Top 9 Best multiplayer games to play on a single smartphone

Best multiplayer games

Best multiplayer games: Current smartphones offer an added benefit that often goes unnoticed.

With a screen of five or six inches, it is possible to have fun with multiplayer games using a single smartphone or a single tablet.

Yes, you read well, there are multiplayer games developed to play on one screen, and they are sensational! I created a short list with the best of them. best multiplayer games android:

Top 9 Best multiplayer games to play on a single smartphone

King of Opera

Best multiplayer games
Best multiplayer games

best online multiplayer games: Up to four players assume the role of selfish opera singers who try to push their rivals off the stage.

You must keep your tenor in the spotlight while using the power of your strap to knock over the others.

The controls are intuitive and easy for most people to understand.

Even your friends and family members who do not like the touch screen quickly become fierce opponents.

Each player has a button that sends his flickering warbler to the center of the stage and the rotating physics of the game takes care of the rest. good game in list best multiplayer games

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Chain Reaction

Best multiplayer games
Best multiplayer games

Chain Reaction is a kind of strategic “strategy game” that can accommodate up to 8 players sharing a single device.

Players take turns to place colored orbs in cubes on a grid.

Once a cube has reached critical mass, the orbs explode into the surrounding cells, adding an extra orb and claiming the cube for the player.

The goal is to overwhelm the orbs of your opponents by taking all the cubes of the board.

Simple but addictive, Chain Reaction is an excellent killer for a large group of friends. good game in list best multiplayer games

Fruit Ninja®

Best multiplayer games
Best multiplayer games

Even the most casual players of mobile gamers probably know about Fruit Ninja, one of the first mobile games to succeed in the world.

What few people know is that it has a multiplayer mode that you can play on one screen.

So, with your opponent, you can use a single smartphone to cut all those fruits.

There are two game modes, Classic Attack and Zen Duel. In the first mode, you play as you would normally, cutting the fruit in half with your sword and losing if you miss three fruits.

In the second mode, you have to cut as much fruit as possible in two minutes. good game in list best multiplayer games

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Glow Hockey 2 

Air Hockey is another well-known game. The smartphone version is not really known, but you probably already know this fun game, often played in arcades or in malls.

It’s a good game, where a quivering air table can send hockey pucks in flight.

The goal is to hit the puck in the goal of the opponent.

The concept of Glow Hockey is the same except you use a smartphone screen.

You and your opponent hold the camera with one hand and block the other’s shot.

It may sound silly, but in a minute, you will be absorbed by the competition.

It’s great for playing with friends or with children.


Best multiplayer games
Best multiplayer games

Badland is a beautiful game that has won several awards in 2013 and 2014 and which,

although best known for its single-player mode, it also offers multiplayer modes for up to four players.

You can play with or against each other. The most important goal is to survive a lethal scenario, similar to Super Meat Boy.

In multiplayer mode, each player has their own part of the screen dedicated to their character.

The goal is to reach the end of the individual stages.

In competitive mode, you can lead friends to death, which will cause a lot of laughs and quarrels. It’s totally free, although some extras can be bought.

It is well worth it if you are a group of friends looking for fun.

The sequel, Badland 2, develops the game based on physics and the dark atmosphere while managing to be even more beautiful than the first.

Fortunately, the local multiplayer mode has been preserved so you can continue to compete with your friends on the same smartphone or tablet. good game in list best multiplayer games


Best multiplayer games
Best multiplayer games

This is one of the most unique and beautiful games on this list. This will make you dance.

Yes, this game demonstrates that with creativity, you can bring your smartphone to levels you can not imagine.

As you play, you and your partner hold the smartphone and press a button on the screen.

From there, just do what the game says. There are commands to turn, rotate and perform dances, always in order to synchronize everything.

This is one of the most original games that exist for smartphones and it will definitely make you laugh.

Just be careful not to drop your phone on the floor! good game in list best multiplayer games

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Micro Battles

Best multiplayer games
Best multiplayer games

Using an 8-bit retro style, Micro Battles is a cute game designed for fast games between two players.

This is exclusive for 2 players consisting of competition mini-games.

In the free version, one of the four mini-games can be played daily.

You can pay an extra $ 1.99 if you want to access all four at the same time.

But there is a way to play more than one a day – just download the other two editions of the game.

In all, 12 quick and entertaining mini-games.

They have different themes, such as outer space, the old west, planes, football, Vikings, and so on. good game in list best multiplayer games

Duel Otters

Best multiplayer games
Best multiplayer games

This game uses the same principles as the mini-games of Micro Battles, with a slightly different theme (although more competitive).

Each player holds the smartphone on one side and the other uses his fingers to play.

There are games like the ones on this list like hockey, but there are other more competitive ones like hot potatoes.

There are 11 mini-games, nine of which are free. You can unlock another if you like the company’s Facebook page.

The last one can be unlocked with a microtransaction in play.

Although it looks cute, it can become very competitive and create enough tension.

This is great for entertaining your children or spending time because you can also play against the computer.

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Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes

Best multiplayer games
Best multiplayer games

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

This game has a much higher price compared to others on the list, but I still decided to include it.

In Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, players use the same smartphone to play but do not use the device at the same time.

You also need another device (smartphone, tablet or computer) to access the manual used in the game.

Extremely fun and full of tension, in this game, one person takes care of a bomb to defuse, while the other has to use a manual and give him instructions.

If you do not solve the puzzles in time, the bomb explodes and everyone loses.

It’s a frenetic game that you will like or hate.

Oh, and you need a virtual reality device, but if you do not have one, you can also play the PC version.


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