How to fix a laptop that does not charge when plugged in!!

fix a laptop that does not charge
How to fix a laptop that does not charge when plugged in !

Fix a laptop that does not charge: I recently faced a test situation when my laptop refused to charge even though I connected it to the charger.

It was a difficult time for me since I had an imminent deadline for my test.

Fortunately, I was able to attack the situation and load my computer the hour that followed.

laptop plugged in not charging: In discovering the solution to this problem, I learned that there may be several reasons for this annoying situation.

I want to share my experience with anyone who can not wait or afford to seek the help of a professional to repair their laptop.

plugged in not charging hp, dell: Read all the way through to find out all the possible causes and their solutions.

You will be able to do a step-by-step diagnosis. This is a fairly common problem, so follow the detailed instructions to solve it. fix a laptop that does not charge :

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How to fix a laptop that does not charge when plugged in!

fix a laptop that does not charge
fix a laptop that does not charge

Simple changes to solve laptop loading issues

+Change the input power plug where the adapter is connected.

+Check the adapter cable for loose connections. In most cases, the seal between the power cable and the adapter is loose.

+Inspect the battery locks. Sometimes the battery is not locked properly and may not charge properly. fix a laptop that does not charge :

Step by step instructions

Method 1

fix a laptop that does not charge: In some cases, the battery indicates charging is in progress on the battery charge icon and the charge percentage still does not increase.

By restarting the laptop, you can solve the problem. If your laptop still can not load, go to the next step.

Method 2

fix a laptop that does not charge: Shut down the computer and disconnect the battery cable.

Now, remove the battery by sliding the latch on the opposite side.

Now, plug the charger into the laptop and check if the laptop turns on.

If the laptop turns on and works properly, it means that the charger is in good condition.

Otherwise, go to the next step to identify other causes of the battery charge.

Method 3

fix a laptop that does not charge: Put the battery back in the notebook. If nothing happens, replacing the faulty battery

with a new one will be our last resort to solve the charging problem.

But before that, you have to change your strategy and try to solve the problem by using software tips.

This method needs you to update your battery drivers. But before I go any further,

I recommend that you create a restore point in case you make a mistake with the Windows settings.

Now that you have created the restore point, find and open the Windows Device Manager.

Under the “batteries” menu, right-click on the two components one by one to update the driver software.

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Method 4

fix a laptop that does not charge: Sometimes choosing the wrong option in the power and standby settings may cause the battery to crash into your laptop.

There are many parameters such as the minimum battery level to shut down the system,

a lid closure configuration that leads to standby or shutdown and much more.

If any of these parameters are incorrectly configured, it may cause a malfunction of the power supply.

To manage this, go to Control Panel> Power Options and restore the default settings for the power option you have chosen.

Method 5

fix a laptop that does not charge: Malware can also display an incorrect battery percentage. So you can install updated, effective and reliable anti-malware software.

Some of the best free anti-malware software include Malwarebytes, Zemana anti-malware, and Hitman Pro.

Scan the system with your favorite malware protection software and check the battery charge again.

Method 6

fix a laptop that does not charge: If none of the software methods work, you must replace the battery.

You should note the model number of the laptop if you want to buy an original charger.

But you must be very careful when buying a compatible battery.

You should also note the voltage and capacity of the original battery for the purchase of the next battery.

In most cases, the above methods are sufficient to solve the problem if they are related to Windows settings, battery or cable.

In a rare situation, the problem may be related to the motherboard of the laptop.

Have you been able to solve the problem of charging the laptop by following these tips

and tricks? Share your comments or any other query in the comments section below.

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