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Best Laptop Gamer 2020: Laptops gaming has come a long way in recent years.

There is no longer a need for one or two large machines to handle the heat produced by the mobile graphics chips.

As a result, laptops have been considerably refined to offer desktop-level graphics in a truly portable form.

This is thanks to Nvidia’s Pascal GPUs for the most part. The 10 series of graphics cards are more powerful and efficient than ever.

With higher clock speeds and a lower temperature output than previous generations, it is now possible to put GTX 1060 and 1070 GPUs in laptops that are approximately and sometimes less than an inch thick.

Even better, these 10 Series cards are not less mobile variants but rather as powerful as their desktop counterparts.

Going further, the new design philosophy of the new Nvidia Max-Q sacrifices a bit of performance to have even lower energy consumption.

These systems are thin, light, and quiet, yet still powerful.

gaming laptop 2020: You will find our favorite choice in this category here, and we also have a shopping guide dedicated to Max-Q.

As impressive, laptop screens are getting closer and closer to the features of their desktop counterparts.

Features like high refresh rates, 1440p or 4K resolutions, and G-Sync technology are no longer limited to tabletop form.

And perhaps the best of all, a modest combination of these features and performance can be achieved at non-absurd price levels.

blogtechland offers you Best Laptop Gamer 2020

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Best Laptop Gamer 2020: Purchase guide

While testing for this guide, we used lots of laptops from different manufacturers.

We limited our general choice to computers in a GTX 1070 GPU, since systems with

this specification has the best balance of performance, features, and price for most

gamers, while the budget category was limited to computers with GPU GTX 1060.

Best Laptop Gamer: For slim Max-Q systems, we focused on the more affordable GTX 1070 variants, but we will be evaluating Max-Q GTX 1080 systems soon.

Compare Best Laptop Gamer

1- Model : ASUS ROG GL702VI-BA033T , Screen : 17.3 inches, 1920 × 1080;
120Hz, G-SYNC, CPU/GPU : Intel Core i7-7700HQ;
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 8Go DDR5 VRAM, Storage, and memory: 1 To + SSD 256 Go;
16 Go DDR4 RAM , connectivity: 3 x USB3.0;Intel Thunderbolt 3WITH USB Type-C;
1 x HDMI; Bluetooth V4.2. is the best in list Best Laptop Gamer

Detailed information

2- Model: Asus ROG G502VS-FY275T, Screen : 15.6 inches,
1920 × 1080;120Hz, G-SYNC , CPU/GPU: Intel Core i7 -7700HQ Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 8Go DDR5 VRAMStorage, and memory: SSD 128 Go + 1 To
8 Go DDR4, connectivity: 3 x USB3.01 x USB3.11 x HDMI Bluetooth . also is the best in list Best Laptop Gamer

Detailed information

3- Model : Razer Blade ,  Screen : 14 / 17.3 inches, 1920 × 1080 or 4K
IPS , CPU/GPU : Intel Core i7 –7700HQ; Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6Go VRAM , Storage and memory : 1 to HDD, SSD 256 Go ou 512 Go;16 Go DDR4, connectivity:3 x USB 3.0;
2 x Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C),1 x HDMI Bluetooth 4.1. also is the best in list Best Laptop Gamer

Detailed information

4- Model : HP OMEN 15  ,  Screen : 15.6 inches, 1920 × 1080;IPS , CPU/GPU : Intel Core i5-7300HQ;GeForce GTX 1050 4 Go DDR5 VRAM , Storage and memory : 1 To + SSD 256 Go;8 Go DDR4, connectivity: 1 x USB 3.1 Type C;3 x USB 3.1;1 x HDMI;
Bluetooth 4.1;

Detailed information

5- Model : Lenovo Legion Y520 ,  Screen : 15.6 inches, 1920 × 1080;IPS , CPU/GPU : i7-7700HQ;Nvidia GTX1060 6Go DDR5 VRAM , Storage and memory : 1 To+SSD 128 Go;
8 Go DDR4, connectivity: 2 x USB 3.0;1 x USB2.0;Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C),1 x HDMI
Bluetooth 4.1

Detailed information

How to Choose a Portable Gaming PC?

Best Laptop Gamer
Best Laptop Gamer

Best Laptop Gamer: The gaming desktops are great. Unfortunately, they are not really portable and are complicated to lug around.

They are also impossible to play in planes or trains. Luckily, gaming laptops have come a long way.

They come in all shapes, all prices, and all different configurations.

The problem is that it can be a little awesome to look for laptop gaming if you have not done your research.

That’s why we’re here to help. In the next slides, you will find our 10 essential tips for buying a gaming laptop.

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Best Laptop Gamer
Best Laptop Gamer

There is a lot to consider when looking for a laptop screen.

Best Laptop Gamer: The most obvious aspect is the size of the screen. A smaller 14-inch gaming laptop screen will usually come in a more ultraportable form nowadays, while a 17-inch or even 18-inch laptop will likely be not only heavier but thicker as well.

It will also come with more powerful components. This is not always the case, however, since vendors like MSI or Razer make 17-inch laptops thin.

Perhaps more important than the physical size of the screen is the resolution of the panel.

1080P is largely the standard here, and it’s actually the resolution we would recommend for your laptop if gaming is what you intend to do with it.

Although gaming laptops now come with graphics cards that are equivalent to desktop computers and some 4K displays, resolution always puts modern hardware to the test.

Do not get me wrong, the 4K is great for watching the video (for existing limited 4K video content), but it just imposes too much on the hardware today to recommend it with confidence.

Best Laptop Gamer: For now, you’ll be better off by saving that money. But what about the resolution 2560 x 1440, you ask? Although the 1440p panels look good, the majority of laptop vendors seem to have passed this resolution, since it is not very common outside phones, tablets, and desktop displays.

The next thing to consider about the screen is whether it uses an IPS (in-plane switching) or TN (twisted nematic) panel.

IPS panels usually come in a small premium, but it’s worth the cost since the added cost offers a wider range of viewing angles and better color accuracy.

Not only are the colors brighter, but they become very useful in the professional photo/video editing scene.

For reference, smartphones mainly use IPS displays.

The next thing to consider on the panels is their refresh rate. If you have a 60Hz screen (by far the most common refresh rate), it does not matter if your GPU is able to render games at 100 frames per second, since your screen will lock the FPS at the refresh rate of your screen.

Although this is more common in the separate screen scene, some gaming laptops offer refresh rates above 60Hz.

The sexy name Sager NP9870-S offers a 75Hz display, which lets you see up to 75fps.

Beyond the static refresh rate, however, there is an emerging technology called variable refresh rate.

Best Laptop Gamer: It gives the refresh control of your screen to your graphics card. What that means for you is a visibly smoother performance without screen tearing, even at lower frame rates.

It can make 30fps look much smoother than otherwise.

If you’ve never seen it before, it might seem like dark magic, but it really works!

On the Nvidia side, there is G-Sync, and on the AMD side, there is FreeSync.


Best Laptop Gamer
Best Laptop Gamer
Best Laptop Gamer: Although you will probably use a mouse for gaming, this does not mean that you should get stuck with an average touchpad.
Unfortunately, it is very difficult to know the feel of a touchpad unless you have tried it yourself.
If you can not try it at a store or at a friend’s, then look at some reviews online.
You should also do some research to see if he has everything you want.
Does it allow scrolling with two fingers? Does he pinch him to comment? it has buttons embedded under the touchpad or are they separate physical buttons?
Some gaming notebooks, like the Alienware 14 Series, even have bright touchpads.
This is definitely not super important, but it could satiate your fixation on Tron.


Best Laptop Gamer
Best Laptop Gamer

A good keyboard will provide a decent sense of actuation force and, like the mechanical keyboard of a desktop, should seem more tactile as a result.

A bad laptop keyboard will look soft and floppy. They will make you wonder whether or not you have operated a certain touch.

Best Laptop Gamer: While MSI makes a monstrous gaming laptop with a mechanical keyboard, it’s definitely not necessary and it’s definitely overworked.

Although not super important, many keyboards also offer built-in lighting these days.

This can help you knock in the dark during these night gaming sessions.

The most sophisticated notebook keyboard will offer customizable RGB lighting.

It’s a good thing to have, but you should not feel the need to spend extra money on it.


Best Laptop Gamer
Best Laptop Gamer

nowadays it is really hard to find horrible speakers in laptops.

We do not suggest that they will surprise you, but most of them offer a decent amount of sonic dynamism.

Best Laptop Gamer: If you do gaming, you may use your own headset anyway, but note that some gaming laptops come with subwoofers on the bottom, which give you extra punch.

Height and weight

Contrary to popular belief, finer is not always better.

Although a 4-pound and 8-inch thick laptop is good for portability, gaming laptops are more prone to overheating and strangulation of performance.

Plus, they are usually less powerful than their awesome brothers to start with.

The size of your laptop can also impact the amount of noise it makes.

The warmer a computer becomes, the more fans will make noise and will need to rev up to keep things warm.

Best Laptop Gamer: So that really boils down to what you’re looking for: if you’re looking to play challenging games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and Dota 2 and want something portable, then by all means, choose the device end.

If you want something that will make the most intensive games like Battlefield 4 and Metro Last Night work and want more longevity with your laptop (laptops that heat up all

the time tend to die faster), choose the device bulkier could be the best investment.


When you buy a laptop, make sure to ask yourself if it has all the ports you need.

Best Laptop Gamer: Can it house all the USB devices you plan to use? How many USB 3.0 vs USB 2.0 ports does it have? Does it offer a USB type C connection? Does it have an SD card slot?

And for HDMI / Displayport connectivity for your screen? Ethernet port? Make sure you do not neglect this factor when you buy it.


Best Laptop Gamer
Best Laptop Gamer

For gaming, we recommend a four-core Intel laptop. All the above four hearts is usually lost when it comes to gaming today because the games are not optimized for them.

Apart from the number of cores, another thing to look at is the frequency of the processor.

Best Laptop Gamer: This is the speed of the CPU. For example, the i7-6700HQ has a base processor frequency of 2.6GHz but will go up to its maximum frequency of 3.5GHz if needed.

Beyond that, some Intel chips have hyperthreading, which is good for productivity but has almost no impact on most games.

It should be mentioned that some gaming laptop vendors are able to bring desktop CPUs into a large laptop chassis, but unless you’re looking for a desktop replacement, you’ll pay a premium for excess.


Best Laptop Gamer
Best Laptop Gamer

For gaming, make sure you have 8GB of RAM or more.

If you use a lot of Google Chrome, this browser will take as much RAM as you can get rid of, so it would not be a bad idea to go for 16GO.

All the above is largely useless for gaming. We also recommend setting the RAM to operate in dual channel mode.

This means that you have two sticks of RAM in opposition to one. While this may make it more expensive to upgrade in the future, the dual-channel operation offers greater RAM bandwidth.

Best Laptop Gamer: And for the speed of RAM, as long as you operate on 1600MHz and more (which most gaming laptops will offer), everything will be fine.

Although a faster RAM speed can be more impactful for gaming on laptops that simply

print integrated graphics, this will not really affect a gaming laptop with an additional GPU.

Graphics Cards

Best Laptop Gamer
Best Laptop Gamer

Speaking of additional graphics, Nvidia seems to keep control when it comes to mobile GPUs.

you want to play high settings for most games at 1080p, we recommend choosing a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.

If you intend to try and maximize games at this resolution, we recommend choosing the GTX 1060.

Best Laptop Gamer: If you do not need superior performance, an entry-level GPU like the GTX 1050 will do the work, especially if you play mostly non-challenging games like Counter-Strike:

Global Offensive and League of Legends. Even Intel’s integrated Iris Pro graphics will work fine.

If you want something more powerful for you to enjoy the high refresh rate screen

of a laptop, we recommend a GTX 1070. If you intend to play 4K, we recommend a laptop with a GTX 1080.

Another feature that is worth your attention is the amount of VRAM (video RAM) that a mobile GPU has.

Currently, 2GB of GDDR5 VRAM is ok for 1080p, and 4GB and up is fine for laptops with higher resolution panels.

Best Laptop Gamer: Having more VRAM is convenient for handling game textures or when playing at very high resolutions.


SSD hard drives are a must. There is a saying that I use: “Friends do not let friends buy computers without SSD”, and this applies to both desktop and laptop computers.

Ideally, you would have a 240GB SSD or higher and then an extra hard drive for mass storage of your games.

If you can not have a 240GB SSD or higher, you should at least get a 120GB for the operating system.

This will allow your laptop to start much faster (think 14 seconds or less) and should appear much more responsive in general.

Do not fall for hybrid SSDs, though. These are basically hard drives with a small SSD caching on them.

Although they are slightly faster than strict HDDs, they are much slower than pure SSDs.

Best Laptop Gamer: If you want something even faster, you could buy a laptop with two SSDs and set them up as RAID 0.

In RAID 0, you would be likely to lose data on both drives if even one of them they do not work anymore, but you would have up to twice the speed.

SSDs come in a variety of form factors, including traditional 2.5-inch SSDs (like those you would install in a desktop) or the smaller form factors mSata and M.2. M.2 SSDs now largely use the faster NVMe protocol, which can be even faster than two traditional SATA based SSDs in RAID 0.

The Samsung 960 Evo is a good example, for example.

Best Laptop Gamer: NVMe SSDs cost a little more than traditional SSDs, however, so consider them more in the good-to-have category for now.

Our Recommendation

1, Asus ROG G502VS-FY275T (The Lightest GTX 1070 Laptop)

best gaming laptop under 1500: With Nvidia’s GeForce 10 series, gaming laptops are a reasonable alternative to desktop computers these days.

For those who want portability but do not want to sacrifice gaming performance, there

are a ton of market-ready options covering a wide variety of price and performance levels.

The Asus ROG Strix GL502VS is geared towards the best in performance and price range.

It does not have an absurd dual GPU configuration on the inside, but its additional GTX 1070 GeForce graphics chip offers better performance than your typical gaming notebook or even desktop.

Best Laptop Gamer: It’s a very powerful GPU that is capable of gaming 60 to 120 FPS at 1080p setting, and you would not expect less than a laptop at this price.

Those who are interested in using external displays will be happy to know that the GTX 1070 is powerful enough for 1440p, which is pretty impressive considering that it is a laptop of only 15.6 inches.

Those who hesitate with other gaming laptops will like to know that the GTX 1070

is 38% faster than the GTX 1060 on average, with gains as high as 60% in very intensive titles. Those who upgrade a GTX 970M look double the performance.

Best Laptop Gamer
Best Laptop Gamer

Best Laptop Gamer: The Core i7-7700HQ works as expected for Intel’s best-known four-core laptop chip, and you also get 16GB of RAM here.

The 256GB SATA SSD in my analytics service, however, does not work as well as other gaming notebooks I’ve rated that opt for PCIe drives instead.

This does not have a huge impact on gaming performance, but it would be nice to see the best in this class of device.

Best Laptop Gamer: I like the inclusion of a 1080p 120Hz G-Sync screen in this laptop since it allows you to get the most out of the powerful hardware in this system.

The screen itself is bright, and although the color performance is not as good as

I would like for a precise color job, it is clearly designed for gaming beyond the rest. is the best laptop gaming computer

Best Laptop Gamer
Best Laptop Gamer

More information and customer reviews on Amazon

Razer Blade Pro – A Gaming Laptop Really Fine And Lightweight

Best Laptop Gamer
Best Laptop Gamer

Best Laptop Gamer: The Razer Blade is a bit of a joker. Its internal specifications are a GTX 1060 GPU, which puts it at the performance level, competing for the category of a best budget laptop.

The only problem is that the best strength of Blade – it’s a really thin and lightweight gaming laptop that looks and looks almost identical to a MacBook Pro – gives it a considerably higher price: just under 2,100 euros for the model the cheapest.

There is a lot to enjoy at the Blade. It was by far the most portable of all the machines

I’ve tested, easily managing both my daily commutes and multiple trips through

airport security – a feat that can rarely be accomplished by having always a dedicated GPU.

But it’s not without concessions, too. The screen is only 60Hz and does not have G-Sync, a feature I would expect at this price.

Best Laptop Gamer: It also lacks a dedicated Ethernet port, although this can be solved by a USB key.

At the performance level, it offers similar results to other GTX 1060 laptops, although it is the least good – unfortunately also with the noisiest fans.

That said, I’m still a big fan. If you are looking for an ultrabook form factor with a dedicated GPU, the Blade is a solid file.

More information and customer reviews on Amazon

Lenovo Y520 – A Mid-Range Gaming Laptop at Affordable Price

Best Laptop Gamer
Best Laptop Gamer

Best Laptop Gamer: Earlier this year, Lenovo announced that it would launch the Legion brand, seeking a more defined identity and community for its gaming machines.

The Legion Y520 is the first laptop in the lineage to make its way to our labs, and there is much to enjoy.

Best Laptop Gamer: The CPU, GPU, memory, and storage of the Y520 are all flexible: Core i5 or i7; GTX 1050, GTX 1060 or GTX 1070; 8GB or 16GB RAM; no SSD to 512GB and hard disk 1TB or 2TB.

It all depends on how much you want to punish your wallet: the Y520 goes as low as $ 780 and as high as $ 1,529.

The design of the Y520 is more like that of a B-2 Spirit. With its winged, slim and sharp profile, the Y520 looks more like a stealth bomber than a laptop.

Although there is nothing discreet inside: the red keys and touchpad call for ultra-violence.

Best Laptop Gamer: Neither caricatural (MSI) or stuffy (Origin), the Y520 reaches the perfect level of aesthetics, a level that many gaming computers can not find.

The bottom of the computer is, of course, lined with fans. They redirect heat towards the back of the unit, which keeps the base relatively cool during use.

As for the speakers, those of the Y520 are on average laptops for gaming.

The volume can be mounted but is nothing extraordinary: the sound is metallic and light on the bass.

best budget gaming laptop 2019: With the Y520, everything starts and stops with the price. Lenovo’s gaming computer remains in the running only thanks to its price/performance ratio.

It lacks many excellent options present in the ranges above: customization of each key, great speakers, a high-quality display.

But in the absolute, it does what it was designed for: to play for little money.

However, the Y520 is not completely devoid of functionality.

It stays cool, quiet enough and its keyboard, with its rocky keypad aside, is comfortable enough to be appreciated by the most dedicated players.

Its main flaw, its dark and joyless screen, is not fatal.

thin gaming laptop: Gamers who have a budget to respect can remember this: the Y520 is one of the best options on the market.

Best Laptop Gamer: Lenovo made a good first impression. In the future, we will see what else Legion has to offer.

More information and customer reviews on Amazon

HP Omen 15

Best Laptop Gamer
Best Laptop Gamer

Best Laptop Gamer: Last year, HP hit hard with its Omen gaming machines, reminding us of PC Voodoo memories.

Unfortunately, these notebooks seemed inferior to Omen’s well-designed gaming notebook, launched by HP in 2014.

This year, the company decided to turn the tide. The new Omen 15 arranged everything that went wrong with the previous model, thanks to a more stylish design and virtual reality headsets with enough graphics power.

It does not stand out in the increasingly populous gaming computer market, but it at least allows HP to stay in the running.

best gaming laptop under 1000: The HP Omen 15 is everything we expected from the company’s gaming lineup.

It presents well, it is fast enough to handle most games in 1080p, and it can finally manage the VR (with a graphic improvement). is good in list Best Laptop Gamer

Although we would have liked to see a bit more graphics for graphics to be able to run correctly 4K games, the Omen 15 should still satisfy the majority of players.

It has a more aggressive, sharper design that emphasizes sharp lines and sharp angles rather than softer rounded corners.

At first glance, we know that it is a PC for gaming, which should make it more attractive to those for whom aesthetics matters.

The chassis of the new Omen 15 is also made of plastic – and not machined aluminum like the stunning 2014 model – but it’s pretty sturdy.

Overall, the design is elegant, made of purple and black, with a touch of faux carbon fiber.

With a weight of 2.6 kilos, it is one of the lightest machines in the category of complete gaming laptops.

It’s certainly not an ultraportable computer, but it’s still easy to carry.

In addition, HP applied Nvidia’s Max-Q design philosophy, which explains why it remains portable.

As for the ports, the Omen 15 includes 3 USB 3.0 connections, a USB socket with optional Thunderbolt connectivity, an SD card reader and an Ethernet jack.

It also has a standard HDMI port and MiniDisplayPort connections for video outputs.

Best Laptop Gamer: If you want to go to the level above later, you can also remove the bottom of the computer to change its SSD, hard drive or RAM disk – at least in theory, I have not managed to remove all the little screws when I wanted to open it.

In addition, they ended up being damaged and a Phillips screwdriver can no longer loosen them.

The Omen 15 is powered by the Intel i7-7700HQ processor and you can choose a GTX 1050, 1050Ti or 1060 graphics card from Nvidia.

Best Laptop Gamer: The computer is also available with 8GB or 16GB of RAM, and you can choose from

a variety of SSD options and larger 2.5-inch hard drives to store all your games.

Overall, it has more power than last year. Nevertheless, if you want to try virtual reality, you will need to upgrade to GTX 1060 to run an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

While all Omen 15 models have enough USB ports to support these headsets and the sensors that come with them, you’ll need the added power of the GTX 1060 to make sure your games run smoothly. . good in list Best Laptop Gamer

Virtual reality does not work like normal games: missing images can quickly make you sick.

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Best Laptop Gamer 2020: Purchase guide


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