How to access blocked websites? Here is the ultimate guide for this

access blocked websites

How to access blocked websites: There are several reasons why access to a website or access to certain contents of a website is blocked.

Either it is the government authorities that block access, or it is your University or

School that prevents access to social networks on its Wifi, or it is the company that prohibits you to access certain web content via its internet connection.

web page blocked how to unblock: In short, so many rakes can justify these blockages. But, if knowingly you want to

access this content, several ways are available, and among them, we took the pleasure

of finding 10 among many others, that we invite you to discover. that is how How to access blocked websites or web page blocked solution.

How to access blocked websites

1 – Use a VPN

access blocked websites
access blocked websites

On the market, there are plenty of free or paid VPNs that you can use on computers

just like on your phone. It’s up to you to choose a robust VPN service, tailored to

your needs, your budget and, of course, reliable to raise the level of privacy you need

to navigate freely on the Web leaving behind any interference, spying or censorship.

If you are looking for a free and secure VPN for your privacy, you can trust services like:

Hotspot Shield: This is a very popular VPN that offers you a free version of 500 MB a day which should be enough for you personally.

Although the free version is limited to a single device and a single server in America,

it allows you to protect your data and circumvent any limitations or censorship of content.

Windscribe: This is one of the best free VPNs that offers you 10G of data per month with excellent speed and a variety of free server rentals This is one of the most popular VPN providers in the world that allows you to use free 2 Ga data per month and guaranteed security.

On your smartphones, you can use Hola VPN, Psiphon or Turbo VPN.

If you use the Google Chrome browser, most of its VPNs have an extension that you

can install on your browser and take full advantage of the service.

If that’s what you want, visit the Chrome Expansion Store, search for a VPN, install it, and enjoy it. that is how How to access blocked websites

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2 – Using a Web Proxy Server

An online server or web proxy server is one of the most trusted and widely used means

of accessing blocked websites or censored content on the Internet as it essentially acts

as a shield or barrier between you and the site that you visit.

All connections via the web proxy are encrypted, preventing network monitoring,

which means that not only will you be able to access this blocked website, but your

online activity will not be connected to you, but rather to the proxy server. It’s as if you have never visited the website. that is how How to access blocked websites

How it works?

There are many free web proxies that allow you to browse the web anonymously.

When you are browsing a website using a proxy site, you are not directly connected to

this website, you are rather connected to the proxy server, which in turn is connected

to the real website and provides you with an updated version.

the cache of the site you are visiting. Besides the VPN, the proxy is obviously the surest way to browse the Internet anonymously without having to worry about any limitations.

Here are some proxy addresses that you can use:

3 – Use the IP instead of the URL

Each Domain Name is linked to an IP address that defines the URL of a website.

In most cases, the websites you visit are blocked by their name or their URL.

If this is the case for the website you want to visit, then it will have to access it via its IP address to bypass the blocking. that is how How to access blocked websites

How to find the IP address of a website?

There are several ways to find the IP address of a site. I propose you, on Windows,

in the command prompt, to type the ping command (For example ping or ping and you will find the IP.

Copy this IP address and paste it into your browser’s address bar and you can easily access the site.

It should be noted that this method does not protect you from confidentiality. Adopt it if you have nothing to reproach you with. that is how How to access blocked websites

4 – Configure a manual proxy on your browser

To manually configure a proxy for your browser, you must first obtain operational public proxies.

To find one, visit, where you will find many proxy lists

from various countries around the world, depending on the speed and level of anonymity.

To set up a proxy on Firefox, go to Preference -> Advanced -> Network. Under Connection, click Parameter and then choose Manual Proxy Configuration.

To set a proxy for Google Chrome, use the Chrome Proxy Helper extension.

To use this extension, first set the proxy server information in the options, and then choose the proxy type in the Popup window.

Still talking about Chrome extensions, I also recommend the FriGate3 Proxy Helper extension.

It improves the browser’s ability to configure proxy servers.

The browser allows you to use a proxy for all traffic, as for the extension FriGate3 Proxy Helper, it extends the use of proxy by adding a graphical interface that allows you

to configure the list of sites to be open via a proxy and allows you to link each site to a specific proxy.

5 – Use the Tor web browser

Tor is a browser designed to allow users to browse the Internet anonymously,

access blocked websites, prevent tracking of your online activity or location, ensuring the security and privacy of your websites.

data so that your information can not be seen or intercepted by government agencies, companies, or anyone else.

access blocked websites: To start, download the Tor Browser and install it as any good software and browse anonymously under Tor protection and this without restriction. that is how How to access blocked websites

6 – Using Google Translate

Google Translate allows you to translate the content of a website from one language to another.

But if you enter the URL of a blocked site in Google Translate, then click on the link

on the right, the blocked site will be accessible in the translated language you have chosen.

All you have to do is go back to the original version of the site and it will be translated back to its original language with all its content without any restriction or blockage. that is how How to access blocked websites

7 – Using DNS servers

Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use their own DNS to block access to certain websites. To work around these restrictions, you can use public DNS like Google’s.

1 –
2 –

1 – 2001: 4860: 4860 :: 8888
2 – 2001: 4860: 4860 :: 8844

access blocked websites: In the configurations, modify your DNS and replace them by those of Google and it should do the trick. that is how How to access blocked websites

You can also find other DNS by simple Google search. access blocked websites

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8 – Subscribe to the RSS feed

access blocked websites: The RSS feed is a means of receiving new information or news from an Internet site.

If you’re a fan of a website that frequently sends Internet content but now turns out to

be blocked, the best way to continue to receive all the news instantly from this site without worrying about blocking is to subscribe to its website.

RSS feeds, so you will not have to access the website to view its content, which makes all censorship obsolete. that is how How to access blocked websites

9 – View the site in PDF format

access blocked websites: Thanks to the online converter, a website can be converted to PDF for viewing later.

Using this method, you can convert a blocked site to display its content in PDF, which allows you to somehow bypass the blocking.

Although this is not the best way in the world, you will have all the content of the site

in a portable version, especially when it is an essentially written information site.

Here are some sites to convert a web page to PDF

There are also Chrome extensions that allow you to convert a webpage to PDF in just a few clicks. that is how How to access blocked websites

For that, go to the Chrome Expansion Store, do a search, find your extension and

install it. I did a tour and I found the Save as PDF extension that you can directly install.

10 – Use the Opera Web Browser

access blocked websites

As mentioned at the beginning, VPN is the safest and most effective way to dispense with Internet censorship. that is how How to access blocked websites

If I wanted to quote the Opera browser, it’s because it includes an incredibly fast VPN

that once activated, you do not even realize that there is censored content on the Web.

To do this, download and install Opera. Go to Parameter (ALP + P) -> Privacy & Security, go down a little bit and you will find VPN, tick to activate.

Once checked, you will see on your left the mention VPN on the address bar of

the browser, from there you can select the desired locations and enable or disable the VPN. And that will be all .

There is always a reason for everything, and there is one for which content is forbidden for you to access.

If you feel that it is wrong access to these contents, you have our selection of 10 ways

to get around the blockage, for you to make good use of it. very simple to access blocked websites.

Once again thank you for reading, thank you for receiving us at home.

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