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Best Original Netflix Series 2020: Netflix now offers nearly 180 original series. What to find something that suits you. From the fantastic series to the historical series the firm offers a wide range of content and we never tire of it …

For the writing of the site, it was very complicated to decide between Netflix‘s original series of the best and the worst. Nevertheless, we did not give up to make you discover the Netflix production series … Here is our ranking of the best 10 series created by Netflix. For this, we have gathered the preferences that we have intermingled with the opinions of #NetflixSpectateur.  Best Original Netflix Series

The Best series produced by Netflix

Difficult to choose between all, but the Top 10 requires it, we can only choose 10. This is also an opportunity to discover some of them if you do not already know them … What is unlikely at given the scale of Netflix’s success. (list more or less “not exhaustive” …)

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The rankings of the best Original Netflix series:

Best Original Netflix Series
Best Original Netflix Series

#10. The Punisher

Marvel’s character made an appearance in Daredevil Season 2 making such an impression that Netflix decided to offer her own series. The Marvel series has nothing to do with what we usually know about them. Much more brutal, Franck Castle has all badass and endearing hero. He fights against the injustice his family suffered. Not leaving a chance to any of those who will get in his way.

#9. Sense 8

This fantastic series, with the unique concept “, can not be more” and the surprising mythology has become is a global success. We attach very quickly to 8 very heterogeneous characters. Suddenly, connect intellectually, emotionally and even sexually the characters convey a message of love and solidarity that we adore and that causes undeniable compassion.

#7. Orange is the new black

One of the pioneers of Netflix’s creations. This series of women and prison launched in the summer of 2013 shows us with a touch of humor the world of prisons for women, telling the same story stories that hide behind these hard and insensitive shells. Season 5 has been widely criticized and has not been as successful as the previous ones. But the story of these women keeps a place in the heart of the serifiles.

#6. Mindhunter

David Fincher’s series returns to the origins of the FBI profiling techniques. A psychological thriller was written masterfully and carried by magisterial interrogation scenes, with cheerful dialogues. We expected no less from the director.

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#5. Dark

Dark has often been compared to Stranger Things it is true that the two series are similar in a few points. This is the story of a young boy who disappears in the forest. Searching for four families in a desperate quest. The hunt for the guilty party, at the same time, emerges the sins and secrets of a small town.

#4. Narcos

Best Original Netflix Series: The series traces the history of South American cartels by drawing inspiration from real facts. After offering an exhilarating hunt for Pablo Escobar, the second season focuses on the Cali Cartel and new characters. The series once again spoke about her in the American press with her breathtaking achievement. And this is not his last word, because season 4 is about to turn everything upside down, we will learn that in the lives of other traffickers this time Mexican.

#3. Black mirror

Best Original Netflix Series: The concept is simple, an episode a story. The result we are surprised a little more each new episode. Always more extreme, always more shocking. The black mirror denounces a possibly scary future where technologies would make us dependent, and/or human morality would be no more than a vast memory.

#2. Stranger things

Best Original Netflix Series: This series is a kind of tribute to the iconic films of the 80s, such as Ghost Buster or E.T. Generation Y and millennials was sensitive to this flashback, and Stranger Things quickly became a worldwide success. The universe and the characters are truly endearing and face a world at once scary and fascinating. This is probably the most popular original creation of the platform and it also makes it one of the Best Original Netflix Series.

#1. House of card

Best Original Netflix Series: The very first original creation of the platform … Exciting political drama, led by the exceptional Kevin Spacey. The series has no less than 33 Emmys and 8 Golden Globes nominations. Unfortunately, she was tainted by Spacey’s charge of sexual assault on a minor shot in the wake of production. The last part of the series will focus on Claire Underwood (Robin Wright). Best Original Netflix Series

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