The Best augmented reality apps for iPhone

best augmented reality apps for iPhone

Best augmented reality apps for iPhone: Contrary to popular belief, augmented reality technology is not just about games.

It covers areas as diverse as astrology, fitness, online translation, measurement tools and furniture.

Here is a selection of the most interesting iPhone augmented reality applications to download.

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The Best augmented reality apps for iPhone

Augmented Reality Vs Virtual Reality

best augmented reality apps for iPhone: Although augmented reality has existed for several years, it was not until 2017 and the arrival of iOs 11 with ARKit that the iPhone and iPad can finally take advantage of this technology.

This term may mean something to you, surely you’ve heard it somewhere before without paying attention.

As a reminder, augmented reality is a technology that enriches the real world of graphics generated by the smartphone or tablet.

augmented reality mobile: Unlike virtual reality, this technique does not seek to replace your reality (a three-dimensional dummy universe) but to complete it with virtual data superimposed on the virtual world.

It is accessible from a smartphone without having to use a VR headset.

The number of augmented reality apps for Apple mobile devices has risen sharply in recent years.

Among the most popular apps using this process are the Pokémon Go game or the Snapchat filters.

But technology is evolving very fast and every day new tools and new uses emerge.

Virtual reality is for example used in the medical, military, scientific, cultural and of course entertainment.

In clothing, some stores offer to try all clothes online without leaving its interior via applications.

The garment is then layered directly on the body of users.

Top 5 best-augmented reality apps

best augmented reality apps for iPhone: Augmented reality is the great technological trend of the next years. It already has millions of users around the world. Just look at the success of Pokémon Go.

The game Niantic occupies at the time of writing this article the 11th place of the most profitable apps on the Play Store.

She would have already returned more than a billion dollars to the studio.

It is not surprising to see all digital players invest heavily in this new technological eldorado.

Of course, all the tools on the App Store are not equal. To help you sort, we offer our selection of the best-augmented reality apps for iPhone and ios.

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Find the place where you parked your car

best augmented reality apps for iPhone: Parking lots in shopping centers are getting bigger and bigger. Generally, after his shopping session is over, it is very difficult to find his car.

Obviously, we can note the floor, the corridor or the place number. But it must be admitted, many motorists neglect to do.

The Find Your Car with AR application aims to find the place where you parked the car thanks to the camera of your iPhone.

best augmented reality apps for iPhone
best augmented reality apps for iPhone

Once installed and set up, simply follow the directions given by the big arrow to find your vehicle.

+Install Find Your Car with AR on your iPhone from the App Store

+Park your car on the location of your choice

+Launch the Find Your Car with AR app

+Click on the button I parked here

+Select GPS accuracy

+Close the application

You can now do your shopping without worrying about where you parked your car.

Then simply launch the application and follow the instructions on the screen in the augmented reality view.

Google Translate

best augmented reality apps for iPhone: The Google Translate app has an augmented reality module that’s great for a vacation.

To use it just launch the application and then point his smartphone to the poster, panel or text to translate.

The translation is done almost instantly. The application will automatically erase the text from the screen and replace it with its translated version in the language of your choice.

The result is particularly bluffing. This solution is very useful for translating a text

in a language that does not use our Latin alphabet (Cyrillic alphabet, hiragana or Chinese writing).


best augmented reality apps for iPhone: Augmented reality applications will change the way women try makeup.

The app simply called MakeUp allows any user to try lipstick, eye shadow, mascara without moving from home.

best augmented reality apps for iPhone
best augmented reality apps for iPhone

Automatic face detection offers a particularly realistic result.

Once installed on your iPhone, you can test hundreds of different combinations and nuances.

It is the simplest and most practical solution to find the perfect look.

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puzzle AR

Cephaloclastophilia or the passion of the puzzle touches small and big.

If you like to assemble small colored pieces without having the space to store dozens of puzzle boxes in your apartment, we have the solution.

best augmented reality apps for iPhone
best augmented reality apps for iPhone

Puzzle AR makes it possible to realize a beautiful Puzzle in 3D. The app challenges you to rebuild the famous landmarks (Statue of Liberty, the Taj Mahal, St. Basil’s Cathedral, etc.).

Access to the application is completely free. Note that the game is particularly suitable for adults.

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