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find images for instagram

Where to find images for instagram? You may be passionate about cooking but unfortunately, you can not afford to invest in a camera to immortalize your favorite dishes. It’s frustrating but do not worry there are totally free alternatives.

I will tell you about all this in this article but before anything else, we will make some reminders compared to good visual practices on Instagram.

I also invite you to read this article in blogtechland to the end because I have a little tip about the photos that can really interest you.

This tip will improve your popularity in the eyes of the platform. find images for Instagram:

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Find images for instagram – Top 10 free websites

find images for instagram
find images for Instagram

Which instagram format do you recommend using?

I think you already noticed, when you want to publish an image, it is automatically resized.

The format recommended by instagram happens to be 1080 ✖️1080. I’ll give you an example below.

It is also this size that I recommend you to use. It will make your feed attractive.

If you put pictures in 1920✖️1080 we will not see all of them.

I recommend you, before publishing your image to resize it in the format of an instagram image.

For that there are tons of free or paid tools that allow you to do it.

Many cameras and smartphones also offer the ability to capture a square image.

It’s very convenient and it saves you from having to resize it afterwards.

If you do not have money to invest in photoshop, you can use Canva who does the job very well.

You just have to choose the social media format in the dashboard and drag your image. That’s it.

A reminder: your Instagram images should preferably be clear and not pixilated.

Where to find pictures for instagram when we have nothing to take pictures?

find images for instagram
find images for instagram

I will present you some solution but I would like to draw your attention to something.

This solution is not at all the best and I invite you thereafter to continue your account with your own photos. It will be a lot more fun.

Here is a list of the sites on which you should find your happiness.

What I invite you to do is not to publish the images directly.

It would not be personalized at all. To avoid this problem, you can simply add your own filters or make a color correction.

You can also add small smiles or something that makes you unique. Your turn.

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List of sites to find great photos for Instagram

find images for instagram
find images for instagram

1- Pixabay: For my part, this is the site I prefer. It helps me find images for instagram, my blog and my YouTube channel. good site in list find images for instagram

I use it almost every day. It’s totally free. However, I advise you to register to avoid each download to have an anti-robot window. You really find all kinds of themes.

2- Freepik: The site does exactly the same job as pixabay. No need to tell you more. good site in list find images for instagram

3- Gratisography: This is a site that can be very interesting because you can use the images for commercial purposes. good site in list find images for instagram

We will say that this is not the most important point for your instagram images but it is still interesting to emphasize it.

Ah yes, small point that is important, the images are very contrasted. Why not use this specificity to differentiate your account?

4- Little Visuals: This site is very interesting especially if you are interested in the landscape and the photo. good site in list find images for instagram

You’ll find tons of artworks on the subject. The icing on the cake, the accounts on the trips are fast enough to put in place, that happiness.

5- Superfamous: If you like abstract images, this site is for you. good site in list find images for instagram

Well, it’s not too much of my delirium, but as we say, everyone his thing. You can also find photos related to nature.

6- Startup Stock: I think the title of the site speaks for itself. If you talk about entrepreneurship, startup, you will find images related to this theme. good site in list find images for instagram

7- Unsplash: Like Pixabay and freepik, this platform offers you all types of images of very good quality. good site in list find images for Instagram

8- The compfight site can also be very interesting. Well we will say that the design and navigation on the platform are not strong points. good site in list find images for instagram

You can however find very beautiful pictures under the condition to select the option “creative commons” (free of rights)

9- I’m not going to dwell on the others, but I still put the links right here: Flickr, BigFoto, MMT, Photober. I will stop here. There is already enough to do

In this site list you should find tons of cool photos for instagram. It only remains to choose and add your own thing.

The huge advantage of this technique, we will not hide it is that you will win a monster time.

You will not need to come each time to prepare material for your photos. In addition it costs you zero euros to set up. there are best websites to find images for instagram

My little bonus

Now that you know how to find images for instagram, I’d like to share something that I just discovered in a training.

It will seem rather simplistic but believe me, if instagram experts say it is that it works.

This thing is about your pictures. Some big influencers say that putting instagram filters on your images would increase your publishing reach.

The reason can easily be explained. If instagram makes tools available, it is normal that it favors the people who use them.

I invite you to put filters as often as possible directly from instagram.

There you may be saying, “Yeah, but I do not like any of the filters on the platform.” No worries, you can divert the problem.

To do this, when you add an instagram filter to your photo, here are the steps to follow.

1- Choose the filter in question (take the first one that comes)
2- When selected, click a second time on the filter and there, a cursor will appear.
3- Decrease the filter intensity to 1%. It will not even be visible and voila.

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