Top 10 Best link shorteners and URL reducers 2021

Best link shorteners and URL reducers 2019

Best link shorteners and URL reducers 2021: Link shortening or shortening URL or short link is a technique used on the Internet to reduce the URL of a web page accessible via another very short URL easy to keep, easy to share and easy to follow.

And since we all like to use Google services, most of us prefer to shorten our links via the shortening service, unfortunately, Google has announced the closure of this service soon.

Those who have never used the service before will not be able to create new short links from April 13, 2018, while existing users can continue to use the service until March 30, 2019.

It is, therefore, time to find new alternatives to continue to reduce our links as usual.

That’s why we took the pleasure to find for you a list of 10 Best link shorteners and URL reducer platforms that we invite you to discover.

Best link shorteners and URL reducers 2021

1 – Bitly

Best link shorteners

Bitly is one of the most popular and best-used URL shortening platforms on the Web.

It is easy to use and reliable as evidenced by the fact that it shortens about 600 million links each month.

In addition to Bitly’s free service, they also offer a paid service called Bitly Enterprise.

This allows businesses to create their own custom shortcut links and benefit from all the features of the tool.

To go further with the free version, you can create a free account that allows you

to customize your shortened URLs, track clickthrough rates, add bookmarks, and organize your links on your own personalized Bitly dashboard. . Best link shorteners

But keep in mind that there are some limitations because you can only create 500 branded links and 10,000 standard links per month in the free version.

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2 – Cuttly

Best link shorteners

Cuttly is an excellent platform for link shortening and completely free URL reducer with an advanced link tracking system.

It is available in several languages including French. allows you to better understand the clicks of your links, to benefit from a huge marketing tool with an advanced URL tracking system for free, without any hidden commitment.

Indeed, with Cuttly you can follow each shortcut link in real-time.

Detailed scans provide you with information about clicks, social media clicks, page referrals, devices, browsers, systems, and geolocation.

Optimize and personalize each short URL to take advantage of its potential.

Define your custom alias, use it in affiliate programs, get the QR code for printing leaflets and more.

3 –

Best link shorteners is a link shortener of the social media management platform known as HootSuite.

You will need to create a Hootsuite account to benefit from Owly’s services.

Indeed, allows you to create short links and integrate them into your different social media accounts and measure the traffic even if it does not have all the features expected.

This is, in short, an excellent tool for those who want to see the detailed report of the links created.

For those who only want to shorten the links without worrying about the follow-up, owly remains a better alternative.

4 – Elbo

Best link shorteners is a simple link shortener that has nothing to envy of these competitors.

Not only is it easy to use but it is also open source. here are Best link shorteners

With it, shorten and personalize your long links and share them via different channels.

Measure the impact of your shared links by analyzing the statistics of your links.

Understand your audience and better target your marketing campaigns.

You can even download the QR Code of your shortened link to PNG format and use it anywhere.

It should be noted that Elbo has an extension for Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers, which allows you to shorten your links faster.

5 – T2Mio

Best link shorteners

Custom link shortener with tons of functionality, T2M allows you to shorten as many URLs as you want with unlimited access to custom URLs, with a somewhat less comprehensive link report in its free version.

This means that the platform offers some very interesting features in its premium version but the free version already offers almost the same features as most of these competitors.

6 – TinyURL

TinyURL is one of the oldest link shortening tools. The only drawback of this tool is the fact that the links it generates are longer than most other tools available.

This is mainly because all links start with followed by a series of letters and numbers. However, users can customize the numbers and letters that follow.

Here you do not even need to create an account, just paste the link from the inset and it’s fixed.

However, it should be noted that TinyURL does not offer so many features, but does the job.

Aside from shortened links, you can not follow the action of shortened links or view the statistics or report of your shortened links.

But it still offers a quick way to shorten the URLs of the websites you visit.

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7 –

Best link shorteners

best short link earn money: takes an interesting approach to link shortening by offering its users the opportunity to make money using its service.

The more clicks you have on your links, the more money you make.

Although the revenues are low, it can certainly be used for a few things especially

if you create a lot of links that can generate a lot of clicks via this tool.

You will also get detailed statistics for each link if you register on the platform.

8 – is a super simple tool. He sticks to the basics. It provides one of the simplest URL shortening experiences by giving you nothing more than a field to enter your long link

so that you can instantly turn it into a shortcut without having to sign up for an account.

It also allows you to customize the links.

What’s even more interesting at is that without even creating an account you can always check some basic reports that tell you how many people have clicked on a link.

To do this, simply add a dash at the end of the link as an example:

and click on I want to see statistics for this URL. really does not have any extra features or services as such but it is still a good choice if you just want to shorten your links as fast as you can without having to worry about limitations.

9 – Munj

Best link shorteners

As a Google shortener, renamed Shortener URL reduces long URLs to help you share them.

It makes the links easier to manage, track and share. You can use their API to access short links directly from your applications.

To use it, you must first register a new account if you do not have one. The developer API returns the response in text and JSON format.

Like most link shorteners you can set a password to protect your links from unauthorized access. here are Best link shorteners

10 – is another great alternative that’s both simple and powerful.

In addition to facilitating shortening links, you can use the service with your own domain,

customize the characters at the end of your links, get real-time statistics and even

see which countries your clicks come from. You can use this service with or without an account.

Hoping that this list is useful to you, we thank you for reading us, thank you for receiving us at home.

Best link shorteners: If you have other link shortening platforms to add to the list, please mention it in a comment, we will be delighted with your add-in.

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