Top 10 Best comment Plugins for WordPress (2020)

Best comment Plugins for WordPress

Best Comment Plugins for WordPress 2020: The default comments of WordPress are quite common on the Web, so many people use them.

They are also easy to spam, even when anti-spam plugins are installed.

That’s why some big blogs simply disable comments, while others have full-time moderation teams.

There are, however, a host of other options that you can use.

Here is my personal list of good options for those who start a blog and are looking for a good commenting system.

Keeping people commenting on blog posts is not only a critical part of public engagement,

it also helps you understand what kind of content resonates with your audience and what does not. ‘is not!

Top 10 Best comment Plugins for WordPress (2020)

plugin wp comment: These Plugins not only help your audience publish their comments easily but also help you manage and respond to their comments in a simple way.

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Best comment Plugins for WordPress
Best Comment Plugins for WordPress

Jetpack is a multi-utility plugin that can be used to facilitate more than 20 different WordPress functions.

Offered by “Automattic”, the plugin offers a wide range of features to view and manage comments.

Jetpack allows user verification via Twitter, Facebook, and even Google+, allowing them to get a quick and easy commenting experience. is good in list Best comment Plugins for WordPress


Best comment Plugins for WordPress
Best Comment Plugins for WordPress

Disqus is probably the biggest third-party comment system for WordPress and other blogs.

It is excellent mainly because it works very well with WordPress and because it allows creating an intersite community.

Users only need one Disqus connection, which they can use on any site using Disqus to power their community.

There are notifications and an e-mail system that even allows users to respond to comments via e-mail, which in part facilitates the building of this community.

In addition, Disqus allows rich media feedback, including embedded video, for highly active and valuable communities. is good in list Best comment Plugins for WordPress


Best comment Plugins for WordPress
Best Comment Plugins for WordPress

Although WPDiscuz looks like Disqus Comment System by name, the functions it offers are very different.

wpDiscuz allows the user to comment with the default WordPress comment feature and adds a number of features to the next step.

This well-researched plugin offers integration with a number of social media connections.

wpDiscuz also offers a WooCommerce version as well as integration with platforms such as User Ultra and BuddyPress. is good in list Best comment Plugins for WordPress

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Yoast Comment Hacks

Yoast is one of the best SEO plugins available for WordPress. It is not surprising that they have also produced a comment plugin on the side.

Most of the time, it just adds some features of the default WordPress comments. So in many ways, it’s a bit like Jetpack.

What is he doing, specifically? It gives notification e-mails, allows you to block comments of a certain length, allows you to redirect the first commentators, allows you to moderate comments more easily, and more.

Everything is pretty basic, however, if you are looking for an advanced and complete plugin, this one is not for you. is good in list Best comment Plugins for WordPress

Facebook Comments

social comment WordPress: Sometimes offering too many options can also irritate your audience.

Facebook Comments greatly simplifies the commenting process by allowing users to post comments using a one-step verification from their Facebook account.

This is one of the most used comment plugins, offering advanced options such as multilingual support, built-in moderation, and more.

This plugin will also help you greatly increase Facebook’s engagement. is good in list Best comment Plugins for WordPress


CommentLuv is one of the few plugins to create a win-win situation for the website as well as for the audience.

The plugin offers features that will literally seduce your audience with the comment on your blog.

To encourage public engagement, CommentLuv allows the reader to post a comment and automatically adds a link to their latest blog post in the comment.

Although this method is a very useful tool to encourage users to comment and add a link back to their website, there is a good chance that the number of spam comments increases on your site.

In order to get the most out of the plugin, you may need to moderate commenting activities regularly.

The plugin also comes with a premium version with additional and advanced features such as social integration, advanced spam protection, and more. is good in list Best comment Plugins for WordPress


As you can see in the URL, Replyable (formerly Postmatic) is an interesting plug-in for comments sent by email.

Essentially, it’s a membership form and a messaging system with comments.

When a user posts a comment on your site, the comment is posted and is added to your mailing list.

Then, when a user responds to this comment, they receive a notification and can respond to this comment by email or return to your site to do so. All of this is pretty basic. is good in list Best comment Plugins for WordPress

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Simple Comment Editing

If you want to use WordPress default comments and do not want to use large extensions, you can use simple extensions like this one to add features without slowing down your site.

This plugin simply follows who sent a comment and gives this user the opportunity to edit it, in case he made a typo, would like to add a thought or, generally, would simply want to fix an error that he would have made.

To avoid issues related to full rewrite or a response by modification rather than response, this plugin limits the amount of time the change window is available. is good in list Best comment Plugins for WordPress


Best Comment Plugins for WordPress: This is not an Plugins of the comment itself.

Akismet is one of the most used anti-spam plugins on WordPress.

The plugin uses high-end servers and analyzes your website in real-time to protect it from any type of spam.

Akismet also monitors and moderates the activity of comments on your website and protects it against all types of spam.

When you sing well, your audience will eventually grow and react to your performance.

But at the same time, some elements of your audience may embarrass you.

Moderation and manual framing of your website’s comments will take a lot of your time without providing the benefit of a 24X7 spam-free website. is good in list Best comment Plugins for WordPress

Captcha Bank

Besides the imposing plugins slips Captcha Bank. With over 9,000 active installations and regular updates, this little spam controller is starting to become a must-have for your WordPress captchas.

Best comment Plugins WordPress: His good rating (4.2 out of 5) reflects this. It is therefore interesting to take a closer look.

The installation on your dashboard is just a few clicks away.

The plugin then requires a standard configuration, via a personal space directly added to WordPress.

The interface is clean, intuitive, and useful explanatory links are present at the right time. For example, when you have to fill in the key to your site, there is a link next to this box to tell you how.


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