What is the best cache plugin for WordPress 2020?

cache plugin for WordPress
What is the best cache plugin for WordPress 2018?

Cache plugin for WordPress 2020: This is a question that may seem simple but whose answers can be multiple and complex.

In fact to know which cache plugin works best with your blog, is to try them.

Depending on server configurations, plugin features and cache options used, this can vary quite a bit.

best cache plugin for WordPress multisite: When I look for a cache plugin to accelerate the loading of pages of my site made with WordPress.org, in general, I do

not have the taste to make 30 million settings, it must be relatively simple, that it goes quick. … and ideally, it does not crash every 2 days 😉

so what is best WordPress cache plugin 2020: 
In fact, cache plugins, I have almost all tested in recent years but it is 2016 and there is one that has my favor right now. Here is my Top 3 cache plugin for WordPress :

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Cache plugin for WordPress

cache plugin for WordPress

Cache plugin for WordPress: 3rd place – WP Super Cache: probably the most famous plugin. 1 million + downloads. 818 people gave it a rating of 4.2 / 5.

I used it for a long time before I got tired of getting up in the morning and seeing a very white site … is a good cache plugin for WordPress

No URL worked, blank page, nothing, nada, nothing. It did not happen often but when

it happened it could have been planted for several hours already, which means that the site had been dead for a while.

These were mostly browser cache errors. Level settings and setup also, it’s not for

the novice, although next to the gas plant is W3 Total Cache it’s easy …

2nd position in cache plugin for WordPress– Quick Cache, now Zen Cache, oh no no longer Comet Cache.

He has the maximum score of 5/5 but he changed his name twice in a very short time, probably to leave with a maximum score for as long as possible, no idea.

I used it for more than a year until recently and it was very easy to use until he also

made the white page (only once). Never had a problem with, really a good plugin to test. good cache plugin for WordPress

cache plugin for WordPress: 1st position – WP Fastest Cache. 100,000+ installations and 874 users gave it an exceptional score of 4.8 / 5.

I find it really easy to install, that’s what I particularly like, in addition to the fact that

it is super efficient, free in its basic version and has not yet planted after several months of use.

It is also available in French in the interface and it also comes in premium version (paid) that I bought to cache the most stuff.

One tab also allows you to optimize images and another to link a CDN.

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What is the best cache plugin for WordPress?

The tab “Settings” (all the boxes are coachable here because I have the premium version):

The tab “Premium” – bought in my case (Purchased) 39.99 $:

The “Image Optimization” tab: (I did not do much on this point, I put myself in it)

Regarding the speed test of Google -Page Speed ​​Insights- it is with WP Fastest Cache that I got the best scores, with an identical design (very important otherwise we can not compare).

Without the cache plugin, I was running around 50-60 out of 100 on mobile and desktop.

Now it’s between 70-90 out of 100 on mobile and 80-90 out of 100 on Desktop with a 99% user experience.

I just changed the WordPress theme 2 days ago (for those who are interested in this is the theme “Elliot” on ThemeForest) and my homepage had a pretty bad score of 46 out of 100 Desktop.

After some drastic changes (too bad for beautiful big pictures everywhere), I managed to get a better score with Google Page Speed ​​Insights:

90% mobile, 99% user experience, 90% desktop. But from the slightest addition

or increase of the home, it goes down pretty quickly. So I try to keep it between 70 and

85 out of 100 in all cases, which is very honest, since the home page is always more loaded than the rest.

If I do the same exercise with an internal page, such as this one, I get a very honest

a score of 72% on mobile, 100% user experience and 85% on Desktop.

Premium bonus: WP Rocket, a paid plugin, created by French people and which

often comes out at the top of the rankings. Also read their article that says not to dwell on the Google test.

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