Where to find free images without copyright? 16 sites to help you

find free images
Where to find free images without copyright ? 16 sites to help you

Find free images without copyright: It can be difficult to find free photos to use on your website because many of them are subject to strict copyright restrictions.

However, many websites offer high-quality free photos that people can download for use on their sites or online projects.

First, check the copyright restrictions on the photos you download before using them on your blog/project.

Some of the free photos on these sites may require you to provide attribution – which you must do anyway – or to inform the photographer of your use of the photo.

Always follow the copyright or Creative Commons license rules for photos you use on your site and get the necessary permissions before using them. here free stock photos: 

Where to find free images without copyright


find free images
find free images

free images download: MorgueFile offers a large selection of high-quality free photos.

just search the site “for free”. As a general rule, you can download the free

images immediately, but check the license terms required by MorgueFile and return the link back to your blog if necessary. a good site to find free images without copyright

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find free images
find free images

beautiful free pictures: One of the things I like about Pexels is variety. They regularly update their site, which

has been around for years. Their photo archive is so complete.

You can browse recent photos or view popular searches to see what they have available to them.

You can even browse photos by color, which is quite advanced for a simple photo repository.

Pexels is another fantastic site to put in your bookmarks. a good site to find free images without copyright 2020.


find free images
find free images

I just found Everypixel and it’s a big search engine.

This site does not host stock photos locally but searches dozens of sources on the web.

By default, it mixes free and premium photos, but you can filter by license to get only Creative Commons 0 images.

The best part of Everypixel is the level of control you have when searching.

You can simultaneously filter a keyword, color, and orientation (horizontal/vertical) according to your needs.

This interface can be daunting at first, but it’s one of the best on the web.

If you learn to search with Everypixel, you will find a lot of amazing photos. a good site to find free images.


find free images
find free images

Flickr is the best-known website with free images.

A good practice is to start a Creative Commons license search.

Click on one of the thumbnails to display the rights retained by the photographer.

Always provide the attribution if necessary and include a link to the source. a good site to find free images

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find free images
find free images

In just a few years, Unsplash has gone from a simple Tumblr blog to a very rich community of photographers.

Unsplash is a must-visit with stunning high-resolution photos from around the world.

Each published photo may be used for free for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

You do not even have to credit the photographer, but it’s always nice if you do it.

Also, follow your favorite photographer or browse his various collections. a good site to find free images


find free images
find free images

All images available on Pixabay are published under the Creative Commons Zero license.

This means that you are free to modify them and use them for anything you like, including for commercial purposes, without attributing to the original author.

Unfortunately, Pixabay does not group photos into categories.

This makes finding an appropriate image takes a little longer. a good site to find free images


If you are looking for original and weird photos (a bit), look no further.

Gratisography offers free high-resolution images that you can use for personal or commercial projects.

All images were photographed by Ryan McGuire and are free of copyright.

The site has a convenient search function and all images are grouped into categories such as urban or whimsical to help you refine your search. a good site to find free images


Food photography is a huge topic and in demand for bloggers. In fact, most food bloggers agree that photography is great content.

With FoodieFactor, you have access to thousands of quality food photos covering different topics.

Breakfasts, desserts, shakes, and steaks all have a place on this site.

And they are all CC0 licensed so you can download, edit and reuse them in any project. Impressive! a good site to find free images


FreePhotos.cc is a free resource where you can find Creative Commons photos for your website or print projects.

Search for a topic using the search box (for example, “Dogs”, “Flowers”, etc.), browse the results and download it.

You can mention the photographer if you wish, as a sign of respect for the work.

FreePhotos.cc uses the APIs of some photo providers and brings the images together in one place for easy preview and download. a good site to find free images 


Picography is another blog-like site containing high-resolution photos that can be used as you like.

You can also submit photos for inclusion in the gallery.

Each photo is accompanied by a linked credit to the photographer if you want to find more.

This site stands out from many others by including more faces and event photographs.

From images of the race to colors to people jumping in a pool, this collection of images is very active and attractive. a good site to find free images.

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New Old Stock

New Old Stock presents classic public archive images free of copyright.

Some of the images have always been in the public domain and others have entered the public domain because of their age.

What you get here varies from old school ads to pictures.

Some come with brief descriptions and most include high-resolution files. If nothing else, this site is fun to watch. a good site to find free images

Burst by Shopify

If you’re a blogger, an influencer in social media or marketing, you’ll want to take a look at Burst.

Organized by Shopify, Burst is a business-oriented stock image site.

In fact, Burst encourages you to use their images for commercial purposes.

As a result, Burst’s high-resolution photos can be used in advertising campaigns or to create websites.

All photos on Burst are licensed under Creative Commons Zero, which means that you can do whatever you want with it.

Under the CC0 license, you do not even have to credit the photographer, but it’s good karma if you do it. a good site to find free images

Foodies Feed

Whether you’re a food blogger or just a food lover, Foodies Feed could be the place for you.

The site is managed by Jakub, a photographer who was looking for natural and realistic food images.

Not content with what he found on the stock sites, he decided to take his own photos and allow people to use them for free.

Foodie Feed does not use a Creative Commons license. Instead, Jakub simply offers to upload his photos for personal or commercial use.

His only stipulation is that you do not sell his pictures. a good site to find free images


Picjumbo is a collection of images, including photos and illustrations, available for personal or commercial use.

You have a choice of many images and many also offer more packages or premium versions (for a fee).

The images are of high quality and cover a variety of scenes and subjects. a good site to find free images


With StockSnap, you can create your own account and group all your favorite photos.

All StockSnap photos are in CC0 format and they are certainly large enough for large format images for your website.

And since you can bookmark your favorites, you have easy access to the original photographer, tags and even related photos based on size/color and content. a good site to find free images.

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FreeImages (formerly Stock Xchange) is a great resource for finding free photos.

This attractive website organizes photos by category so you can easily view them.

Restrictions vary from one photo to another. Check the copyright and attribution requirements before using them. a good site to find free images 

And you? Do you use free royalty-freephotos? Have we forgotten your favorite source of free photos? Let us know in the comments!

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