Top 15 Best netflix series to see in 2019

Best netflix series 2019

Best netflix series 2019: What are the best Netflix series? The platform is an almost inexhaustible reservoir of shows that devour hours and hours.

For new subscribers as for the faithful of the giant videos on demand, here is our selection of 15 series to see or review in 2018.

Each month, we relay all the new movies and series to see on Netflix. But this is only the emerge face of the Iceberg.

The platform has come a long way since its very first series House of Cards, whose season 1 was broadcast in 2013.

In 2018, there are countless original series that have established themselves as classics, along with those of HBO, AMC or Showtime. Here is a small selection of the best so far. here is best series on netflix 2019: 

Top 15 Best netflix series to see in 2019

Lost in space

best series to watch: The new science fiction series was introduced to the Netflix catalog in April 2018.

Lost in Space (Lost in Space) is the remake of a homonymous series released in the 1960s.

It focuses on the adventures of a family ( the Robinson) engaged in a journey through space.

But she finds herself trapped on a hostile planet following the crash of their spaceship.

A suspenseful and catchy series! good serie in list Best netflix series 2018

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Germany’s first Netflix series is one of the most recent to have hit the public.

Dark is aptly named to be a mysterious and supernatural series.

In 1953, the disfigured bodies of two boys were exhumed on a construction site, future site of the Winden Nuclear Power Station, a fictional city where strange crimes take place every 30 years.

The first episodes were published in December 2017.

The second season is already ordered for 2018.

Casa de Papel

best series to watch: One of Netflix’s biggest hits of recent months. Eight robbers organize a hostage-taking in the Royal House of the Spanish Mint.

They are led by their leader called El Profesor, a manipulative genius who is always a thousand strokes ahead.

The Spanish series is surprising, captivating, with a thrilling scenario and rich in twists

and turns. Originally broadcast en bloc in Spain, Netflix bought the rights for

an international broadcast and split the series into two initial seasons.

netflix new series 2019: A third and even a fourth are already in the boxes.

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Stranger Things

With Stranger Things, immerse yourself in the scary world of Hawkins, where

the mysterious disappearance of young Will Byers leads his mother, the police

and his friends into an intriguing adventure that will confront them with terrifying forces.

Season 2 is out in October 2017. The third is expected in 2019.  good serie in list Best netflix series 2019

The OA

Released in 2016 shortly after Stranger Things, The OA has often been compared, the

two works showing some similarities.

A girl named Prairie Johnson resurfaces seven years after being reported missing.

Prairie is now called “The OA” and can see, although she was blind before she disappeared.

Several questions remain unresolved as she recruits five foreigners for a secret mission.

The filming of season 2 began in January 2018. It should be available by the end of the year.  good serie in list Best netflix series

Star Trek Discovery

This is the sixth series of the Star Trek universe broadcast in the United States by CBS and internationally by Netflix.

After a century of silence, the war broke out between the Federation of United Planets and the Klingon Empire.

Officer in disgrace of Starfleet, Michael Burnham finds himself at the center of the conflict.

The 15 episodes of season 1 were broadcast between September 2017 and February 2018,

with a two-month break between November and January.

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House of Cards

best netflix original series: As mentioned in the introduction, this is the very first

Netflix original series that has federated a strong fan base over the years.

House of Card immerses you in the heart of the high places of the American administration,

rehearsing the atypical career of Frank Underwood in his quest for absolute power.

An exciting series that mainly reminds us that the world of politics and geopolitics is not for choirboys.

Orange is The New Black

netflix series 2019: Like House of Card, Orange is The New Black is one of the first series aired on Netflix from 2013 in the United States, and from 2014 on Netflix France.

A true classic among the most popular of the platform, the prison series focuses on

the story of Piper Chapman, a young woman from a good family whose criminal past catches her years later.

The show is in its fifth season, waiting for the sixth this summer. really Best netflix series

Black Mirror

Black Mirror explores the dark side of our hyper-connected, technological society and

its drifts. Netflix took the controls as early as 2016 for season 3.

The episodes keep the viewer always in suspense while making him think.

Black Mirror Season 4 has been available on Netflix since December 2017.

The Punisher

The Punisher is one of many series from Netflix and Marvel / Dysney, like Daredevil,

Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, or Iron Fist who deserve just as much from the top .

Frank Castle, aka the Punisher, decided to take justice after witnessing the murder of his wife and children.

He fights crime by killing his opponents rather than bringing them to justice.

Season 2 of The Punisher has already been confirmed. good serie in list Best netflix series 


Everything is in his name. Sense8 is a supernatural series whose story is focused

on 8 “sensory” people who are intellectually and emotionally connected and able

to interfere in their respective realities.

They are not the only holders of such abilities and have at their heels an organization with obscure designs.

After initially canceling the season 3, Netflix has finally yielded under the pressure

of fans and will propose this year not a season itself, but a long two-hour final episode for Sense 8. good serie in list Best netflix series

BoJack Horseman

One of the most popular animated series of Netflix.

Almost four years after the inaugural season and nearly three decades after the Horsin ‘Around sitcom from which it is derived.

The famous horse BoJack Horseman is always present.

In Los Angeles where humans and animals of all kinds cohabit, he tries somehow to revive his past glory. good serie in list Best netflix series

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Rick and Morty

Best netflix series 2019

netflix series 2019: Another animated series with scathing humor that focuses on the adventures

of Rick Sanchez, an eccentric old scientist who has reconnected with his family and

spends most of his time coaching his easily-influenced grandson, Morty.

in extraordinary and especially dangerous adventures.

To devour until the end of the 3 seasons.


Can we really anticipate madness? And if so, how do you do it when you do not know

how crazy psychology works? Two FBI profilers talk to several serial killers.

Supported by a psychologist, they will try to understand the personality of many

murderers in order to benefit from the resolution of criminal cases. Midhunter aired

on Netflix from October 2017. A second season is announced.


Narcos is not just a biopic of Pablo Escobar. The series traces the fierce fight of the

United States and Colombia against the drug cartel of Medellín, the richest and most

bloody organization of our time.

From various angles (police, political, judicial, ect), the series provides a fairly

comprehensive picture of the boom in cocaine trafficking and the ruthless war with

drug traffickers who control the market with extreme violence.

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Of course, this list is far from exhaustive.

Do you have a favorite series that is not there? or netflix new series 2019 ! Feel free to share it as a comment :).



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