How to empty the cache of Android applications in 4 quick techniques!!

empty the cache of Android

Empty the cache of Android: Cached data is application-specific files stored by an app in a placeholder so that every time you load the app, it already has information ready to be displayed to you quickly.

The application cache contains images and other media files.

Sometimes it’s good practice to get rid of cached data.

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empty the cache of Android
empty the cache of Android

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How to empty the cache of Android application

This is especially true if you run out of memory or if any of your apps are not working well, or if you think your device is slow. how to clear cache android!!

Is there a risk in removing the application cache?

clear cache app android: Cached data is generated automatically and deleting cached data does not delete

sensitive information, such as saved passwords or game data.

Clearing the application cache will only delete temporary files.

empty the cache of Android applications: It will not delete other application data such as connections, applications, saved games,

downloaded photos, etc. Also, you will not lose any of your photos or videos.

Generally, Android itself handles the cached data and you do not need to manually

flush the cache unless an Android application or system is not functioning normally. This is how we can clear our Android cache.

1- Clear the data of a specific application cache

1-Open settings
2-Go to Applications / Application Manager.
3-Select the application for which you want to clear the cache.
4-If your device is running on Marshmallow (6.x) or later, tap Storage.
5-Tap Clear cache.
6- If necessary, tap Clear Data. very simple to empty the cache of Android

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2- Clear all cache data from the system

1-Go to Settings> Storage or Storage and USB.
2-Tap the cached data.
3-Press OK in the pop-up window.
4-This will remove cached data from all apps on your Android phone.

3- Third-party applications

The Android cleaners by default do a decent job of looking for unwanted records or stored information and allow you to erase them.

There are many cleaner apps available on Play Store.

Aside from expelling stored information, they can allow you to delete unused APKs, improve battery life and a lot of other features.

Among these apps are Cache Cleaner Super, Go Speed, among others. empty the cache of Android.

4- Clear the cache from recovery

empty the cache of Android: If your device has become too slow or if there is a system error or problem on your

Android phone, you can try repairing it by clearing the cache partition to clear the system cache.

To do this, you must put your phone in recovery mode.

This method is different for different manufacturers, and you should search it on the Internet before going any further.

Note: This is an advanced procedure and we recommend that you follow the steps below

if you have experience rooting your device or have learned the procedure through your web search. apparatus. very simple to empty the cache of Android

1-Turn off your Android device.
2-Press and hold Volume Up + Home + Power at the same time.
3-When the phone restarts with the Android System Recovery screen, release all keys.
4-Press the Volume Down key to highlight “Clear Cache Partition” and press the Power button to confirm.
5-After clearing the cache partition, select Restart System Now.
6-The device will restart.

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