Guide for installing beta version of iOs on an iPhone

installing beta version of iOs
Guide for installing beta version of iOs on an iPhone

How to installing beta version of iOs on an iPhone!: The world of the smartphone is in perpetual evolution.

Every year in September, the California giant releases an update of the operating system on his smartphone and iPad tablet.

For those who would like to test the new features of Apple’s mobile OS several weeks

before its release, we’ve put together a handy guide to installing a public beta developer version of iOs on an iPhone. installing beta version of iOs on an iPhone :

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Guide for installing beta version of iOs on an iPhone

Become a beta tester for Apple

Before each official release of a new version of iOs, Apple makes beta software program members a pre-release version of its mobile operating system.

This allows the average user to experience the news but also to help Apple improve its product via a comment system.

The adventure tempts you? Would you like to join Apple’s beta software program? Remember, these are test versions of iOs.

They contain all the new features of Apple’s future OS, but these versions do not always offer a perfect user experience.

Malfunctions with these public beta versions may prevent the normal use of your iPhone.

That’s why it is recommended to install them on a smartphone that you do not use daily.

In the case of repeated bugs, you can still continue to use your main phone. here installing the beta version of iOs on an iPhone

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Make a backup of your iPhone

apple beta ios 12: Before you start installing a beta version of iOs, we recommend that you back up the contents of your iPhone or iPad.

Public beta versions of the Apple OS may contain bugs or programming errors. Better to avoid any risk of data loss.

+Connect your tablet or iPhone to your computer

+Click on the iTunes icon to launch the software

+Select your device in the menu bar

+In the backup section, make sure that the This computer is checked box

+This option allows storing the full backup of your iPhone on your computer

+Then click on the button Save Now

+Wait, the operation requires a certain time depending on the number of files in the memory of your phone

+At the end of the process, be sure to click the iTunes Summary tab to see the date of the last backup

+Click Preferences on the iTunes menu bar

+Select the Device tab

+Right-click (Control + click on Mac key) on the name of the last backup

+Choose the option Archive

The archive system will prevent iTunes from overwriting your backup once the pre-version of iOs is installed on your device.

This will allow you to go back to an older version of iOs very easily. very simple to installing the beta version of iOs on an iPhone

Join Apple’s beta software program

We will see how to join the beta program Apple. The operation presents no difficulty.

This program is available to anyone with an Apple account.

Just be sure to use the Apple ID associated with your iPhone during registration.

+Open your web browser on your iPhone or iPad

+Go to the Apple beta site

installing beta version of iOs on an iPhone
installing beta version of iOs on an iPhone

+Click the Register button

+Enter your email address and the password of your Apple ID

+Tap Sign In

+Then accept the terms and conditions of use

Be sure to read the contract carefully. For example, it is forbidden to post screenshots,

publish information about these pre-versions, or even show them to people outside the program. installing beta version of iOs on an iPhone.

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Download a beta version of iOs on your iPhone

installing beta version of iOs on an iPhone: You are now registered in Apple’s beta program.

The next essential step is to recover and install a beta version of iOs on your device.

For this, there are two possible solutions Either you receive a notification directly on your iPhone telling you that a new update is available or you are going through Apple’s beta site.

Whichever method you choose, downloading the update is extremely easy.

+Sign into Apple’s beta site from this address

+Select the iOs tab

+Click Download Profile and then click the Install button in the upper right corner

+Validate the request for agreement

+Follow the instructions on the screen

+Click the Restart Your Device button to start downloading the beta version of iOs.

+Wait a few minutes for your device to restart

+Then open your Phone Settings

+Click on General and then on Software Update

+Press the Download and Install button

+Validate once again the conditions of use.

As mentioned before, do not expect the public beta to work on your iPhone without problems.

You may encounter some bugs. Do not hesitate to share it with the designers of iOs.

For this Apple has set up an assessment wizard in which you will be able to leave comments.

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