Top 10 Best websites to download free Windows programs

download free Windows programs
Top 10 Best websites to download free Windows programs

Download free Windows programs: Today, on the Internet, we can find a large number of websites on which you can download programs, but not all are reliable and secure.

That’s why I decided to compile a list of the best sites to download free and secure Windows programs. guarantee.

Do you want to know this list of free software websites to download? Keep reading the article.

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Best websites to download free Windows programs

1. SourceForge

download free Windows programs

free software download sites:

 SourceForge is a community of open-source program developers and where you will

find more than 500,000 programs for free download on your Windows computer.

If we analyze their traffic, more than 33 million monthly users use this website to download the free Windows software.

Realize how it is without a doubt one of the best websites to download Windows programs for free.

A few years ago, they faced a lot of security problems because so many spyware leaked

so much that the Google search engine blocked it, but they cleaned up and updated the page.

In short, SourceForge is one of the largest open-source download sites. good site in list download free Windows programs

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2. FossHub

download free Windows programs

download software free:

FossHub is a website that since its inception gives great importance to the security of each program. You will find almost every Windows program to download for free.

In addition, they do not allow typical free versions of payment programs for a specific period of time, but only program versions whose features do not have a timeout.

FossHub is a great page to download free Windows software.

In short, it’s a good way to get complete programs to download for free. good site in list download free Windows programs

3. Download Tucows

download software for pc:

Tucows is a company that offers various services as an Internet provider, such

as telephony and domain registration, but also has a free program download service.

The interface is simple and very easy to use and does not focus only on Windows, but we can also download free Mac and Linux programs.

What are you waiting for to try Tucows Download? good site in list download free Windows programs

4. Ninite

Ninite has gained momentum in recent years to be among the best pages for downloading free Windows programs.

On this site, you will find millions of applications that you can easily download and install on your Windows computer and/or your favorite browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.).

Ninite was created by Patrick Swieskowski and Sascha Kuzins. good site in list download free Windows programs

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5. Uptodown

Uptodown was born in Malaga in 2002, 16 years ago, and currently has more than 90 million visits per month.

It is translated into 14 languages and is among the 180 most visited websites in the world, according to the Alexa ranking.

Uptodown is a safe way to download free programs to your computer. good site in list download free Windows programs

6. Softpedia

Softpedia is another of the best in terms of websites to download free programs,

and currently has over a million programs and applications to download on Windows, Mac, Linux, an Internet browser or Android mobile device.

Since birth, more than 3,200 million downloads have been made. good site in list download free Windows programs

7. Download ZDnet

ZDnet is one of the largest libraries to download programs for Windows, Mac and mobile devices.

ZDNet also offers other services such as analysis, reviews, and product reviews. good site in list download free Windows programs

8. Portable Apps

Portable Apps is not as well-known and popular as previous platforms for downloading

free software, but it touches almost 1,000 million downloads, which is said very soon, but the truth is that it’s a good thing. good site in the list


CNET is one of the most popular websites to download free software for Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Almost any type of software is on this site.

There is no doubt that CNET is at the forefront of safety. good site in the list

10. Major Geeks

The major Geeks certainly stand out by their design or interface, but do not discredit anything we are in a large portal where we can download free programs for Windows, Android, and iOS.

Major Geeks also has a large community of users and very participative. good site in the list

Recommendations before downloading free programs and installing them on your computer

+You must have a good antivirus and anti-malware on your computer because, even if

the download sites guarantee that they are 100% safe, it will not be the first or the last time that malware transmits the filters. security

+ Most of these websites have advertising revenues, but in some cases, this advertising can be a little overwhelming and even misleading, because we can confuse it with the download button of the program.

+ Read reviews and ratings of other users before installing a program on your computer.

+ Never install a program that asks you, as a prerequisite for installing another additional program, in addition to not being serious, a very abusive practice that has been done and continues to make well-known pages sector but obviously not in this list.

  • Do not forget to install on your computer only the programs or applications you really need and to perform some maintenance tasks, such as uninstalling programs that you did not use during the program. last year.

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In this article, we’ve analyzed the best pages to download free Windows programs, but remember that it’s very important to have a good antivirus and anti-malware on

your computer before you download and install some of them. these programs on your computer.

Avoid using unsafe sites where you may be infected with malware or abuse advertising,

or even worse, need to install additional programs to access the software we are looking for.

Most of the complete programs that you can download on your computer are compatible with the Windows system, but you will also find programs for Mac, Linux or mobile devices.

If you have any other questions, contact us in the comments box below and we will answer you as soon as possible to resolve all your questions.

Which site do you prefer to download Windows programs or software?

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