Top 12 Best travel apps for Android and iPhone (2021)

Best travel apps for Android
Top 11 Best travel apps for Android and iPhone (2018)

Best travel apps for Android and iPhone 2021: When you embark on great international adventures, some elements can not be left behind.

Your passport is certainly very important followed closely by your credit card.

Of course, the third important element is probably your phone.

best travel apps android or iPhone: A basic element, your smartphone will not

only serve as a camera, but a dictionary, travel guide, map, and planning tool all in one,

not to mention a lot of other stuff that will make your stay the memorable stranger.

So that you can enjoy your next trip to the fullest, we offer 12 applications. here is Best travel apps for Android and iPhone:

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Best travel apps for Android
Best travel apps for Android

Yes, not 5, not 10, but 11 iOS and Android compatible apps that will be unavoidable. Leaving your country has never been easier!

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Best travel apps for Android and iPhone 2021


This is one for planners. Traveling can be very expensive, but there are some tips and advice that make it less demanding for the wallet.

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a flight you have booked sold for a cheaper price a few weeks later.

With Hopper, users can enter their travel plans and the app will tell them when is the best time to book their flight.

Users can watch flights at specific dates or destinations, and the app will tell you if

it’s worth buying now or waiting, will tell you the dates when it’s probably the cheapest to travel, will give you an estimate of price changes.

Users can save their payment details in the app for a quick reservation.

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travel guide app: Before going to a new country, it is wise to try at least to learn some of the local languages.

No one expects you to be fluent in the language, but in places where you do not

speak French or even English, a basic understanding of signs and phrases will make your stay much more rewarding.

Duolingo helps people learn new languages in a fun way. The application is extremely easy to use and keeps users hooked to the language of their choice.

The company recently unveiled its new Japanese course and already covers English

of course, Spanish, German, Russian and many others. good app in list Best travel apps for Android

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Google Translate

We will continue in the field of languages with Google Translate.

The technology has not yet provided an instant translation tools like in Star Trek, but meanwhile, this free and famous Google app will do the job.

In addition to a simple text translation between 103 languages and offline access to

59 languages, the app also allows you to take pictures of signs – or draw characters

with your finger on the screen – and convert those pictures into translated text (in 37 and 32 languages, respectively). ).

It also allows you to save a selection of words and phrases for easy reference and

handles two-way bilingual conversations on the fly in 32 languages.

Google Trips

best travel guide apps: Another high-quality Google product, Google Trips.

This app does what many other apps do – organizes your bookings and disparate travel

plans in a centralized location – but for Gmail users, Google Trips automatically imports

and organizes your information, saving you time and effort. you avoid any frustration.

It also provides daily planning tools to organize all your specifications on a map such as your hotel reservations, dinner reservations, coffee meetings, etc.

The app also includes a complete library of cool things to do and places to eat based

on your interests and availability to easily build a targeted itinerary.

Best of all, it’s accessible even when you’re offline.

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Not all flights arrive on time, and missed connections and flight cancellations can

have significant consequences, even for the best-planned trips. AirHelp is available to help you file claims for delayed or canceled flights.

Simply enter your details and scan the details of your boarding pass or flight via the app to make the claim.

If it is valid, AirHelp will help you process it, manage the necessary documents and prosecute if necessary.

If the claim ends, the funds are deposited directly into your account, minus the fees.

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Uber should not be a surprise in this list.

Getting a race in a new city was once a challenge, but apps like Uber have been a revolution in transit on demand.

Present in dozens of countries and in more than 600 cities, Uber makes it easy for you to have a mobile or Wi-Fi connection.

Create an account, link a credit card, and simply type in your destination. ask for your trip.

Uber will do the hard work of connecting you to an approved driver, with an upfront price.

Although last year was a difficult year for the company, Uber remains a valuable

resource for casual travelers and business people in cities around the world. good app in list Best travel apps for Android and iPhone


Public Wi-Fi can be convenient for travelers, but it’s also notoriously dangerous,

so you’ll want to get your hands on a tool like NordVPN to encrypt your data and route it through a virtual private network.

The application aims to provide an extra layer of security and protect you from malicious activity on open and unsecured networks.

I do not push you to use a particular VPN, so if you have another one you use it’s perfect.

You just have to understand that this is a must-have tool in the era when online security

is very important. good app in list Best travel apps for Android and iPhone.


If you already know Kayak, this tool does not need a presentation.

Kayak’s mobile app offers users a flexible assistant to search and book rental cars, flights, hotels and more.

You can compare offers, book flights, and accommodations, track your flights and manage your route from your mobile device.

It’s a great centralized tool to keep track of everything you’ll need to organize your whereabouts. good app in list Best travel apps for Android and iPhone.

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you are brave enough to use an unfamiliar public transit system, you will have help.

Citymapper is the base for everyday travelers. So you know that you only get the best travel tips in the city.

The app gives you all the options to get around the city, from carpooling to buses

and trains.

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Another app that does not need to be presented.

Airbnb is an application that allows users to search and find unique accommodations worldwide, from bed and breakfast for a night to a small apartment for a week or even a castle for a month. .

The original and unique establishments are not lacking. Airbnb covers a range of prices

in more than 34,000 cities in nearly 200 countries, which means that the adventurous

or flexible traveler can choose interesting accommodation on his next trip.


Best travel apps for Android: Finding yourself in a new city can be difficult, especially if you can not find a wireless access point. Fortunately, there is WifiMap.

By analyzing the surroundings and checking with a database of more than

100,000,000 access points updated by the seven million users of the application,

Wifi Map allows you to know the location of the nearest wireless connection.

The application includes all the passwords you may need.

The free version shows all networks located just over one kilometer away from your current or desired location, good app in list Best travel apps for Android and iPhone

while the paid version allows you to download Wi-Fi cards from anywhere in the city in advance and use them for free. offline.

Travel Club App

good app in list Best travel apps for Android.

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