Top 10 Best free games for iPhone (2020)

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free games for iPhone 2020: These are the best free iPhone games. From driving games to sports simulations, from puzzle games to shooting games, get your hands on 10 fantastic iPhone games that do not cost a dime.

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Top 10 Best free games for iPhone 2020

The Battle of Polytopia

free games for iPhone
free games for iPhone

The Battle of Polytopia is more or less a classic version of Civilization played in fast forward. You start with one city, surrounded by the unknown. You then explore, explore technologies and give a serious kick to those who bother you.

Unlike sprawling civilization games, Polytopia is focused and elegant. The technological tree stops before the arrival of the cannons, the standard game mode limits you to 30 moves, and the new cities can not be founded – only conquered. free games for iPhone

For the most bloodthirsty, there is a mode of domination, where you want to be the last standing tribe. The maximum size of the card increases and the online asynchronous multiplayer mode opens if you pay for more tribes. No matter how you play, this is an incredibly addictive and brilliantly mobile slice of mobile strategy.

Disc Drivin’ 2

free games for iPhone
free games for iPhone

When you imagine a racing game, the turn-based game is probably not the first thing that comes to your mind. But Disc Drivin ‘2 grinders push ha’penny into futuristic car races like Wipeout, creating something that is furiously convincing rather than ridiculous.

OK, it’s a bit ridiculous, but most of all, the game is very entertaining. You select a track, run a race against a randomly selected online opponent, and drag your small disc forward. Your goal is to hit the acceleration pads and boost the power, and not to end up throwing your disc into the abyss or having it impale.

Naturally, free games for iPhone just like in traditional races, a good grip of the tracks helps. Fortunately, you can spend as much time on them as you want in speedrun mode, mastering each turn, and engaging in memory to jump and trap locations. But the real race bit is pleasantly unique, with its mix of aim, speed, and decision-making in a split second.

With 15 tracks, up to 10 online races at a time and lots of collectibles, Disc Drivin ‘2 should keep you moving for months. In addition, he cements himself as the best iPhone freebie runner, despite the omission of many conventions that you expect of the genre.

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

free games for iPhone
free games for iPhone

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle re-imagines the adventures of Sega’s long-time mascot as a 3D track-based auto-runner. Which means it’s a bit like Sonic Dash and Sonic Dash 2, which you may have already played.

The twist here is in the “battle” bit, which opposes you to three other human players. By holding onto your belt, avoiding traps, you can pick up vans – many of which are weapons.

This transforms the slightly demountable Sonic Dash format into a tight and competitive track racer closer to nature at Mario Kart.

Of course, there is always a bunch of freemium shenanigans that stinks the place a bit, but even for free, there is a lot of fun. here is free games for iPhone

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ARcade Plane

free games for iPhone
free games for iPhone

ARcade Plane – with the accent in the ‘AR’ – combines the complex and the simple, offering you a gameplay experience in augmented reality controlled by a single digit.

The game projects a small town on a nearby surface, above which a plane turns. He lacks fuel and, for unknown reasons, he has to catch a certain number of stars before landing. The small problem: the city is surrounded by extremely rugged hills, and between them is the place where the stars are.

You hold the screen to dive, carefully timed to catch stars, and then release the screen for your plane to rise briefly to the sky. All the while, your city is growing and you are unlocking more planes. Simple things, then, but efficient and fun use of the AR that everyone can get into.

Jump Drive

free games for iPhone
free games for iPhone

JumpDrive begins with a bit of a mess about the discovery of a space propulsion system, but it’s just an excuse for a tense and cleverly designed one-thumb and one-nerve game. free games for iPhone

Your little ship is drifting in space very slowly unless you press the screen, in which case it goes to its next target. The problem is that there is usually something very dangerous in your path.

The basic structures that block your path include walls that move lazily back and forth; but Jump Drive regularly shakes things up, slowly revealing the swirling wheels of death that you have to dart inside and beyond, and the systems that drag your ship to the left and right.

The rhythmic nature of these objects makes Jump Drive one of those games where, if you break something, you only have your reflexes and your sense of timing to blame.

Amazing Katamari Damacy

Best free games for iPhone

Amazing Katamari Damacy is a deeply strange endless runner. free games for iPhone It is based on a popular PlayStation 2 game, where a little prince rolls a magic ball (the Katamari holder) into smaller things to make him grow.

On iPhone, the free nature of the original has been removed, but its premise bonkers remains. You begin to roll nails into your ball, but it swells quickly to take toys, vehicles and whole buildings.

The controls are a bit slippery – though they’re more reclining than slipping – and the parts can belong. But this one is a visual treat, with an interesting twist that makes it worthy of a look even if you’re tired of games where you sprint endlessly on the screen.

Beat Street

Best free games for iPhone

Beat Street is a touchscreen brawler that has his influences on his sleeve. Pixelated art is reminiscent of classic beat’em up, and stop-start gameplay – with occasional unsportsmanlike use of baseball bats to beat enemies around the head – clicks of Double Dragon and Streets of Rage.

Still, this is not a servile retro fare. The game feels familiar, but its staging is fun and eccentric (releasing a city terrorized by sensitive rodents, bipeds, adapted), and everything is controlled by a single inch. free games for iPhone

The controls could have spelled the end of Beat Street, but – surprisingly – they work brilliantly, allowing skillful footwork, punches, special moves, and ways to break the face of an evil rat with a brick. Apart from unnecessary grind-to-unlock levels, Beat Street is the perfect freebie iPhone brawler. download free games for iPhone

Cally’s Caves 4

Best free games for iPhone

Cally’s Caves 4 continues the adventures of Cally, a girl who spends most of her life jumping on vast worlds of suspended platforms, shooting all kinds of villains.

For once, her parents were not kidnapped (the plot behind the previous three games in the series) – this time she’s looking for a medallion to heal a curse. But the gameplay remains an interesting mix of racing and console shooting, with tons of weapons to find (and level exploding things).

free games for iPhone: But maybe the best sections feature Bera, Cally’s “ninja bear cub”. Its razor-sharp claws make fast work of enemies, resulting in a nice change of pace when the furry sidekick rips the place.

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Data Wing

free games for iPhone
free games for iPhone

Data Wing is a racing adventure inspired by neon. It’s also great – a game you can not believe someone has released for free, and also devoid of ads and IAP.

He begins as an unconventional top-down runner, with you running a small triangular boat, scraping his tail against the edges of the track for an extra boost. As you win, other types of levels open, including side challenges where you venture into hiding to find bling-bling, before using reinforcements to climb up to the top. at an exit. free games for iPhone

The floating world looks like an outside space, but Data Wing actually takes place inside a smartphone, with AI’s irrational mother calling the shots. Saying more is going to ruin things, but Data Wing’s story is as smart as race bits, and all of this adds up to the most essential gratification of the iPhone. download free games for iPhone 2020

Flick Soccer 17

free games for iPhone
free games for iPhone

Flick Soccer is all about scoring goals by starting a ball with your finger. He looks very clever, with pretty realistic visuals and a pretty arcade-y ball movement. You can throw pretty amazing shots when you aim for targets, and sometimes a defender.

The game includes several alternate modes, providing a surprising amount of variation on the basic theme. There is a speed option of flipping at a furious speed, and the sudden death specialist, who ends your attack after three unsuccessful attempts to reach the target.

A rather esoteric tariff is also hidden, forcing you to repeatedly hit the crossbar, or break glass panes that a crazy person has installed in the goalmouth. free games for iPhone

Like the real world sports on television, Flick Soccer is a bit infested with ads. You can, however, remove ads with an IAP of 1.09 €, or – ironically – turn them off for ten minutes while watching an advertisement.

If we missed one of the best games for the iPhone, tell us about them in the comments.



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