Top 14 Best Gallery Apps for Android 2020

Best Gallery Apps for Android 2019

Best Gallery Apps for Android 2020: Snapshots, selfies, shared images or videos, party photos, birthday photos, photos of captured moments are all files that accumulate in your Photo Gallery.

There are sometimes thousands of them, and as they grow, the default Gallery app on Android is hard to navigate. It becomes slow, difficult to use.

It should therefore be replaced by another even more powerful and full of features.

To replace this Google Gallery app preinstalled on Android, developers or groups of developers have put on the Android market an endless number of Gallery applications that are not only full of features.

but are much more user-friendly, convenient, and more efficient. more flexible than the one installed by default on our phones.

And among this endless application of Gallery that abounds the Play Store, we took the pleasure to make a selection of 14 among many others that we invite you to discover. free Gallery Apps for Android:

Best Gallery Apps for Android 2020

1 – QuickPic

Best Gallery Apps for Android
Best Gallery Apps for Android

QuickPic is an impressive Andriod gallery application with over 10 million users. The QuickPic interface is quite simple but looks perfect for a gallery. The thumbnails are medium size and you have the option to display your content according to different viewing modes such as Stack, Grid or List.

It is incredibly fast, lightweight and has a fluid user interface optimized for large-screen devices. QuickPic includes several finger gestures. You can hide or exclude your private files, create additional folders, sort files by name/date/path, etc. The application embeds an integrated image editor with many features including rotation, shrink, and crop.

QuickPic offers you 2GB free cloud storage where you can keep your private photos safe. The application can also be linked to various cloud services like Google Drive, OwnCloud, Dropbox, Amazon, OneDrive, etc. Gallery Apps for Android

You can send photos and videos to your friends from QuicPic using Wi-Fi. For good news, in addition to being completely free, Quickpic is ad-free. a good application in list Best Gallery Apps for Android

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2 – A + Gallery

Best Gallery Apps for Android
Best Gallery Apps for Android

gallery application: A + Gallery allows you to organize and manage your photo collection with ease. This is another photo gallery application for Android that is worth a try.

You can view HD photos, search and manage albums quickly. The application automatically organizes your files by date and location. You can create new folders, share your photos, set your favorite photo collection, and more. It includes both list and grid views and allows you to sort your albums into different orders.

With over 10 million downloads and currently rated 4.5 stars on Play Store, A + Gallery is like a file manager for photos, but with the best look and more features. It consists of two important tabs named PHOTOS and ALBUMS. All photos in all albums are sorted by start date and appear in the PHOTOS section.

gallery photo: In the “ALBUMS” tab, you can open individual albums to display specific content. You can even sort the albums by date or by name. The theme of the app can be changed to black, sky and deep black.

A + Galerie is a freemium application, the free version already includes most features. The paid offer is ad-free and includes more themes, features and built-in trash. a good application in list Gallery Apps for Android

3 – Piktures 

Best Gallery Apps for Android

Piktures is one of the most impressive and complete gallery applications on Android. With an elegant interface, this excellent gallery application is based on gesture movements to organize and manage your albums.

It’s fast, easy to use, and freely available without advertising. You can create new folders, exclude unwanted folders, hide albums, access different cloud services, and more.

Piktures includes several sort and grid options, and you can also view your files by dates or location. The app also comes with an integrated video player, a GIF reader, an image editor, and many other features. In addition, you can protect your private photos with PIN protection. Piktures is optimized for large screen devices. In addition, the alpha version is also compatible with Chromecast. a good application in list Best Gallery Apps for Android

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4 – Google Photos

Best Gallery Apps for Android 2018

Google Photos is usually preinstalled on most Android devices. It’s a cloud storage application where you can download and store as many photos and videos as you want. It offers its users free and unlimited storage for photos and videos provided that the images are 16 megapixels and 1080p videos. Larger sized media will consume your Google Drive quota.

The application automatically analyzes the images and identifies them according to various visual characteristics.
It acts as a photo backup service when you share a file. You can choose to disable the backup option. Google Photos includes a built-in editor, a Recycle Bin folder, visual search options, and is integrated with the Google Assistant.

The interface is well organized, which helps to easily scroll through all the files at any time. It is free and without commercials elsewhere. a good application in list Best Gallery Apps for Android

5 – Simple Gallery

Gallery Apps for Android
Gallery Apps for Android

Simple Gallery, as its name suggests, is a simple tool, but one that embeds all the necessary functions. It allows you to quickly view your files, sort your photos and videos with many options depending on the date, size, name, etc. The most impressive thing is that the multimedia files are displayed in several adjustable columns and you even have the possibility to sort them according to whether they are images, video or GIF.

In terms of security and privacy, Simple Gallery allows you to hide all the contents of a folder, to temporarily display the hidden files of a session. In addition, it also includes password protection, which allows you to hide photos behind a fingerprint scanner lock if you wish.

simple words, the application allows you to adjust the number of columns in the gallery, it differs from its many options in the settings regarding visibility, actions, themes, thumbnails, etc.

You can also enable or disable the move items to the trash option instead of deleting them. In addition to being light, it is free, open-source and ad-free. a good application in list Gallery Apps for Android

6 – FOTO Gallery

Gallery Apps for Android
Gallery Apps for Android

FOTO Gallery is a decent gallery application with a simple design and powerful features. It has the ability to quickly organize thousands of photos using its sort function. You can also tag photos, customize albums, and enjoy an optimized Chromecast app.

You can also hide private albums. FOTO Gallery you an ad-free experience, even on the free version that we loved very much. It is free to download. If you want, you can opt for the Pro version that implements more functionality surely.

Foto Gallery will be a reliable option for anyone looking for a light but complete Android photo gallery. It provides fast loading capabilities as well as carefully organized albums.

You can move files between folders, hide/exclude private folders, add new folders, scan folders, change application theme, and more. It also includes a Trash folder where you can recover any photo erased by carelessness.

The application has a built-in photo editor, a video player and a GIF reader.

You can sort the files under different orders and display them by list or by columns. In addition, it allows you to create GIF animations from a video. a good application in list Gallery Apps for Android

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7 – F-Stop Media Gallery

Gallery Apps for Android
Gallery Apps for Android

F-Stop Media Gallery is one of the old gallery applications. This one features a flatter and neater design accented by material design with some really decent features.

You can search for photos based on their metadata, which is pretty cool, and you can add tags to your photos for easier organization.

It also reads metadata (including EXIF, XMP and IPTC information), and a Smart Albums feature allows you to sort your data by yourself. Better yet, he plays in GIF format.

When you start the app for the first time, it analyzes all your media. Scanning continues in the background while you can still open the application. You can quickly search your files, save tags, add folders, mark, hide or exclude folders, set a password for folders, etc.

In addition, you can search your photos on a map with a built-in Google Maps experience. The free version of this app is heavily packed with features, however, if you wish, you can opt for the Pro version for additional features. a good application in list Gallery Apps for Android

8 – Camera Roll

Gallery Apps for Android
Gallery Apps for Android

This photo gallery application for Android is primarily designed to be faster and more powerful in viewing photos. It has a smooth and intuitive interface, it is not very featured but offers all the essential functions.

You can quickly scroll through files, sort by name/size/date, add different themes, and even customize the style of the main page.

In addition, you can create virtual albums, hide folders. Featuring a built-in file explorer, this free, ad-free alternative to Google Photos lets you edit Exif data from your images and more. a good application in list Gallery Apps for Android

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9 – Gallery.AI

Gallery Apps for Android
Gallery Apps for Android

If you count thousands of photos, all you need is a simple gallery, light, without advertising and without too much complexity. For that, Gallery.AI is perfect for you. The application weighs only 3.4 MB in size. On its home screen, all albums are displayed with a camera button at the top.

The application is fast and opens quickly folders and images. You can crop an image, set it as a wall or profile image, rotate it, delete it, or locate it on a map if it contains location information.

The only problem is that all the portrait images are displayed horizontally in the thumbnails but once opened, they cover their normal size. a good application in list Gallery Apps for Android

10 – Photo Gallery & Album By iJoysoft

Gallery Apps for Android
Gallery Apps for Android

Joysoft combines several features of many applications to stand out this photo gallery application for Android.

Photo Gallery & Album By iJoysoft consists of three tabs that display differently all images, all photos, and those encrypted in the Privacy tab that only opens with the previously defined encryption pattern.

The application has a built-in image editor so you can make some basic changes without necessarily resorting to another application. The only drawback of the application is advertising. Every time you close the app, you must see a video ad that appears. good application in list Gallery Apps for Android

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11 – Photo Gallery HD and Editor

Gallery Apps for Android
Gallery Apps for Android

Photo Gallery HD and editor is actually a gallery application with a photo editor attached to it. Despite its name, this application is quite light and simple. It allows you to perform the most common tasks like moving photos, deleting photos, setting wallpapers, setting favorites and sharing files.

It includes a photo editor for basic editing such as crop, rotate, flip and apply filters or even scribble if you like. There is not much that makes this app different from others, it’s just simple, basic and just doing its job. a good application in list Gallery Apps for Android

12 – Gallery

Gallery Apps for Android

Even if it is almost in the last position, Gallery is the best photo gallery application that is much preferred by many users. The main page has two sections, namely images and videos. You can sort files by name, date, ascending, descending, create a new album or folder, change the theme and file view option, and so on.

This free, ad-free application with a smooth, easy-to-use user interface has an integrated app lock feature. With it, you can copy, delete, share and protect all your most sensitive photos, etc … a good application in list Gallery Apps for Android

13- 3D Gallery


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so here are some 12 Gallery apps for Android. If you think that other applications of this kind deserve their place in this selection, please mention it in a comment. If you liked, thank you for sharing it on social networks. And if you want to follow us, thank you for letting us like on our Facebook Page and stay in touch.


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