Best WordPress Premium Themes in 2020

Best WordPress Premium Themes
Best WordPress Premium Themes

Best WordPress Premium Themes in 2020: It’s no secret, with WordPress (WP) you can do almost everything at the level of appearance and functionality to create a website …

You can make a personal blog, an online news magazine, a professional website, a website showcase or portfolio, an agency site, or an e-commerce site.

And it’s easy enough, you do not have to be a coding expert because WordPress template creators have responsive and highly efficient technical support.

A quick reminder of the facts: WordPress propels 1 site out of 3 in the world (market share of 31% in 2019).

WordPress is a free content management system (CMS or CMS) and open source. It is written in PHP and relies on a MySQL database.

What’s good with WP is that the updates are automatic and that if you want to change Design, you have a lot, but then really a lot of choices.

A WordPress Theme can last you a few years if there are regular updates but in general, you will be tired before and want to change after one, two or three years.

Especially since Web standards and usages evolve so quickly that you will not have the choice to have a top and new theme. here is Best WordPress Premium Themes in blogtechland

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Best WordPress Premium Themes in 2020

I have in mind, in particular, the transition from Desktop / Computer navigation to Responsive / Mobile.

It was a huge change and today all websites must be responsive if you want to reach all users, especially those (the majority) who consult from a smartphone or tablet.

The optimization of the code has also evolved and it is necessary to have a WordPress theme with style sheets (CSS) and clean and lightweight code since Mr. Google takes into account the speed of loading pages at the SEO level.

When looking for a WordPress theme, we want a beautiful look that matches our image (personal blog or agency website) and offers a lot of features and a host of color options, formatting, plugins, and bonuses included.

Here is a selection of the best-paid themes (forget the free themes if you want something pro and complete) that are either very popular with startups, professionals, bloggers, and webmasters or at the top of global sales.

In general, these are themes that have proven themselves and integrate perfectly with the new publisher Gutenberg and the update WordPress 5.0+, so it’s a 100% winner.

Elegant Themes (Divi + Extra …)


Best WordPress Premium Themes
Best WordPress Premium Themes

It’s the signature brand of Elegant Themes and it’s more than just a theme, it’s an

an ultra-powerful tool that will appeal to web agencies, developers, bloggers and startups alike.

With Divi, you see the changes made to your theme in real-time (real-time design

and responsive editing), you can customize each element and the 50 elements of

content, the loading is very fast, you can add direct text in the editor without going

through the control panel and WordPress dashboard, importing and exporting Layouts

or using any of the existing layouts.

In this regard, the creators of Elegant Themes endeavor to create and regularly add new Layout packs (designs) in the DIVI library:

Web Agency, SEO Agency, SaaS Company, Interior Designer, Consultant Business, Marketing Software, Pottery Studio, Electronic Payments, Real Estate Agency, Kitchen Recipes. the best theme in list Best WordPress Premium Themes


Best WordPress Premium Themes
Best WordPress Premium Themes

The second main theme of ET, it is ideal for creating a magazine-style blog.

Features include the ability to set a rating/rating system for each item, a visual homepage and category builder, article template and page builder.

Extra is 100% responsive and appears optimally on every device, whether on the computer, tablet or mobile.

The updates are endless and the theme is ready for e-commerce with WooCommerce. the best theme in list Best WordPress Premium Themes

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Divi Builder

The visual editor to shape its theme and change the design at will, the Builder is included by default in the first two themes above.

For example on the screenshot below made on this blog, which uses the EXTRA theme

at the time of publishing this post, you see that the Creator Divi (builder) is

integrated directly in the Back End WordPress to be able to modify visually the homepage (the example here), or even a category page or any other specific or special page:

Best WordPress Premium Themes
Best WordPress Premium Themes


The universal plugin sharing on social networks, super easy to implement and offers very advanced customization:

position of buttons, counters on the buttons, style, and shape. Totally Responsive. best theme in list Best WordPress Premium Themes


Best WordPress Premium Themes
Best WordPress Premium Themes

An included Optin email subscription extension, this sounds a bit like OptinMonster for those who have already tried.

Subscription forms for newsletter or subscriber marketing lists can be displayed in different ways:

under the content, pop-up, fly-in, inside articles, widgets and bonuses you can even force the visitor to subscribe to see the content of an article or a page.

And finally, do not forget, Elegant Themes is not just 2 major themes and free plugins,

it’s a collection of almost 100 different themes for all categories:

Mobile App, Blog / Magazine, Business / Business, E-Commerce, Multimedia, Personal, Portfolio, Tumblog. best theme in list Best WordPress Premium Themes


This theme is simply above the lot if we look at the sales figures. Hold on, Avada has been sold almost 500,000 times on Theme Forest in six years, making it the best WordPress seller of all time at Envato.

Best WordPress Premium Themes
Best WordPress Premium Themes

In terms of popularity, it can be compared to Elegant Themes which displays the same number of customers.

Users give Avada a rating of 4.77 / 5 on more than 20 000 reviews attributed, it’s beefy.

It’s simple, with this theme you can do everything, it covers so many areas that you will find your happiness.

The Envato CEO calls Avada the Swiss army knife for WordPress templates. the best theme in list Best WordPress Premium Themes


Best WordPress Premium Themes
Best WordPress Premium Themes

A newspaper is a great WordPress theme for magazine or news blog.

It is among the Top 10 most popular WP templates on ThemeForest and is a reference for a News blog.

It has been sold over 72,000 times with an average user rating of 4.85 / 5.

When you buy this theme, you do not have one but the choice among 70 different that immediately import in 1 click:

Breaking News, Lifestyle, Crypto News, News People, Gaming, Personal Blog,

City News, Tech & Gadgets, Business, News Week, Travel Blog, Photo Blog,

Sports News, Car Mag, Avis Site and more. best theme in list Best WordPress Premium Themes


This theme is a hit with its striking design and multiple features.

It is particularly interesting for a viral / buzz news blog and is similar to a kind of Buzzfeed.

Bimber is rated 4.83 / 5 on several thousands of sales and the package includes nearly 20 topics that can be imported in 1 click.

Among these, Relink (a Reddit clone), Gagster, Food, Music, Fashion, Celebrities, Auto, Combat Sports, Minimal, Geek or Affiliate.

To have it tried, the technical support is very responsive and responds quickly to questions. best theme in list Best WordPress Premium Themes

The Fox

TheFox is also a nice crush. The classy, sober and modern design of this theme that combines black and white is just beautiful.

I would see this theme for a personal blog, travel diary or diary.

But only because this theme that is in the magazine-style is also perfect for creating a local newspaper for example.

One can display the reading of the articles as in the newspapers paper, on 2 columns.

It’s a whole style and it will appeal to the nostalgic of the traditional Press.

The theme is noted 4.81 / 5 on ThemeForest. best theme in list Best WordPress Premium Themes


The Impreza WordPress theme is a multipurpose template, clean and with a simple, modern design that is well displayed on mobile.

Impreza has an impressive 4.9 / 5 rating for several tens of thousands of sales on ThemeForest.

The quality of the work done here is for something.

Impreza does not target dozens of pre-designed themes and demos but focuses on a few particularly well-done themes. best theme in list Best WordPress Premium Themes


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