How to sell your photos online?

sell photos online

How to sell photos online?: Which photographer does not dream to be able to sell his photos and in this way to be able to live of this passion?

I think that if you are a photographer or passionate about this activity, what will follow will be of great interest to you. I’ve found some techniques that will allow you to monetize your works. sell photos online in blogtechland:

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How to sell your photos online?

sell photos online
sell photos online

so How to sell photos online and make mone !!

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Who to sell photos

sell pictures for money: There are many possibilities here, you will be able to sell your photos to a large number of people.

Indeed, look today at the number of companies that exist.

Their main means of communication is the image. This technique is powerful and it attracts the eye of the user and therefore the buyer potential.

So, you will be able to offer your services to different people who want to use this media to improve the aspect of their advertising campaign Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Attention in this situation, it will still be a certain professionalism and a good quality image. However, there is no point in taking the lead and trying to invest in expensive equipment. I honestly think that a mid-range phone can take great pictures.

You can also specialize in creating photo albums. The goal will be to create family photos for people and come to make a souvenir compilation in paper format.

Certainly, it takes time and a little investment, but it can really be very interesting.

Why sell your photos

sell photos online
sell photos online

To that, I would say that there are several reasons. Indeed, what photographer would not dream to see his work recognized, admired and rewarded.

I know, I repeat myself a little, but you will simply be able to sell your photos for:

1-Have an additional income. Maybe your month ends are difficult and you want to use your passion to soften them.

2-To live totally. It’s more complicated, but it’s quite playable if you apply a good strategy.

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What kind of photos are you going to sell?

sell photos online
sell photos online

In fact, the possibilities are almost endless. All (or almost) can take a picture according to the desire of your buyer.

What I advise you here is really to specialize in a particular area. As a famous quote says: selling to everyone is selling to nobody.

So, what you can do is simply come and target a specific type of photo.

I’m thinking in particular of wedding photos of kitchen dishes for restaurateurs, etc.

You can create a blog around your offers with different portfolios that will support your expertise and show your visitors what you are capable of.

If you do not want to create a blog, no problem, there are other methods to sell his pictures that we will see right after.

sell your photos quickly online

sell photos online
sell photos online

Apart from blogs, there are many possibilities to sell your own photos online and I am thinking in particular of image banks.

What is it ? These are simply sites that offer different images often downloadable for a monthly subscription (offers may vary by site).

If the customers of this site in question download one of your images well, you will receive a commission of a certain percentage.

It is not much, but it is always good to take for people who want to earn their first euros on the internet through photography.

To put your photos on image banks, as a general rule, you will have to submit some test photos to estimate your abilities.

Here is an exhaustive list of the main image banks on which you can put your photos on sale. here selling art photography online


sell photos online: This is one of the best known sites to sell your own photos and to download if this is the option you are looking for.

You will receive on average between 20 and 40 percent per download. Yes, it’s not much compared to the few cents that your photo is worth, but it’s a start.

Not to say stupidity, it seems to me that the minimum photo quality required is 2 pixels. I think it should be ok no?


sell photos online: The other tool I recommend is Shutterstock.

On this platform, customers will have to pay a monthly fee.

So, in the story you will receive a certain amount for each download (between 20 and 30 cents on average).


sell photos online: Finally the last platform that I recommend is Pixabay.

I use it myself every day for my blog or my YouTube channel.

It seems to me that it is a little less interesting in terms of income. I’ll let you find out for yourself.

This is how you will be able to sell your own works on the web as a photographer.

Let’s be honest, you’re not going to make millions with this method.

I think the most effective way to live from photography is really to do direct selling.

Basically, you create your blog, your shop and you come to offer companies services.

In this way, you will really be able to live on your passion while enriching yourself.

Come on, I’ll see you soon for an upcoming article.

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