Top 20 Best iPad Apps for Kids 2020

Best iPad Apps for Kids
Top 20 Best iPad Apps for Kids 2018

Best iPad Apps for Kids 2020: The iPad, the latest addition to the small jewels of Apple introduced with its marketing the beginnings of a revolution of uses.

Press and internet are the first sectors concerned by the new habits that appear with Apple’s tablet.

It turns out that the iPad also has more playful virtues because it is also a learning and entertainment tool for children.

According to a study by Nielsen, one in two American children aged 6 to 12 years wishes

to receive an iPad as a Christmas present .. Dear Parent, you know what you have left to buy.

The iPad changes consumer habits by its ease of use.

Its touch screen and its intuitive ergonomics allow the youngest to handle it with great ease, making it a popular toy.

But more than just entertainment, the iPad also offers fun educational apps for all ages.

It can, therefore, become a real learning tool appreciated by both children and parents,

who tend to consider it more and more as an asset for the education of their offspring.

And more with the Apple tablet, the little ones learn while having fun. No need to force them, therefore. here are Best iPad Apps for Kids:

Best iPad Apps for Kids 2020

iPad and education

This attraction of young children for the iPad has not escaped the eye of publishers

of textbooks that already offer electronic versions (when the school courses entirely on iPad?).

Best iPad Apps for Kids
Best iPad Apps for Kids

Although most children nowadays have access to digital, the iPad by its simplicity of use arouses all the desires.

So wad! who is a specialist in edutainment apps rubs his hands because the iPad tends

to become an educational accompanying tool that even toddlers can handle.

It is besides the youngest ones who claim the most this product which arrives at the top of the requests for Christmas.

The concept of So Ouat! therefore offers an additional argument to parents who want to acquire an iPad.

Should we still know how to choose the right applications among the thousands existing …

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1-Game of Memory with animals (1,59 euro / 4 years +) by Alexandre Minard

It involves making pairs of animals (mice, cow, panda, lion, owl, fox, etc.) on playing surfaces of 12, 20 or 30 squares (3 levels of difficulty).

The trick is that the child must remember the location of the found drawings because it can open only two boxes at a time, these closing immediately after opening if there is no

pair unveiled. Ideal to develop his memory. With sound effects and visual animations. good app in list Best iPad Apps for Kids

2-Alphabet: Learn while having fun (1,59 euro, 4 years +) by Aquafadas

Superb app to learn the alphabet playing: allows you to write the letters with your finger and the app indicates if it’s correct. good app in list Best iPad Apps for Kids

She also pronounces the letter and plays music. Available in English and French.

3-First puzzles: the alphabet (Free, 4 years +) by Alexandre Minard

Suitable for 2-6 years, my first puzzles is a game that will teach children to recognize the letters of the alphabet.

The application is free to download and offers 4 puzzles with the possibility of buying

others through the game This application will develop the motor skills and vision of children who can also hear the pronunciation of letters at each end of the puzzle. good app in list Best iPad Apps for Kids

4-Learn the tables of addition while having fun (Free/paying, 4 years +) by Alexandre Minard

Alexandre Minard enriches his collection “to learn while having fun” while leaving an application of mathematics.

Available in the free version the application is complete only in the paid version.

The free version allows children to try the additions on three levels, but it will buy the themes of subtraction, division, and multiplication. good app in list Best iPad Apps for Kids

5-In the Country of Numbers HD, account with Montessori (3.99 euros, 4 years +) by Les Trois Elles Interactive

Applying mathematics created by three women, two of whom are educators, Au Pays

des Chiffres with Tam & Tao is distinguished by its aestheticism and can learn the numbers from 0 to 9.

This is a captivating application recommended for 3-5 years and very useful for learning to write numbers. good app in list Best iPad Apps for Kids

6-Learn the time while having fun HD (1.59 euro, 4 years +) by Alexandre Minard

Available on the Apple store this application is used to introduce children to reading the time.

The game consists of setting the graphic clock, a classic dial with a needle.

This will take into account the day and the night, but to play the child must already have some notions.

This application is intended for more than 4 years. good app in list Best iPad Apps for Kids

7-Hansel and Gretel (2.99 euro, 4 years +) by So Out

Among the tops apps, the applications of So Out which offer a wide range of ludo-educational.

Last born of the application specialist, the digital book Hansel and Gretel.

More than a tale, like any So Out app, Hansel and Gretel offer children the opportunity to better understand each word through illustrations or dictionaries.

The works of So Ouat are therefore very popular with parents.

To purchase their latest work, visit the Apple store by clicking on the link above. good app in list Best iPad Apps for Kids

8-Sounds of Animals: Box with Mesh (Free, 4 years +) by world Software . is Best Free iPad Apps for Kids

Application for the little ones, the box with mesh makes discover the sounds of the animals in a funny way.

Just tap an animal for the animal to laugh or scream. This application will not fail to awaken children with its 40 animals available.

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9-Virtuoso 3 Piano (Free, 4 years +) by Peter Nagy

A free application to play the piano and start to play the musical ear. good app in list Best iPad Apps for Kids

10-Magic Piano HD (1.59 euro, 4 years and older) by Smule

Learn the piano and music by following the lights of the circular or spiral piano.

The Piano Roulette allows you to play with other pianists all over the world. good app in list Best iPad Apps for Kids

11-Colorama (0.79 euro, 4 years +) by Artesia LLC

Coloring book with 82 illustrations. Ability to print the drawings. Develops the child’s coordination. good app in list Best iPad Apps for Kids

12-I draw with HD squares (1.59 euro, 4 years +) by Alexandre Minard

An application of Alexande Minard for 3-8 years. The principle is to fill the drawing grids using the colors on the HD squares.

Improving the location in the space the application offers 3 levels of difficulty and a creative function. good app in list Best iPad Apps for Kids

In the latter, the child can create his own drawings and then color them with HD squares. Available on the Apple Store at 1.59 euros. good app in list Best iPad Apps for Kids

13-Drawing pad (1,59 euro, 4 years +) by Darren Murtha Design

Developed by Darren Murtha Design, the app allows children to draw and interest them in creation.

With pens, brushes, crayons, and eraser of amazing realism, Pad drawing is a very complete application rather intended for kindergarten children. good app in list Best iPad Apps for Kids

14-Lulu Australia (2.39 euro, 4 years +) by Zanzibook

In a motorhome, the cat Zazou and his master Lulu set out to discover Australia. An adventure that will discover interactively, a large amount of vocabulary and local customs. For 2 to 6 years old. good app in list Best iPad Apps for Kids

15- Martine (free, 4 years +) by Casterman

The famous Martine appears on iPad as an application to learn to read.

While telling a story, the app lets you choose play modes that are appropriate for the child’s rhythm and follow up with color highlighting.

The application also offers puzzles in Martine’s albums. Available on the Apple store. good app in list Best iPad Apps for Kids

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16- Angry Birds, Angry Birds Free Rio HD and Angry Birds Seasons HD Free (Free, 4 years +) by Rovio

We no longer present this hit on iPad, a game of slingshots in which angry birds are thrown on naughty pigs to make them all disappear. good app in list Best iPad Apps for Kids

17-Help the Ovni HD (1.59 euro, 4 years +) by Alexandre Minard

Alexandre Minard, this application is a game of reflection and speed.

The first level is accessible for at least three years, but beyond that, it takes a little more thought.

The application will entertain more than 4-7 years. The principle is to help the UFO find the way out by avoiding lightning. good app in list Best iPad Apps for Kids

Children will improve their reflexes and coordination. Price: € 1.59 on the Apple store.

18-FIFA 12 (3.99 euro, 4 years +) by Electronic Arts

The FIFA 2012 application of the football game. An EA reference now on the iPad. good app in list Best iPad Apps for Kids

19-Flick Kick Football (0.79 euro, 4 years +) by PikPok

Several modes (single player or multiplayer online), several types of game: Bullseye, skill shot or time attack.

Play with the iPad upright. A little too many menus at first, but we get used to it quickly and we get hooked. good app in list Best iPad Apps for Kids

20- Touch Hockey (Free, 4 years +) by FlipSide5

Free Air Hockey Game. Available in multiple languages, 9 levels and 4 game times available. Multiplayer mode in Wi-Fi. good app in list Best iPad Apps for Kids

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All of its applications are available on the Apple store, some are free, some are free.

The choice is in any case very vast and the applications often have several levels

of difficulty, for use as the child ages. Share this article Best iPad Apps for Kids


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