Top 10 Best VPN For Google Chrome 2020: Surf In Peace

Best VPN For Google Chrome
Top 10 Best VPN For Google Chrome 2018: Surf In Peace

Best VPN For Google Chrome 2020: Whether you have a Chromebook or if you’re just a Chrome browser user, a VPN can improve your online privacy, bypass censorship and unlock content.

The majority of the best VPNs now offer browser extensions but not all are reliable, and some are not even VPNs.

When looking for the best VPN for Chrome, several things are important.

Do not install the first free extension that appears in the Chrome Web Store.

This is the best way that your confidential information falls into the hands of cyber criminals.

The Internet is a dangerous place and it protects privacy as well as when you are relieving yourself on the edge of a highway during rush hour.

Whether you want to thank your granny by email for Christmas socks or download the latest episode of HBO, your privacy is important.

In many ways, the World Wide Web is more like the Wild West Web and no one will pick you up, let alone the government.

There is not a week going on without an article being published to reveal a violation of privacy because of government or corporate abuse.

In today’s world, you should think seriously about investing in a reliable and robust VPN for your browser.

Best VPN For Google Chrome: Mostly, a “VPN” browser extension is not at all a private virtual network but just a proxy that redirects traffic within the browser you are using.

Any other type of traffic is not protected and your IP is not hidden, which makes

these systems particularly bad for torrents downloaders or people who live in countries that censor the Internet.

There are many extensions for Chrome on the market but unfortunately, most of them are lousy.

as a rule, any extensions with the free word in the title should be viewed with suspicion. Best VPN For Google Chrome:

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The Best VPN For Google Chrome 2020: Surf In Peace

In some cases, such as using public WiFi, a proxy extension may offer more privacy by hiding your location, but you should not consider them safe.

Google itself issued a warning last year about extensions that take control of your internet connection.

Almost all free VPN browser extensions store your data, which means that they are accessible on servers to potential hackers but some even sell them.

In 2011, HideMyAss was able to transmit user information to the FBI, indicating that the data was clearly recorded on their side.

If you want to use a VPN extension, it must come from a reliable company that is known to keep no trace.

Best VPN For Google Chrome: Private Internet Access is one of the only integrated VPN solutions for Chrome, with a proven policy of not keeping logs since 2010.

It is one of the most commercially confidential companies on the market, with support

from organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation and FightForTheFuture, and she herself an actor in the battle for net neutrality.

Below we look at the best VPN providers that offer not only a fast and easy-to-use Chrome extension but also powerful backend software.

All have strong encryption and a much higher level of privacy than just proxy redirection.

Why Use a VPN Extension With Chrome?

A VPN requires two components, a client on your side of the tunnel and a server on the other side.

Best VPN For Google Chrome:VPN clients have two types of operation, either as an independent application or as a browser extension.

Standalone applications are applications that run on your computer and connect to a VPN server, then redirect all incoming and outgoing traffic from your computer through the VPN tunnel.

It is common to have to manually launch them and establish the connection before the traffic is secure.

A VPN browser extension is similar to an independent application. However, there are major differences.

Since the extension only exists in your browser, it will only encrypt the traffic from your browser.

If you use other applications in parallel with your browser, their traffic will be sent over the Internet without encryption.

The other difference is that since this is a browser extension, the VPN connects most of the time without user intervention.

What Distinguishes The Best VPN For Chrome?

best free VPN chrome: If you are just looking to get around a firewall to access a secure site or bypass the Netflix VPN ban, you may consider that one of the many free browser extensions is enough.

If, on the other hand, you want a different IP address, real privacy, and robust encryption, you will have to turn to something more powerful.

As for being anonymous, the “no logs” criterion is the most important for choosing a VPN.

If your information is saved, your security is severely compromised.

Even though you may still be able to keep some form of privacy from curious and small hackers, you have no guarantee of anonymity.

Confidentiality is certainly crucial, but a VPN is inoperative if its slowness is such that it prevents you from streaming the last episode of Rick and Morty.

VPNs tend to slow down your connection, sometimes significantly.

Best VPN For Google Chrome:You will quickly realize that these slowdowns are directly correlated to the monthly price of the VPN.

Global presence is another important element that distinguishes major VPNs from others.

The saying “quality rather than quantity” does not apply in this situation.

As far as the number of countries and servers that a VPN can reach, the more, the better.

ExpressVPN has over 1500 servers in 94 countries, making it one of the best VPNs on the market.

Robust encryption, DNS leak protection, and WebRTC blocking are all security features that must be part of a quality VPN.

Already in 2015, a bug in the WebRTC protocol proved to reveal the real IP addresses of the users, thus eliminating all the anonymity offered by a VPN.

Most good VPNs happily block this today, but it is better to make sure.

Here is our selection of quality VPN providers with built-in Chrome extensions. here Best free VPN For Google Chrome

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Best VPN For Chrome:

Our recommendation:


good free VPN chrome: ExpressVPN is one of the fastest and most reliable VPNs available.

The extension for Chrome is not independent and requires the full software to run, making it the most expensive option.

On the other hand, it is very secure, very fast and certainly offers the best VPN experience in Chrome.

Best VPN For Google Chrome
Best VPN For Google Chrome

ExpressVPN offers Android and iOS apps just as fast and secure.

The simple interface allows you to connect in one click and even provides advice on choosing the best server based on your current location.

Mobile apps do not have the “killswitch” found in the desktop version but apart from that,

Best VPN For Google Chrome:they offer the same features with high speed and secure L2TP / IPSec encryption.

If you are looking for the best VPN for Netflix, ExpressVPN is the answer: there is hardly any country that is not accessible.

Best VPN For Google Chrome:Another advantage is its location in the British Virgin Islands which allows it to not be subject to data retention laws.


Best VPN For Google Chrome: NordVPN is one of the best business among existing VPNs.

It offers an extremely powerful VPN solution that relies on a simple and lightweight Chrome proxy extension.

The extension corresponds to what is expected of a good plug-in – clear, easy-to-use functions supported by a powerful backend.

Best VPN For Google Chrome
Best VPN For Google Chrome

Unfortunately, this is the fastest VPN available and if you have limited bandwidth,

you might notice slowdowns when you streak between Europe and the United States for example.

It is however much cheaper than these competitors and still offers a VPN solution with many features with a proven and reliable privacy policy.

Private Internet Access

free VPN unlimited: Unlike most VPNs, Private Internet Access has an extension for Chrome that is the control center for the real VPN.

You still have to subscribe to a paid subscription but the VPN is controlled inside Chrome and we prefer that to the desktop application.

Best VPN For Google Chrome
Best VPN For Google Chrome

Unlike most VPN extensions, PIA has multi-layered data encryption, does not record any traffic, and offers IP masking to hide your identity and location.

It is also one of the fastest VPN providers available, although it is best to adjust the security settings when connecting from China. good VPN for chrome pc


CyberGhost is another powerful VPN with a free proxy extension designed on the Ethereum blockchain, meant to add privacy to your browsing.

is fast enough, especially in Europe, and works with AES 256-bit encryption.

In the past, problems have occurred with the Netflix proxy but optimization has recently been made and it is now working very well. is good in list Best VPN For Google Chrome

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Best VPN For Google Chrome
Best VPN For Google Chrome

Being located in Romania also gives CyberGhost confidentiality benefits given the strict data protection laws of this country.

However, the Chrome extension alone does not protect you from webRTC leaks or change countries.

Therefore, if you want serious protection, get the full paid pack.


add free VPN chrome: TunnelBear is most certainly the best free VPN available:

it offers a thin client with a good Chrome extension and high encryption (to be honest, it is certainly the only correct free service).

As with other services, to get the full features and protection, you need the complete product.

Encryption uses the OpenVPN protocol and TunnelBear offers excellent speeds given the price.

Best VPN For Google Chrome
Best VPN For Google Chrome

The free version offers only 500MB of bandwidth per month and it is therefore more realistic to switch to a paid subscription.

However, it is a good way to test it, especially since it does not offer a money-back guarantee.

A major disadvantage is that it supports Netflix badly; depending on your needs, you will have to choose if you can support that. is good in list Best VPN For Google Chrome


Best VPN For Google Chrome
Best VPN For Google Chrome

ZenMate, the fast and easy-to-use Chrome extension is correct and offers a free, but very limited, free version.

It is suitable for privacy and minimal functionality but the Premium version is recommended for true efficiency.

The good thing about using the extension is that you will not be confronted with the awful app. is good in list Best VPN For Google Chrome


Best VPN For Google Chrome
Best VPN For Google Chrome

hola VPN chrome: Hola was reported in 2015 for committing a major breach of trust.

It was discovered that they were using client PCs as end nodes by redirecting the traffic of other Hola users across the nodes and selling the bandwidth to a third party service.

It goes without saying that this solution is not recommended unless it is your thing. is good in list Best VPN For Google Chrome

Hotspot Shield

Best VPN For Google Chrome
Best VPN For Google Chrome

Here is another site guilty of breaking the trust. It was discovered last year that Hotspot Shield was intercepting and re-directing traffic to advertising sites.

In addition to the moral and ethical implications of these actions, it was necessary to

do this without encrypting the connection details, a totally contrary action. to the privacy policy of the site itself. is good in list Best VPN For Google Chrome

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Best VPN For Google Chrome: As mentioned earlier, in 2011 HideMyAss passed on information from its clients to the FBI.

They defended themselves by saying that they were helping to locate a criminal, but

that does not detract from the fact that this information was stored in an accessible form, making it an insecure VPN. is good in list Best VPN For Google Chrome


In a case similar to HideMyAss, the FBI also obtained PureVPN’s customer information which led to the arrest of a stalker.

Although no one complains that there is one less stalker in the streets, the fact is

that information was recorded and their privacy policy clearly states “no logs”. is good in list Best VPN For Google Chrome

Remarks To Conclude

Best VPN For Google Chrome: The need for privacy on the Internet has become a major topic due to the Facebook scandal and PRISM shenanigans.

Small software companies have sniffed the right track by offering cheap proxy solutions presented as VPN solutions.

The majority of them are just proxy redirects that only hide your location and have no place in our comparison of VPNs.

If you’re looking to secure your navigation inside Chrome, save time and energy and

invest in a robust and reliable VPN solution, not in a free plugin or an extension that will sell your information to the highest bidder.

Do you have any remakes to make on the subject? Tell us everything in the comments and thank you for reading. “Best VPN For Google Chrome”


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