How to enable Face Detection on Google Photos

enable Face Detection on Google Photos
How to enable Face Detection on Google Photos

Enable Face Detection on Google Photos: The Google Photos storage service has set up a recognition tool to automatically identify everyone on your snapshots.

Unfortunately for reasons of privacy, European regulations prohibit the use of such tools.

We give you a hint to enable face detection on Google Photos. We found many people looking for google photos face recognition not available or google photos configuration , So we decided to put the solution

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How to enable Face Detection on Google Photos

Facial Recognition

The Google Photos image management application offers various functions for grouping snapshots without user intervention.

For example, you can automatically sort photos according to where they were taken, people in the picture or even the dominant color.

The result is as impressive as it is disturbing. Google Photos analyzes all the photos

on your smartphone or in your cloud and then locates the places of shooting, the faces and to classify all the photos.

As you probably know, the European Commission has banned the use of facial recognition tools on social networks and mobile applications for reasons of privacy.

Indeed, the European authorities fear that the giants of the net use this type

of technology to collect biometric information from their users without their consent.

Enable facial recognition on Google Photos

In accordance with European laws, Google has disabled automatic face detection.

However, there is a very simple trick to use facial recognition in Google Photos.

For this, you will need a VPN service. This will change your virtual location and make Google Photos believe you are in the United States.

There are dozens of free or paid VPN apps on the Play Store. For this test, we will use the F-Secure Freedome VPN.

+Open the Play Store

+Download the F-Secure Freedome VPN application by clicking on this link. You have free access to the Freedome VPN service for 5 days

+Click on the location button

+Then tap the other locations icon

+Scroll down to the North America section

enable Face Detection on Google Photos
enable Face Detection on Google Photos

+Select a location in the USA

+Press the Protection button to start the VPN service

enable Face Detection on Google Photos
enable Face Detection on Google Photos

Once the connection is activated, you will see a key appear in the status bar of your Android smartphone.

Now you just have to change the settings of Google’s photo storage app.

+Start Google Photos
+Press the Menu button to the left of the search form
+Click Settings
+Enable the option group similar faces

enable Face Detection on Google Photos

Note that once the feature is activated, you will no longer need to use a VPN to use it.

It will take just a few minutes while the application analyzes your photos.

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enable Face Detection on Google Photos: At the end of the operation, you will see a new section called people.

Click on it to display the thumbnails of everyone on your photos.

All you have to do is select one of them. The application will then show you all the photos on which this person appears.


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