Top 10 Best gaming mice in 2020

Best gaming mice 2019

Best gaming mice 2020: aside from the graphics card crisis in recent years, the high-end gaming PC is accessible and the gaming mouse market has expanded far beyond advanced players and the general public.

From high-end customizable mice to wireless solutions, to a choice for those on a budget,

we have assembled the best gaming mice available today.

Here are the 10 of the best gaming mice on the market.

Before you begin, I invite you to read our article: How to choose the best gaming mouse.

Best gaming mice 2020

1- Steel Series Rival 700

Best gaming mice
Best gaming mice

best mouse 2020: The first gaming mouse on our list is the Steel Series Rival 700. For those who do

not know, the Rival series is perhaps one of the most popular series currently under

Steel Series, is the favorite among almost all professional e-sports players and has earned a lot of reputation among most passionate players.

The Rival 700 is a modular mouse that offers features such as modular design,

RGB lighting, OLED display, adjustable DPI settings with up to 16,000 DPI on the optical sensor and 8,000 on the laser sensor.

Of course, I’m talking about dots per inch. And yes, you can change the sensor and buy one separately.

Unfortunately, as much as we would have liked, the mouse has no ambidextrous design and could be a problem for people who are left-handed.

However, this does not mean that the Rival 700 is not a good mouse, behind the price

we find a very good mouse that adapts to players of all kinds, regardless of whether

you play an FPS, an RPG, an MMO, the mouse is there to serve, and serve you well. is good in list Best gaming mice

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2- The Asus ROG Spatha series

Best gaming mice
Best gaming mice

best gaming mouse fps: Asus took everyone by surprise when they announced their flagship gaming mouse

known as Spatha, if you think the name sounds aggressive, take a look at the mouse itself.

The Spatha, of course, belongs to the flagship series “Republic of Gamers” of Asus.

So you should know that you will get a massive gaming mouse that is filled with all kinds

of features, extra buttons and RGB effects that sync even with your other ROG branded products such as motherboards, graphics cards and even the keyboard of Asus.

The ROG Spatha comes with an incredible number of programmable buttons, and that’s not all, you also get a loading dock that is super stylish.

The mouse is wirelessly based, but you can use it wirelessly as well.

You get RGB lights, and just about every other feature you expect from a flagship mouse.

The mouse comes with 12 programmable buttons that can be programmed according

to your needs thanks to the Asus Armory software, you also get 8,200 DPI max, ergonomics and incredible comfort for long gaming sessions.

The main buttons use Omron switches click on cycle, and even if they wear out, you can always replace them. is good in list Best gaming mice

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3- Razer Ouroboros

Best gaming mice
Best gaming mice

Best gaming mice: The next on our list is the Razer Ouroboros.

This mouse is a direct competitor of Asus Spatha. This is again a combination of both wireless and wired, and unlike Spatha, it offers an ambidextrous design that makes

it a perfect choice for many users. It should be kept in mind that the Ouroboros is strictly for fans, and it does not offer features such as RGB lighting.

As it is an old model, we could advise Razer to release an updated version with lighting.

Razer designed this mouse with modularity in mind. Most parts of the mouse can

be removed and shifted, and yes, you get the weight adjustment, something that most people like.

Some of the adjustments include the ability to grant weight, as well as palm rest in order to get the optimal grasping experience.

The mouse also comes with 11 programmable buttons, as well as very precise dual sensors to keep everything in order.

This mouse is obviously not perfect because there are some obvious flaws.

For beginners, the mouse is quite expensive, but after all, it’s a gaming mouse.

In addition to the price, for people looking for a simple experience, it can be a little confusing, but you get used to the learner.

However, do not let this stop you from buying this otherwise amazing gaming mouse. is good in list Best gaming mice

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4- Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

Best gaming mice
Best gaming mice

Best gaming mice: This should not surprise anyone but no list would be complete without the inclusion of a Logitech device.

Whether it’s keyboards, speakers or headphones, Logitech should be on the list simply because they are good, not just for gaming devices.

Similarly, a list of gaming mice would be incomplete without the inclusion of the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum;

Before you begin, you should keep in mind that this mouse may be considered a direct

rival of the Asus Spatha, and the Razer Ouroboros, mainly because of the price and the number of features you get, and this is far from a bad thing.

There is a lot to say about this mouse. For starters, you can go from 200 to 12,000 DPI on the fly, and it’s really impressive.

You also get Spectrum lighting, which is Logitech’s own version of RGB lighting, and you get the legendary software suite for which Logitech is known and loved.

The Chaos Spectrum can be used wirelessly and wired, and just like the Ouroboros, it comes with an ambidextrous design.

Keep in mind that it’s a flagship mouse from Logitech, so if you’re serious about paying

a high price, you also get some of the best features, no matter if you need it or not. is good in list Best gaming mice

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5- Corsair M65 Pro RGB

Best gaming mice
Best gaming mice

Best gaming mice: Corsair’s foray into the gaming peripheral industry has managed to make a lot of

heads toss; mainly because everyone was excited about the fact that their enclosure,

RAM and power supply manufacturer was finally favoring the creation of something different, and believe it or not, this incursion was a success.

Let’s take a look at the Corsair M65 Pro RGB, one of the best gaming mice available on

the market, and certainly aimed at users who are more likely to save money, and who still get a lot in return.

The mouse, as its name suggests, is equipped with RGB lighting that can be easily controlled by Corsair’s customization software.

The software itself is easy to use, although it may require a certain learning curve, it does not matter.

You obviously have buttons to adjust the DPI to your liking, customizable buttons,

as well as a very, very convenient weight adjustment system that allows you to remove some of the weights and store them to make the mouse lighter.

Now, in case you’re wondering, a lighter mouse means your hand will be easier to slip, which many FPS players are looking for. is good in list Best gaming mice

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6- Razer Naga Hex V2

Best gaming mice
Best gaming mice

Best gaming mice: This mouse is made to measure to meet the needs of multiplayer arena players.

If you want to have access to all the spells and skills at your fingertips, Razer Naga Hex V2 is the mouse to focus on.

It has a 16000 DPI 5G laser sensor, on the side, seven programmable buttons in a total

of 14 customizable buttons and you can customize them to make your life a lot easier for games.

You can import predefined profiles from the Razer website using the Synapse application on this mouse.

It has RGB profile that is controlled by the Razer synapse software, from there you can adjust the colors of the scroll wheel logo as well as the side buttons.

During an intense fight or shooter, you need various skills and actions to defeat your enemies.

If a gaming mouse is not fully programmable, chances are some of the necessary skills are out of your reach since keyboards are not the best companions for arena games.

That’s why the fact that Razer Naga has made all of its programmable buttons is such a popular feature. is good in list Best gaming mice

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7- The Sensei 310 of SteelSeries

Best gaming mice
Best gaming mice

Best gaming mice: No one wants to spend a lot of money on a gaming mouse. That’s why there are so

many budget choices, but I found the SteelSeries Sensei 310 mouse to be one of the best in the industry. low-cost, at a good price of 49 euros on Amazon.

For those looking for something a little cheaper than the Steelseries Rival 700, we present the Steelseries Sensei 310.

It does not have the OLED screen or the built-in vibration motor, but it offers an ambidextrous design ideal for lefties.

The Sensei 310 features a 12,000 DPI PixArt TrueMove 3 optical sensor for incredibly precise tracking, from small adjustments to huge sweeps.

Moving a distance on the mouse results in exactly the same distance to the screen in a fluid way.

Beyond the sensor, the Sensei 310 is incredibly lightweight at 92.1 g, which,

combined with silicone side grips and fiber-reinforced plastics, provides a comfortable gaming experience even when you click for hours. . is good in list Best gaming mice

That’s the end of the list of the best gaming mice. If you think I forgot a mouse or want

to suggest a product I am open to discuss in the comments! On this, to the next friends.

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8- Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB

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9- Logitech G203

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10- HyperX Pulsefire Surge

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