Install a dual SIM adapter on an iPhone

dual SIM adapter iPhone
Install a dual SIM adapter on an iPhone

Install a dual SIM adapter on an iPhone: The Apple catalog currently has no dual SIM iPhone model.

Pending the hypothetical arrival of a new device with two slots for two chips, we explain how to install a dual SIM adapter to manage multiple phone lines from the same iPhone.

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Install a dual SIM adapter on an iPhone

Use two SIM cards simultaneously on an iPhone

It’s easy on our site, Dual SIM Android smartphones are very popular in the mobile phone market, especially in emerging countries like India.

dual SIM adapter on an iPhone:Moreover, according to different design firms, one smartphone out of three sold worldwide has a dual SIM port.

And with an annual growth of 19% each year, their sales volume should quickly exceed the billion terminal sold.

But why are these phones so popular? As their name suggests, these devices have two separate slots in which you can slip two SIM cards.

In concrete terms, this system makes it possible to make calls, to write or to send messages from two different packages and thus to combine the advantages of each one (the price of the communications abroad, cover, speed, etc …).

If the vast majority of Android manufacturers (Acer, Asus, Archos, Nokia, Wiko, Samsung, LG) offers many models of multi-operator smartphone, the firm to the apple is still refractory to dual SIM.

Apple does not seem interested in this new trend.

dual SIM adapter on an iPhone:
dual SIM adapter on an iPhone:

However, for many users, having two SIM cards is vital (private line, business line).

The good news is that there is a relatively simple solution to set up to turn an iPhone into a dual SIM smartphone. His name: dual SIM adapter.

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Bluetooth Dual SIM Adapter for the iPhone

According to several indiscretions from Asia, Apple would consider launching a dual SIM iPhone.

However, we must remain cautious. It is for the moment that noises of the corridor and no concrete announcement should appear before the end of the year.

And, given the price of the latest generation iPhones, it is better at the moment to turn to less expensive accessories like the dual SIM adapter.

The latter is in the form of a small extra-flat box type credit card (weight of 25 grams).

Once set up, it turns any iPhone into a simultaneous Dual SIM smartphone.

You can manage two phone lines from your Apple mobile without any effort.

With this accessory, I finished the chore of the change of SIM card. As you know, the external hatch intended to receive the smart card is not particularly easy to open.

Removing the SIM card from your home is very often a real challenge, not to mention the risk of loss.

In short, today is the simplest solution to manage two lines from an Apple mobile. here dual SIM adapter on an iPhone is very simple

Connect a dual SIM adapter to an iPhone

Second good news, the use of these adapters do not require any modification or jailbreak of your iPhone. You can use them without fear of your warranty.

dual SIM adapter on an iPhone
dual SIM adapter on an iPhone

On the Amazon site, you will find a selection of Dual SIM Bluetooth adapter.

+Open the SIM card slot of your adapter with the eject tool

+Insert the nano-SIM card of your second subscription inside the Bluetooth device

+Launch the App Store on your iPhone

+Download and install the application of the manufacturer of your dual SIM adapter (in this example we use the Simore 2Twin Box)

+Turn on the adapter

+Take your phone in hand

+Turn on the Bluetooth option

+Open the SIM card management application

+Allow it to access your phonebook, iPhone microphone, and notification system

+Click on the connection section to connect the adapter with your iPhone

We are done with the configuration part. You can now control your two SIM cards and manage your calls and messages from your iPhone.

Before dialing the number of your correspondent, you just have to choose the operator you want to use.

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Install a dual SIM adapter on an iPhone


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