iPhone: Solve Wifi Problems and Bluetooth

iPhone: Solve Wifi Problems
iPhone: Solve Wifi Problems and Bluetooth

iPhone: Solve Wifi Problems and Bluetooth, Your iPhone refuses to connect to your router or Box Wi-Fi? Despite a strong signal, the internet connection remains desperately slow and you are the victim of many disconnections?

Whatever the difficulties, there are solutions to put in place. Here are different ways to troubleshoot Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues on an iPhone. Our website blogtechland offers you solutions…

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iPhone: Solve Wifi Problems and Bluetooth

My iPhone does not pick up Wi-Fi

Overall the iPhone is one of the best phones there is. However, like any smartphone or tablet, the iPhone is not spared problems and bugs.

iPhone: Solve Wifi Problems,Some users are experiencing malfunctions affecting the wireless connection of their device (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth).

The most common problem that we have observed on the latest iPhone concerns connectivity issues.

The iPhone can not detect Wi-Fi despite an excellent signal. These troubles usually appear once the iOs update is done.

What’s more frustrating than not being able to access the internet? If your Wi-Fi connection is lethargic or unstable, the first thing to do is to check that the incidents are not coming from your wireless network.

It will start by checking the wireless router.

+Check if the LEDs on the front panel of the device are flashing normally
+Also think about controlling the different cables
+Unplug your router and leave it off for 1 minute
+Then restart it
+Take a test with your iPhone to see if it can connect
+If the problem persists, try using your Wi-Fi network with other devices such as a computer (PC or Mac) or another phone

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Re-enter the password to protect your Wi-Fi network

iPhone: Solve Wifi Problems,Almost all Wi-Fi networks have a data encryption system. This method makes it possible to secure the transmission of data and to reduce the risks of attack.

Your neighbors will not be able to connect softly to your Box.

If your network does not have this type of protection, I strongly encourage you to set up an identification system.

Problem, the Wi-Fi password is usually difficult to copy. Indeed difficult to enter a sequence of numbers, letters and punctuation without connection with each other.

Typing errors are not uncommon and unfortunately the Apple system does not always inform the user when the password is incorrect.

It must therefore be ensured that the security key is correct. If in doubt, do not hesitate to repeat the configuration process.

+Go to the Settings of your iPhone
+Click on Wi-Fi
+Find in the list the name of your Wireless Box (Freebox, Orange Livebox Play, Bouygues Bbox, Sfr Box)
+Click on the i-shaped icon
+Press the button Forget this network

iPhone: Solve Wifi Problems
iPhone: Solve Wifi Problems

+Get on the Wi-Fi menu homepage
+Click on the name of your access point
+Enter the password

The Wifi icon of the iPhone is grayed out

iPhone WIFI Not Working Problems and How To Fix: One of the most troublesome problems encountered on the iPhone undoubtedly concerns connectivity.

Without Wi-Fi, Apple’s smartphone only serves to phone, that is to say not much.

If Wi-Fi is unavailable or the button is grayed out, you will not be able to surf, watch online videos, or play a network. Here’s what you need to do to fix this problem. here iPhone: Solve Wifi Problems

+Open your iPhone Settings
+Click on the Flight mode section
+Tap the Enable and Disable button
+Return to the General page
+Click on Reset
+Press the Reset Network Settings button

iPhone: Solve Wifi Problems
iPhone: Solve Wifi Problems

Be careful, this last step will erase all the network settings of your iPhone.

You will lose the passwords of already configured Wi-Fi networks as well as the settings of your VPN access (if you have one).

Make sure you have the encryption keys and the IDs of your wireless networks (username, password, but also IP address for VPNs).

If the wireless option on your iPhone is still unavailable, make sure that Wi-Fi support is turned off.

This option used to provide you with a more reliable connection when the signal becomes uneven may cause some terminals to malfunction. iPhone: Solve Wifi Problems,Here are solutions

+Launch the Settings application
+Go to Cellular data
+Scroll down the window
+Click the Wi-Fi Support switch to turn off the feature

iPhone: Solve Wifi Problems

If that still does not help, you can go for Wi-Fi network services. According to many users, simply disabling this feature can solve a lot of problems. iPhone: Solve Wifi Problems,Here are solutions

+Open your iPhone settings
+Click on Privacy
+Select Location Services and then System Services
+Disable the Wi-Fi Networking option

iPhone: Solve Wifi Problems

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Unstable Wi-Fi connection

iPhone: Solve Wifi Problems!! You may have already toured your home looking for a better Wi-Fi signal?

It is extremely annoying to have a very powerful iPhone and not be able to enjoy its latest features, lack of a decent internet connection.

+Start by selecting the wireless networks of your most powerful neighbors
+Check the Wi-Fi channel used
+If they use the same channel number as your router, it may cause interference or slow wave propagation. Web pages will take longer to load.

To optimize your connection, try to find a channel or a frequency range that is not used much.

This change will not increase the power of your signal but will significantly improve data speed.

iPhone: Solve Wifi Problems,Here are solutions, Any advice given in this folder may also apply to the iPad. On your side what trick you

use to boost your wireless internet connection or to finish with the error message can not connect?

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iPhone: Solve Wifi Problems and Bluetooth


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