How to create Instagram story and make it interesting!!

create Instagram story

Create Instagram story: Instagram Stories are a part of the app that changes constantly and quickly.

From time to time, Instagram users can take advantage of new features that are published and introduced.

With each update, Instagram uploads its own story showing new features and possible ways to use it.

All features, such as filters and stickers, are exactly what you need to create Instagram Story interesting and engaging! How to keep Instagram stories on your smartphone!

story Instagram: In this article you will not only learn how to create an Instagram story but also how to make it interesting for your followers.

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What are Instagram stories

Stories let you download videos, photos, and even photos and videos stored on

your smartphone that plays as a slideshow of everyone you follow at the top of your Instagram.

create an Instagram story: The stories only last 24 hours and after this period, they disappear.

There is no limit to the number of stories you can share, but I suggest not to bombard people with too much (ex: 50 is exaggerated), otherwise, it is useless.

Why use Instagram Stories?

create Instagram story
create the Instagram story

Instagram stories are simple. They are easy to download, watch and interact with those you follow.

You get a realistic, often unfiltered look on your friends and accounts that you like.

If you publish on Stories, you get a direct link with those who follow you.

It gives you a way to explain your content, share behind the scenes, tell a story and build your brand.

I think the video is one of the most important ways to connect with your audience and Instagram provides a connection point for doing so. It’s also a lot of fun. very simple to create Instagram story

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How to simply create an Instagram story on

how to add multiple stories on Instagram: To share a photo or video with your story from your mobile device on the Instagram app:

+Tap at the top left of your screen (the camera icon).
+Choose to take a photo or upload a photo or video of your gallery.
+Once you’ve taken or selected a photo or video from your library, you can tap on the top right to add text.
+It’s also at this stage that you can customize your story to make it unique and interesting (follow the next step)
+When done, tap Add to your news to share the story.
+More details are available on the Instagram site. very simple to create an Instagram story

How to make your story interesting

Use a different font

Gone are the days when you only had one font choice! Instagram offers several new fonts:

neon, typewriter, modern and strong, that add life and personality to your story! very simple to create an Instagram story


Oh il y avait un beau petit GIF ici

Give a little movement to your story! GIFS are a fun way to add life and charm to any story or event.

Swipe up and click on GIF, and look for Giphy for the perfect reaction.

Use stickers and filters to add interest

create Instagram story
create the Instagram story

Once you’ve taken your video or photo, add it using the icons at the top right.

The first is Stickers – here you can include hashtags and your location to increase

the likelihood that others will find your story, or choose from a range of other stickers, such as emojis, a selfie or days of the week.

When you’ve chosen your sticker, drag it to adjust its position and use two fingers to rotate and resize it.

Tap and hold your sticker, then tap Pin to paste it to a fixed location in a video. very simple to create an Instagram story

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Create polls

To create a poll, tap the Sticker icon (the square with the face) at the top of the story screen and select the Poll Sticker option.

It’s an interesting way to interact with your followers and generate interest in an event or topic.

Change the font or pen size

When you add text or use pen features in Instagram stories, these tools default to mid-range size and thickness.

It’s easy to follow what Instagram offers, but sometimes you may want to reduce

the text to fit the screen better or change the size of the pen to achieve the artistic style you are looking for.

Turn photos into videos

The images play for about 7 seconds in Instagram stories. However, videos can play for up to 15 seconds.

If you want to keep your text or image on the screen longer, create your image

and transform it into the video. You can add music or animations to make you stand out even more.

There are a lot of tips that make your Instagram experience more enjoyable.

Knowing how to publish interesting stories is part of it, and I hope I helped you enjoy Insta stories like a pro! very simple to create an Instagram story

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