Top 8 Best External Batteries For Smartphones 2020

Best External Batteries
Top 5 Best External Batteries For Smartphones 2018

Best External Batteries For Smartphones: Whether you are a traveler, an artist, a photographer or anyone who needs to be connected, having an external battery never hurts.

The more we depend on our mobile devices, the need for access to a good quality power bank becomes more important.

To help you choose here is an express list of 8 best external batteries, also called power bank, specifically for smartphones.

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Top 8 Best External Batteries For Smartphones 2020

So this list is not in a specific order, but I will explain to whom is addressed each

type of battery to better guide you. Without further ado, let’s start.

Why use an external battery?

Due to intensive use, our laptops and tablets are energy-hungry devices, and charging them while traveling or traveling is not always easy.

During family travel, the cigarette lighter is usually stormed by the fastest, and other

owners of phones and tablets are often forced to restrict the use of their devices so as

not to find themselves out of battery, which can happen despite these precautions.

This is also the case when one goes camping, excursions, or that one realizes that one forgot to reload one’s device at the moment when one must leave.

The USB battery that is able to charge one or more devices simultaneously and repeatedly

if its power allows it, it offers the possibility of overcoming such problems the time to access a power outlet.

Best External Batteries: In addition, for iPhone users who can not manually change the battery and must

compulsorily call a professional, the solution of the external battery is ideal and much less expensive.

For all these reasons, people who have to make regular trips, and especially for

professional reasons, invest without hesitation in this type of chargers that allow them

to use their phone and tablet, guaranteeing them to be reachable permanently and allow

them to work on their files without running out of battery.

Some chargers offer the ability to perform multiple simultaneous recharges and are compatible with many devices with USB ports.

Before first use, the battery should be fully charged to a laptop or a power outlet. Best External Batteries

Anker Power Core 20000 mAh

Best External Batteries
Best External Batteries

portable battery charger: I start with the Anker Power Core, a compact USB charger that uses the powerful

the technology of Anker to adapt to the charging protocol of your smartphone, regardless of the type.

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It is a charger with a capacity of 20000 mAh, enough to charge your devices up to 7 times.

Its fast charging of the devices is assured by the technology Power IQ 2.0, a technology of house of Anker.

Its own loading is done in 6 hours, so the time for a good night’s sleep.

The charger comes with 3 USB port for charging multiple devices and for its price of

nearly 40 euros, it is the best external charger for people on a budget. is good in list Best External Batteries

EC Technology 22400mAh Power Bank

Best External Batteries
Best External Batteries

external battery charger: I continue with EC Technology which offers a slightly more

the colorful product, its ultra-compact external charger of 22400mAh for multiple devices.

This charger is in a row of prices a bit higher than the Anker Power Core because of it

can charge an iPhone 10 times vs the core power core at 7 times.

This charger also comes with 3 USB ports and its charging is two to three times higher than the charge on PC or tablet.

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LEDs indicate the status of the load and its remaining capacity. This charger is perfect

for iPhone users specifically but is suitable for average users of other devices.

Also for people who love the color because the product comes in different colors, at the risk of repeating myself. is good in list Best External Batteries


Best External Batteries
Best External Batteries

Then there is the Aukey PB-N36 external battery. This is another battery that is perfect for the owner of an iPhone but is not limited to it.

Offering two USB ports, a micro sb port, and a lightning port, it is specially designed for modern devices.

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The charger uses AiPower technology to detect connected devices and thus focus

maximum load and ultra-fast charging, especially when only one device is connected.

The PB-N36 is a product that has a reasonable price, but that takes 10 hours of loading.

Its weight is also a weak point, but if you have a carrying bag it will be perfect for you. is good in list Best External Batteries

iMuto Batterie Externe 30000mAh

Best External Batteries
Best External Batteries

The charger with the largest capacity and the iMuto X6 Pro. This charger is designed for nothing other than very recent portable devices with a capacity of 30000 mAh.

The iMuto comes with 3 USB inputs, a USB-C port. In view of his power, he is also able to charge laptops.

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On the charger, we can see a display of the level of the load to tell you where you are at any time.

The iMuto uses technology similar to the AiPower to detect which device is connected to provide it with the maximum charge.

The important thing to understand is that iMuto is the perfect charger for the average traveler.

Yes it is a device that takes a lot of space, but its raw capacity makes it one of

the best chargers for portable devices on the market, at a very decent price for that matter. is good in list Best External Batteries

RAVPower 22000 mAh Power Bank

Best External Batteries
Best External Batteries

battery bank for mobile: Then we have the Ravpower RP-PB052 that can suit everyone.

It is a charger with a capacity of 22000 mAh that comes in two series: a classic series with 3 USB ports and another with 2 USB ports and a USB type C port for MacBook and other devices that use USB -C.

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On the top, 4 lights indicate the level of the charger on a level of 25%.

This battery has the advantage of offering different types of protection, particularly against current overload, temperature and short circuit with iSmart 2.0 technology.

I would not say it’s a particularly special model, but I like the fact that it comes in 2 possible series and gives you the choice depending on the type of device you use. is good in list Best External Batteries

Its loading time is still considerable. We speak between 10 to 11, but its capacity is perfect, especially for its size, which is quite small compared to other devices in the genre.

And this completes this episode on the best external batteries for smartphones.

If you think I forgot a particular device do not hesitate to let me know in the comments!

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Top 8 Best External Batteries For Smartphones 2020

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