How to choose the best gaming mouse that’s right for you

How to choose the best gaming mouse

How to choose the best gaming mouse: Choosing the best gaming mouse is not easy these days! There are lots of mice to choose from, made by various manufacturers and offering different features.

The problem is that an ideal mouse for one person is not necessarily good for another. So which one should you choose?

How to choose the best gaming mouse

Let’s take a good breath

choose the best gaming mouse: The first thing to do is to determine what you want for the mouse.

Do you prefer FPS, RPG or RTS games? If the answer is First Person Shooter (FPS),

then you have the hardest choice to make because you will need to determine what kind of player you are (see the section below on DPI).

If you prefer strategy, RPG or MMO games, the choice is a little easier, because you should look for a mouse with a large number of programmable buttons and a DPI that suits your style of play.

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Optical vs laser mouse for games?

choose the best gaming mouse: A computer mouse comes in different types: optical, laser, or ball mouse. Ball mice are dead and gone, we will not talk about them anymore.

Optical and laser mice are the current technologies that you have to choose from,

and despite the fact that laser technology is the latest in gaming, you are much better with an optical mouse.

Why are optical mice better for games?

While there are some good laser gaming mice, and lasers do better on glass, just

putting an optical mouse is slightly more reliable and accurate overall when used on most surfaces, including your typical mouse pad.

Do not get me wrong though; If you really want a laser mouse then go for it, but try to

get a hard mouse pad, and keep your mouse and mouse pad clean of dust as much as possible. How to choose the best gaming mouse

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Mouse Resolution / DPI Explained

choose the best gaming mouse
choose the best gaming mouse

choose the best gaming mouse: The quality of a gaming mouse is determined by a number of factors, including an important one that is the resolution.

Measured in dots per inch (PPP or DPI), the resolution is the number of pixels per inch

that the optical sensor and the focusing lens of the mouse can see as you move the mouse.

In general, the higher the resolution of a mouse, the better the accuracy.

The higher the DPI of the sensor, the lower the physical distance needed to move the mouse to get the same level of cursor movement on the screen.

So, if you have a high-resolution mouse, you can save the movements of your hand,

but you must have a firm hand and be very precise to make precise movements of the cursor.

Armed with this knowledge, you must decide if you are the type of person who likes to make quick movements of the hand over a large area, or slower and more precise movements on a small surface.

If you prefer fast hand movements, you need a mouse with a low DPI to maintain a

certain level of accuracy (1200 PPP or less), while a player with small hand movements can use a mouse with higher DPI. or more).

It is for this reason that you should be wary of the marketing hype (and price) surrounding high DPI mice.

How to choose the best gaming mouse: Most premium mice are capable of around 5000 DPI and Razer started pushing their mice at 6.400DPI.

With or without wire?

How to choose the best gaming mouse: Having a wireless mouse may be more convenient than a wired one, but there is also

the problem of potential input delay that slows down accuracy and precision, which can hurt your experience.

Mouse offset occurs with wireless mice because of the extra time it takes to send information to the receiver from the mouse.

Although the good news is that modern wireless mice are getting faster and faster

as technology improves, and with some of the best wireless mice on the market, you’ll hardly notice a difference.

So, if you intend to buy a wireless mouse, be sure to do your research to find out if it has an input lag and how far.

If you play professionally or just want to avoid the problem, I recommend that you always stay connected to ensure the best possible speed.

Wireless mice are also compromised by their dependence on batteries.

Some come with charging cradles, but others might let you pick up a set of spare batteries at an inconvenient time.

Batteries also add weight, so if you like a very light mouse, you might not be happy with the extra weight of a wireless mouse. How to choose the best gaming mouse

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Left-handed or right-handed

choose the best gaming mouse
choose the best gaming mouse

How to choose the best gaming mouse: If you are a left-handed player, your choices are unfortunately limited because it seems that manufacturers do not see enough margin to respond to left-handed players.

The vast majority of ergonomic gaming mice are reserved for right-handed players,

but there is plenty of choices if you are happy to use a mouse with an ambidextrous design.

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