How to clean your iPhone: app, cache, unnecessary files

How to clean your iPhone

How to clean your iPhone: app, cache, unnecessary files: To improve the performance of your iPhone and make your applications run faster, it’s vital to regularly clean up your memory.

You do not know how? Do not panic, here are some tips to clean your iPhone and get some space.

How to clean your iPhone: app, cache, unnecessary files

Do some housework

iPhone clean iCloud: It’s all well and good to have an Apple smartphone, you still need enough memory capacity.

How to clean iPhone: If you notice some slowdowns, slowness in the opening of your applications, it might be time to clean the cache, the history and all the files that clutter unnecessarily the memory of your smartphone.

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Cleaning apps do not always keep their promises

How to clean your iPhone: Like everyone else you have already faced memory problems.

The App Store is full of applications that automatically clean the memory of the iPhone. Be careful.

These applications take up a lot of RAM memory and arbitrarily erase files that seem unnecessary to them. Be careful, many users have already lost personal data.

In addition, the iPhone manages rather well RAM.

No need to clutter the storage space of your mobile with an application dedicated to this task.

Identify applications that consume memory

How to clean iPhone: app, cache, unnecessary files: To keep a decent storage space, there are no secrets, it is necessary to avoid as much

as possible to install dozens and dozens of applications and to download everything and anything.

To sort through the apps already installed, the iPhone has several very useful functions.

+Open the settings of your smartphone

+Click General and then Use

+In the Storage section, you will find various information about the storage capacity of your device

How to clean your iPhone
How to clean your iPhone

+Then tap Manage Storage to find the most memory-intensive applications

This screen will display a list of all your applications classified according to the space they occupy in the memory of your mobile.

You can already start sorting and separating from applications you no longer use.

To do this, simply select an app and then click on the delete app button. It’s hard to make it simpler.

Clear the application cache

After sorting comes the cleaning step. This is not the first thing we think about and yet applications store a multitude of data.

The more time passes and more data will clutter the memory of your iPhone.

These files are usually created by the applications themselves.

iPad cleaner app: They contain different information that allows you to speed up the loading of the apps

and thus prevent your smartphone from consuming your mobile plan unnecessarily.

+First, find the applications with the most data.

+Open these applications and see if they do not contain images, lists, notes, or working papers that you have created yourself

+Delete those you do not use

+Then go back to the Settings section to see that the memory occupied by these applications has decreased

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Clear the Safari cache

How to clean your iPhone: app, cache, unnecessary files: The mobile web browser of the iPhone also stores a lot of data.

We must, therefore, ensure that they are removed regularly. The operation will not take you more than 5 minutes.

+Open the settings of the iPhone

+Select Safari option

+Then click Clear Site History and Data

How to clean your iPhone
How to clean your iPhone

Attention once this operation is finished, the loading of the risks of the site to be a little longer.

Rest assured all this is only temporary, the time that Safari creates a new cache.

Save and delete photos

The latest generation iPhone offers many benefits and a multitude of features including Live Photos.

The problem, a single shot taken with an Apple smartphone weighs several megabytes.

You will understand, the photos are greedy in memory.

Rather than waste your time sorting through your photos, it’s better to save your photos in the cloud or on your computer.

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For Windows 10

+Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable

+Unlock your phone by dialing the unlock code

+Open the Photo Gallery software on your computer

+Click the Home tab and then Import and finally Import photos and videos

+In the list, select your Apple mobile

+To select the location where you want to place your photos, you will need to click on

+import options and follow the information displayed on the screen

For Windows 8

+Connect your phone to your PC

+Place your mouse in the right corner of the screen to display the menu

+Click on the magnifying glass

+In the search field, type photos and click on the icon to open the software

+Once the Photos application is open, right-click in a free area of your screen to display the controls

+Press import

+Choose from the list your iPhone

+Click Select All and then click Import to start saving your photos

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How to clean your iPhone: app, cache, unnecessary files 


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