How to avoid viruses on Android

How to avoid viruses on Android

How to avoid viruses on Android: In this article, we will explain how to avoid malicious applications on Android. The news that fake versions of the popular game Pokémon Go or Judy, the biggest malware scam ever on Google, had appeared in Google Play Store have highlighted a persistent problem.

False applications can be destructive. in this case, at least one device locked immediately after installation. Users will need to remove their battery or use Android Device Manager to unlock their phones. very simple for avoiding viruses on Android

It’s scary, and malicious apps can often cause damage that affects the performance of your phone or even make it useless.

android virus remover: Other fake apps offer ads that offer expensive services. Ironically, it is claimed that your device has been infected with malicious applications, which also encourages users to buy expensive tools to get rid of them.

Google has managed to remove some of these applications from the Play Store but continues to discover other applications that have slipped under the radar, such as Judy malware, which is usually passed for fashion games or cooking.

How to avoid viruses on Android

Judy, who had an impact on iOS and Android devices, infected about 36 million Android devices before her discovery. It is the most distributed malware to date thanks to the Play Store.

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Any popular application is likely to be copied in this way. Even though collecting animated creatures is not your thing, you can still be in danger. You can avoid this by doing a few steps before downloading apps from the Play Store. It’s all about smart security.

Note: The information below should apply regardless of the name of your Android phone: Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. very simple to avoid viruses on Android

avoid viruses on Android
how to avoid viruses on Android

Avoid third-party app stores

Although these malicious apps were found on the Google Play Store, they are more likely to be found in third-party app stores, which often have little or no selection. Stay true to the Play Store, but be sure to follow the other tips in this article.

Find the name of the app developer

avoid viruses on Android: It is easy to accidentally download a copycat application, but you can avoid this simply by checking that the manufacturer’s name is correct. For example, Pokémon Go is manufactured by Niantic.

If the Pokemon application you are trying to download has something other than Niantic as a developer, move on. For other apps, you can find the right developer with a simple Google search. Renowned developers will have a website with information about their applications, technical support information, and contact information.

Read reviews on apps

The most popular apps will have reviews from experts and users. View user reviews in the App Store and search for expert reviews from well-known technical publications.

This will affect all the issues related to reputable applications and help you avoid malicious applications. User reviews are particularly useful for eliminating malicious or faulty applications. very simple for avoid viruses on Android

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Install security software

If you use a PC, you probably have antivirus software or other security software. Most of these companies offer mobile versions of their security software, including Avast, AVG, Bitdefender, and Kaspersky. avoid viruses on Android

There are many free options, as well as premium apps with advanced features and low annual fees.

These tools will analyze your installed applications and warn you before visiting an infected website. As a bonus, you’ll also get features like data backup, remote wipe and the ability to lock apps.

Keep your Android operating system up-to-date

Be sure to download updates and operating system security updates, which often include fixes to protect your device from recent threats. so avoid viruses on Android

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