years ago I was already old”

He added with a firm belief that age may not affect his performance:

“But sincerely I don’t feel in my mind that I give up, or that I’m not concentrated, or that I don’t have enough motivation to arrive at the weekend of the race. So, I don’t have a reason, because this year I’m 20 seconds slower than me last year. So I think that we can understand, we can recover.”

He also added by assessing his performance his current performance with last year good performance in Assen:

“But it’s a difficult situation because sincerely I expected a lot from this weekend, because last year I was good – and in Assen I was good, so I expected to be strong, but in reality, no.”

“We need to find a way, we need to find our bike. Because if today I am fast like last year but I arrive eighth because the other guys make a step and they are 20 seconds faster, you’d say, maybe it’s over, it’s difficult.”

Eventually, this also may propose that his performance can be affected by the bike’s performance. Valentino Rossi found it hard to lead the Grand Prix with a bike that doesn’t match his physical and mental abilities.

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